Amazon Quiz Answers Today for Monday : Get Amazon Funzone Quiz Answers & Win Amazon Pay Balance

Amazon Funzone Quiz Answers Today : You must have heard about the Amazon Daily Quiz, which started back in 2017. It is currently, one of the most popular online quizzes out there. It is organised by Amazon Sellers Services Private Limited.

In recent years, this quiz has gained a lot of popularity, especially among Indian buyers. It is very simple to take part in the Amazon Quiz. All you need to do is answer all five questions correctly and become eligible for the prize.

The questions are based on current affairs and general knowledge. You will be given five questions and each of them comes with four options. You need to pick the right option. To become a part of the lucky draw, you must answer all five questions correctly. If you give a wrong answer, you will be disqualified from the quiz.

Amazon Funzone: Where All the Fun Starts

So many of you want to know what Amazon Funzone is. Well, it is a one-stop-shop for finding new games and quizzes. By taking part in the daily quizzes you can win attractive prizes.

You will find multiple quizzes and contests in the Amazon Funzone, which can be accessed from your Amazon account.

Out of all the available quizzes, the Amazon Daily Quiz is probably the most popular one. Besides that, you can also take part in spin and win, trivia, and other contests. If you get lucky, then you can win a variety of prizes ranging from Amazon Pay balance to electronics, and more.

What do you need to know about Amazon Daily Quiz?

Amazon Daily Quiz gives you the chance to win exciting prizes daily! You can access this quiz directly from the Amazon app on your phone.

Initially, the quiz used to start at 8 AM IST. But now it is available 24 hours, which means you can play it whenever you want. You can participate in this quiz only from the Amazon app.

The prize offered varies each day. You can either win a cashback or an electronic. Some of the exciting prizes offered by Amazon in the past include Apple iPhone XS, portable speakers Samsung Galaxy Note 9, Fossil smartwatch, and Amazon Pay balance of Rs 25,000.

However, it is not possible to figure out the odds of winning this quiz. Also, Amazon doesn’t specify the average number of participants.

The quiz goes live at 8 am every day. If you want, you can set a reminder to get notified. Amazon publishes the name, email ID, and redacted contact number of the winner on its official website.

Participating In Amazon Daily Quiz Contest

First off, you will need a smartphone to participate in the Amazon Daily Quiz. That’s because it is an app-only contest, which means you cannot access it via any web browser.

Anyone can enter the Amazon Daily Quiz. But to become eligible for the lucky draw you need to answer all the questions correctly, otherwise, you will get disqualified. If you tap even a single wrong answer, you can no longer become a part of the lucky draw.

To participate in the quiz, you must meet the following criteria:

  • You should be a legal resident of the Republic of India. Also, you must have set your current country like India in your Account.
  • You need to be of age 18 or higher. To prove your age and identity, you will have to produce certain documents. You can use your PAN card, Voter ID, Indian Passport, or Driving License.
  • You should have a billing address within India.
  • You should not be an employee at Amazon or an immediate family member. Even Amazon advisors, affiliates, and contest agencies are not eligible to participate.

Steps To Participate in Amazon Quiz:

  • The first thing you need to do is download the Amazon mobile app on your device.
  • Create an account on Amazon or sign in with your existing Amazon ID.
  • Once logged in search for “Funzone.”
  • Click the result that says “win prizes with daily games”
  • Once you access the Funzone, you will be shown a banner showing Daily QuizTime. The QuizTime lasts between 8 am to 12 pm.
  • Tap on the Play Now button and you will get to see the prize for the day.
  • Now click on the Start button to get started.
  • You will be asked five questions that you need to answer correctly.
  • If you answer all five questions correctly, you will automatically enter the lucky draw.
  • Once you are done with the quiz, you are asked to share the quiz or participate in other contests.

Amazon Daily Quiz Prizes Structure

The prize offered in Amazon Daily Quiz varies each day. The organisers keep changing the prizes to make things more exciting. They usually offer big cashback or electronics.

They recently offered an Amazon Pay balance of Rs 25,000 to the winner. In the past, they have also offered Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2, Apple iPhone XS, portable speakers, Fossil Explorist smartwatch, and Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

Is Amazon Daily Quiz authentic?

One of the most common questions asked by people is whether the Amazon Daily Quiz is genuine. Well, no evidence proves that the quiz is not genuine.

However, many people wanted to know who the winners are. To prove the authenticity of the quiz, Amazon has started revealing the names, email IDs, and phone numbers of the winners.

A student from Birla Institute of Technology named Priyanshu Raj posted on Quora about the Amazon Daily Quiz. He confirmed that the quiz is authentic. To prove his statement, he even shared a screenshot of an email that he received from Amazon. The screenshot revealed that he has won Rs 60,000 in the form of an Amazon Pay balance.

How are the winners selected?

The winner is selected on the basis lucky draw. Once you answer all the five questions correctly, your name enters the pool.

Now the winner is selected based on the lucky draw that includes the names of all the participants who answered all the questions correctly. From this lucky draw, one winner is selected each day for the Amazon Daily Quiz contest.

How Amazon daily quiz winner is announced?

The winner of the Daily Quiz is announced within few hours of the contest closing. The Daily Quiz contest closes at 11:59 pm. The details of the winner are posted on the Amazon website. The winner is then contacted via SMS and email.

How are the prizes distributed to the winners?

Once you are selected as the winner, you receive an email and SMS from Amazon. You will have the opportunity to contact Amazon Sellers Services Private Limited to collect your prize.

If you win a product, then your prize is delivered to your doorstep. For Amazon Pay cashback, it should reflect in your account.

