Best Activity Trackers in India 2022: Top Reviews

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Best Activity Tracker in India: Modern people are very cautious about their health. They always focus on products like treadmills or yoga mats that can keep them healthy and fit in this polluted world. We all know that the rate of pollution has increased incredibly and in order to get rid of these things it is always important to take up a healthy lifestyle. It is firmly believed by many people that only a healthy and fit lifestyle can help people to stay active for a long time. Keeping all these things in mind there are some modern gadgets that are invented in the fast moving world.

In fact, there are some best activity tracker that can help a fit person to stay much more active and healthy. These types of tools (like fitness tracker or hoverboards) are also better for the people who wish to take up a good and sporty part in their life. Most of such devices are designed in such a manner so that it can be easily operated by the user and they can also run for a long time without any problem. They are water-resistant tools that can work much effectively even on water. Even some of the designs are so nice that it easily attracts the buyer. In short, the whole product works in a much systematic manner.

Top 6 Best Activity Tracker to Buy in India (2022 Edition)

In the next few lines we will go through some of the best activity tracker that can equally help you to carry out your exercise works and that too in a convenient manner. A small discussion on this subject will prove to be very helpful for the users. So, without wasting any more time on the introductory part let us proceed into the main part of the discussion.

#1. Fitbit Charge 2 Wireless Activity Tracker and Sleep Wristband

It is a wonderful wristband that is quite prompt in keeping a good account of your daily exercise, workout and heart rate. There are many such devices that claim to work in an efficient manner but this is probably the best one that is found in the market. It keeps a good track of every types of workout, cardio fitness level, calorie burn and other types of things. There is a large OLED display that helps the user to receive any types of call or messages or even follow any types of records or calendar. With all these innovative features, this product has turned out to be the most efficient one in all aspects.

best activity tracker

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  • Innovative way of getting the pulse rates and other related things.
  • Best way to receive the calls or messages and relevant alerts.
  • Records automatically how long the user sleeps and carries out the workout process.
  • Mainly works on the GPS mode and that is quite effective in this case.


  • There should have been some changes in the look of the product so that it could have attracted good number of buyers towards the product.

#2. Mi Band 3

We all know that Mi is a very reputed brand that has gained good popularity among the people due to its amazing products. In the similar manner it has manufactured this amazing and best activity tracker that comes with wide variety of functions. The mode of operation is so simple that it can be done by anyone without any problem. The large OLED screen can be easily operated with a simple touch. These touch screen facility has been preferred by maximum number of people. The device is quite prompt is delivering instant notification to the users. So, they can easily check any types of messages, whatsapp and other related things very easily through this tool. The product is resistant to water so the user can use it at the time of swimming or similar other activities. It accurately measures the heart rate of the user and gives the exact reading on that.

best activity tracker in India

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  • Comes with 20 days battery life and that is quite good.
  • Can be connected to the phone with Mi phone app.
  • Provides correct notification about the message or dates.
  • Helps in getting the accurate heart rate..


  • There should have been more colour options for the product. The product simply comes in black colour.

#3. GOQii Fitness Tracker with Personal Coaching

It is a smart and innovative device that is designed in a wonderful manner. There are ample things special about this device. This is the only reason why it has gained good reputation as one of the best activity trackers in India among the people. It is good device that comes with heart tracker and an integrated charger that can be charged very easily by anyone. The user will also get some additional features like receiving calls, message alerts and calendars along with the device.  It is a perfect health store that contains a good amount of data. All these things can immensely help the user.

best activity tracker 2020

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  • Comes with an integrated charger that helps in easy charging of the device.
  • Great platform of getting messages, notifications and similar other things.
  • Can be easily connected with the laptop and other smart devices.
  • Can immensely help you to get a personal coach and that too very easily.


  • The mode of operating the device should have been made a little easier for the user.

#4. Honor Band 4

It must be clear to everyone that Honor is also a very good brand that is engaged in manufacturing wide variety of items like best activity tracker and that too at a great price. In the similar way it is another product that is proved to be quite helpful and useful for the people. In fact, it is considered to be a great tool that has helped people to get accurate readings and results. It comes with some advanced features that are quite innovative for the people. There are multiple sports modes that are loved by the modern man.

best activity tracker reviews

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  • Comes with accurate readings and pulse rates.
  • Can be easily connected with the health apps.
  • Saves time that is spent on frequent charging.
  • Comes with good water-resistant body.


