About US

India at 60 is a unique newspaper that goes beyond the conventional morning edition by offering an evening edition as well. This approach allows us to stay at the forefront of delivering the latest and most up-to-date news, including breaking stories, around the clock. Furthermore, it expands our reach to those who might have missed our morning editions. Our commitment is to cover every segment of society, regardless of caste, religion, or economic status, and to give equal emphasis to diverse viewpoints.

On the social front, we strive to establish a personal connection with society, shedding light on the challenges and limitations faced by ordinary individuals. This effort aims to stimulate discussions and policy considerations, ultimately leading to solutions that benefit all sectors and sections of society.

At ‘India at 60’ we adhere to an unbiased approach, focusing solely on providing factual information without favoring any particular side. This approach resonates with individuals seeking accurate information untainted by personal biases. The clear distinction between our news pages and the editorial section underscores our commitment to this principle.