Amazon daily quiz answers today, 24 May 2022 – Amazon Funzone Quiz Answers

  1. President Ram Nath Kovind in March 2022 awarded the prestigious President’s Colour 2022 to which among these?
    Ins valsura
  2. ICMR gives Dr Subhas Mukherjee Award in recognition of outstanding contribution to which field?
    In-vitro fertilization
  3. In February 2022, which of these countries unveiled its first hydrogen-powered train?
  4. Which documentary based on this animal has won an Academy Award?
    March of the Penguins
  5. Which country has the longest network for this means of transport?

Amazon Movie Mania Complete The Dialogue Quiz Answers Today

  • Answer 1 – Watan
  • Answer 2 – Slap
  • Answer 3 – Class Hai
  • Answer 4 – Kangan
  • Answer 5 – Dus Ka Wazan Hoga
  • Answer 6 – Yes

Amazon Pay eGift Card Quiz Answers Today

  • Answer 1 – All Of These
  • Answer 2 – Both Of The Above
  • Answer 3 – Add To My Account
  • Answer 4 – World Laughter Day
  • Answer 5 – Add your eGift Card to your Amazon Pay balance and use it on your next purchase

Amazon Cadbury Silk Mousse Quiz Answers Today

  • Answer 1 – Silk Mousse
  • Answer 2 – Silk Mousse
  • Answer 3 – Scoop
  • Answer 4 – True
  • Answer 5 – Any Time Of The Day

Amazon Redmi 9 Power Quiz Answers Today

  • Answer 1 – 6000 mAH Battery
  • Answer 2 – All Of These
  • Answer 3 – Qualcomm Snapdragon 662
  • Answer 4 – Yes
  • Answer 5 – All Of These

Amazon Freestyre Libre Quiz Answers Today

  • Answer 1 – Check your Glucose Levels
  • Answer 2 – As many times as you want
  • Answer 3 – Needs a One-second painless scan
  • Answer 4 – Anywhere you are
  • Answer 5 – People with diabetes

Amazon Karigar Handicraft Quiz Answers Today

  • Answer 1 – Amazon karigar
  • Answer 2 – All Of The Above
  • Answer 3 – Jaipur
  • Answer 4 – Blue pottery
  • Answer 5 – Dhokra figurine

Amazon The Credit Card Quiz Answers Today

  • Answer 1 – Ten Lakh
  • Answer 2 – All of The Above
  • Answer 3 – All of The Above
  • Answer 4 – On Moon
  • Answer 5 – All of The Above

Amazon Guess The Song Quiz Answers Today

  • Answer 1 – Pyaar hota hai deewana sanam
  • Answer 2 – Aasmaan bhi sar uthayega
  • Answer 3 – Sapne dikhaa’e
  • Answer 4 – Sona nahi chaandi nahi yaar to mila
  • Answer 5 – Yes

Amazon Colgate Dazzle White Quiz Answers Today

  • Answer 1 – 1 Week
  • Answer 2 – Your dazzling white smile
  • Answer 3 – Your dazzling smile
  • Answer 4 – Dazzle White Dazzle right
  • Answer 5 – Both of the top 2 listed options

Amazon Google Play Recharge Code Quiz Answers

  • Answer 1 – INR 10
  • Answer 2 – True
  • Answer 3 – True
  • Answer 4 – It’ll not expire until you use
  • Answer 5 – All of the above

Amazon Pay Later Quiz Answers Today

  • Answer 1 – All of the above
  • Answer 2 – NetBanking/Debit cards
  • Answer 3 – All of the above
  • Answer 4 – Enter pan card, aadhar card details
  • Answer 5 – true

Amazon Aquaguard Marvel Quiz Answers Today

  • Answer 1 – all of these
  • Answer 2 – copper
  • Answer 3 – 20 minutes
  • Answer 4 – Both of them
  • Answer 5 – Chemi block

Amazon Car & Bike Protection Quiz Answers Today

  • Answer 1 – True
  • Answer 2 – True
  • Answer 3 – All of above
  • Answer 4 – No Claim Bonus
  • Answer 5 – True

Terms and Conditions of Amazon Daily Quiz

Before you decide to participate in Amazon Daily Quiz, you should make yourself familiar with the terms and conditions of the contest.

  • You will enter the lucky draw only if you answer all the questions correctly.
  • Each winner is entitled to win only one prize.
  • Amazon might run other contests alongside daily quizzes, but you will not be eligible for rewards mentioned in other contests. Each contest requires a separate entry.
  • The lucky draw is carried among participants who have answered all the questions correctly.
  • The draw of the lot is carried out during the contest period. Only one winner will be selected for the contest.
  • Entering the contest means you are giving your consent to be placed on a mailing list for promotions from Amazon. However, you can opt-out by changing your email preferences.
  • The contest is subject to force majeure circumstances including floods, without limitation, wars, the act of terror, natural disasters, technical snags, acts of God, political unrest, or any circumstances that are beyond Amazon’s control.
  • Participation in the contest is voluntary. By participating, you consent that it is not sponsored by Apple Inc.
  • Amazon has the right to change the T&Cs or cancel the contest at any time they wish.
  • Participating in the contest means you are giving consent to Amazon to use your name, voice, likeness, photos, video recordings, image, and/or appearance about the contest or any other promotions.
  • All the information shared about the contest will be treated as per Amazon’s privacy notice.
  • Amazon will contact the winner by SMS and email. The name of the winner will also be posted on the website within 10 days of the contest.

Amazon Daily Quiz is an exciting contest hosted by Amazon. It gives you the perfect excuse to test your luck. You already know the details of the contest including how to participate. If you want to win great prizes, then you should join the contest! You never know what luck has in store for you.

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