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Akshaya AK 549 Lottery Results Today : 18.5.2022 Akshaya AK 549 Winners List Live

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Akshaya Kerala lottery Results AK 549

As you know that there are many lottery operators in Kerala which are acknowledged by the Government of Kerala, Akshaya Lottery is another such lottery that takes place in Kerala. This is a monthly draw that helps people in fulfilling their dream. If you are fond of buying a lottery ticket or trying your luck then you are at right place as here, we have listed the complete details of Akshaya Lottery

Kerala State Akshaya AK 549 Lottery Result 17.5.2022

1st Prize  70,00,000/-

Consolation Prize  8,000/-

2nd Prize 5,00,000/-

3rd Prize  1,00,000/-

4th Prize  5,000/-

5th Prize  2,000/-

6th Prize  1000/-

7th Prize  500/-

8th Prize 100/-

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In the upcoming section, you will find information about the ways to buy Akshaya Lottery Ticket, Details of the Prize for Akshaya Lottery, Result Dates for Akshaya Lottery and the ways to check the results of Akshaya Lottery.

Before we start, we would like to suggest you that you can buy the lottery ticket as easy as possible because once the tickets are sold out, there is no way to make the purchase for the ticket for the same draw. In such a case, you would have to wait for the next week or the next draw to purchase lottery tickets for Akshaya Lottery.

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Let us now check out more details about Akshaya Lottery

How to Buy Akshaya Lottery AK 549 2022 Lottery Ticket?

As you know that until now, it is not possible to purchase the lottery tickets through online procedure. This is surely a drawback as the tickets are only issued physically. This means that you will have to visit the lottery centre in order to get the Akshaya Lottery Ticket.

There are centres across the state and you can get more details about the same by visiting the website of the Kerala Lotteries. The website for Kerala Lotteries is You can also contact the department and get the details of the ticket sales counter for Akshaya Lottery.

Also, we would like to mention that there are a total of 7 series in which tickets are being sold. Apart from this, the total number of the ticket being sold is 63 Lakhs. The turnover for Akshaya Lottery is quite high and the tickets are exhausted as soon as the draw opens.

What is the Prize Money for Akshaya Lottery AK 549 2022 Lottery?

Since this is a weekly lottery, the prize of the ticket has been capped to at Rs 30 Only. For Akshaya Lottery, there are a total of 9 prizes and you can win any of the prizes depending on the ticket series you have. If you would like to know about the prize then you can check out the details of the prize as the same have been listed below.

  • First Prize is worth Rs 70 Lakh
  • Second Prize is worth Rs 2 Lakh
  • Third Prize is worth Rs 10 Thousand
  • Fourth Prize is worth Rs 5 Thousand
  • Fifth Prize is worth Rs 2 thousand
  • Sixth Prize is worth Rs 1 Thousand
  • Seventh Prize is worth Rs 5 Hundred
  • Eighth Prize is worth Rs 1 Hundred
  • Consolation Prize is worth Rs 10 Thousand

How many winners would be announced in Akshaya AK 549 2022 Lottery?

Each prize has a winner and for Akshaya Lottery, there are many winners for the prize that start from second rank onwards. For example, there can be more than 10,000 people who could win a prize in Akshaya Lottery if they received the 5th rank. Isn’t that awesome? Well, you can give you luck a try as the money that you can win here is quite large.

Below are the details of each prize and the number of winners that each rank has. Quickly refer to the table to get an idea about the same.

Prize Prize Money Number of Winners
First Prize Rs 70 Lakh 1
Second Prize Rs 2 Lakh 7
Third Prize Rs 10 Thousand Up to 63
Fourth Prize Rs 5 Thousand Up to 7560
Fifth Prize Rs 2 Thousand Up to 6300
Sixth Prize Rs 1 Thousand Up to 12600
Seventh Prize Rs 5 Hundred Up to 15750
Eighth Prize Rs 1 Hundred Up to 37800
Consolation Prize Rs 10 Thousand 6

This was all about the number of people who can win Akshaya lottery results. If we look at the cumulative value then there can be over 80,000 winners in this lottery. Also, a basic calculation suggests that there is over Rs 8.32 Crore to be win by the people during the lottery draws. So, imagine that what your Rs 30 can help you in winning. Isn’t that attractive? Well, let us now move on to the last section of the page where we have talked about the results of the Akshaya Lottery AK 549 2022.

When will results be announced for Akshaya AK 549 2022 Lottery?

We have mentioned this earlier that Akshaya Lottery is a Weekly lottery and hence the results are declared every week. The draw takes place every Wednesday for Akshaya Lottery and you can purchase tickets every week to participate in the draw.

Today, no one has really got time to visit the centre to check the results of the lottery so the easy way is to check the results online. If you are planning to check out the results of the Akshaya Lottery online then you can visit the Kerala Lottery Website at and on this website, you can click on Results view from the top menu. A drop-down menu will appear and you can then select the Result from the option. You will be taken to a new page where the results of the lottery will be available.

The results of most of the lotteries are also published in the newspaper and hence you can check out the newspaper if Akshaya Lottery publishes the result in one.

If you are one of the winners for Akshaya Lottery 2022 then you must go ahead and claim your prize money within 30 days of results. The process of claiming the prize is also listed on the website and the good part is that you can even visit the banks to check the result of the lotteries. The process is plain and simple with a minimum amount of documentation from your side.

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