  • There should have been some more features that should have helped people to carry out the physical workout activities.

#5. Mi Band – HRX Edition

Indeed another wonderful device that comes with good OLED display that enables the user to view the things in a single glance. The user should simply view the time with tapping a single button. It is very durable and comes with water resistant body. The durable body helps the user to use the device for a long duration without any issues. If the user is close to the smartphone the device unlocks the smartphone instantly. There is no requirement of any types of passwords or codes in such a case. This device is resistant to any types of scratches and fingerprints. This is one of the greatest advantages of using such a product. That’s why we have included it in this list of best activity tracker in India.

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  • User can easily get accurate readings of sleeping and calories burn.
  • Resistant to any types of scratches and fingerprints.
  • Resistant to water, sweat and any types of things.
  • Comes with a durable and strong body.


  • The price of the product should have been lowered to some extent for the benefit of the users.

#6. Creatif Ventures M3 Intelligence Bluetooth Smart Watch

Yet another helpful device that can help the user to get a correct reading of their heart beats and other types of calorie burns. Most of the time, it is seen that people gets confused about their health. They do not exactly know or get the correct reading of their workouts. But with this advanced device everything seems to be simple and easy. The product comes with a big screen that helps the user to view the readings even during the day time or under the sun. The large capacity of battery is quite good and should be mentioned in this case. The monitoring method is very simple and easy at the same time.

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  • Wonderful heart rate monitor along with a great calorie monitor and other features.
  • Enables the user to receive calls, messages and other types of notifications.
  • Quite compatible with any types of smart and android phones..
  • Comes with a very smart and trendy look.


  • There should have been some warranty period for the device so that the user can change it in case of any issues.

Best Buying Guide About the Best Activity Tracker 2022:

It will be a great experience to gather probable information about the best activity tracker. On the other side, if you are planning to buy a tracker you should follow some guidelines that can help you to a good extent in this case. That will be much better and helpful.


If you are much cautious about the look of the product you should move with the latest designs and the look of the device. There are many such devices that come with advanced and trendy looks. The user should choose the best one from the list.

Easy operation:

It would be better if the tracer can be easily operated with a single touch. Most of the time people get confused about the exact way of operating the device. They buy the product but ultimately get confused during the time of operation. However, if the operating system is easier it becomes an easy job for the user to use it.


It is also important to see that the smart tracker is quite compatible with the android devices and tools. In the modern time, it is quite vital to check the compatibility issues before buying any of the best activity trackers as that would make the work much simpler and easier for the people.

Battery life:

On the other side, the user should also check the battery life of the product. It is the battery that provides the life of the tool. If it is found that the device does not have good battery life that product should be avoided to buy as much as possible.  Also check it several times before making the purchase and it will be better things in this case.

Water resistant:

The device especially like the activity trackers should have water –resistant body. At the same time, it should also be resistant to sweat and several other things. That feature should be specifically checked just at the time of buying the product. It is a very important point that is vital for this product.

Warranty period:

Check the warranty period of the best activity tracker. There are many such devices that do not come with any types of warranty period. This is not good because in case of any types of disturbances the same should be replaced or changed by the manufacturer. It is however; better to avoid the product that comes without any warranty period.


Above all, it is the review that matter a lot in case of any types of model. A good review will provide sufficient information about the device and it will help the buyer to take the right decision in this matter. On the other side, it will also provide the user with the actual price of the product. That can be proved to be a very useful step.


So it is quite evident in this case that any of the best activity trackers can prove to be a very helpful device that can help the user to get actual readings about their heart rate or calorie burns. Even few years ago there were no such devices that could provide the user with the actual status of their health. But now it is a great tool that can work in an efficient manner.

Most of the best activity trackers in India come with a both trendy look and a wonderful operating mode. The more such devices will be used the more people will understand about its importance and uses. What are you thinking? Just grab the best one that proves the best one for you and your health. Make your life much beautiful with an amazing activity tracker.

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