Best Ballet Flats 2022 in India: Top Products Reviewed

Best Ballet Flats

Best Ballet Flats in India 2022: Ballet flats are actually introduced way back in 1940’s. Since then, they have not lost their fashion significance. They were inspired from ballet shoes designed for ballet dancing. Ballet flats are comfortable to wear and yet have the fashionable trend which is a very good thing. Comfort and fashion together is a very rare combination and best ballet flats are in trend now. There are so many models that are available in market that you can wear them for any occasion. They are cute, fashionable and at the same time comfortable, just like best running shoes. No matter what the color or design might be, or whether classic or modern style, they all go well with your wardrobe.

With the growing availability of these best ballet flats, you might get confused on what to buy. In this article, we are giving you such list, where we consolidated the top ballet flats in India for you and you can choose from them the one you like best. In addition to that, we have also listed the perfect buying guide for you to be more clear. This would help especially if you are selecting your first pair. Go ahead and read through to know the buying guide and select the best ballet flats 2022 for yourself.

Best Ballet Flats in India (2022 Edition)

Now that we have seen buying guide for ballet flats, you are aware of the factors to consider while buying these flats. To further assist you, we have listed below some recommendations from our research. You can go through them and check out if you like one. We have also provided pros and cons of each product to give you clear idea. Read through for this list of some of the best ballet flats in India of 2022.

#1. Flavia Women’s Ballet Flats

Flavia has been known to make beautiful footwear. It has wide variety of ballet flats manufactured and this is one of them. They make bright ballet flats yet the company is cautious about the comfort the customer. The flats are made with PU upper, soft foam insole. Having available with insole is a great advantage. These give great comfort for the legs and sole is a flat TRP sole. Therefore cleaning is very easy with Indian conditions and these flats are also durable. 

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The best feature about these flats is that they are easy to slip on and on the go shape which is perfect if you walk a lot. There is not much heel for these flats. The height is 0.5 inch which is desirable. The width of the flat is medium, so your feet will not feel uncomfortable even if they are wide. Additionally, the company gives warranty for these flats for 90 days.


  • You can wear these ballet flats with easy slip on and suitable for on the go.
  • Material is made of PU
  • Warranty against manufacturing defects is 90 days


  • None as such

#2. BATA Women’s Elastic Ballet Flats

One of the major brands that are reliable and durable is BATA. The second one from our list of best ballet flats in India is from this brand. These ballet flats look trendy with elastic bands over your feet to make them look pretty and beautiful. The outer material of this ballet shoe is made of soft comfortable material synthetic.

best ballet flats

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It is an easy slip on wear which can be used on the go and can be used wherever you go. The toe style that is given with this type is the round toe style. The width of the flat is regular and is perfect for any type of feet. The sole is quite comfortable as they from BATA. They take utmost care about the soles of their footwear. 

This comes in bright blue color and match any clothing. These can used casually or can be worn to special occasions too.


  • The ballet flats are highly durable and last long.
  • The easy slip on wear of these ballet flats is an added advantage.
  • There is a warranty of 90 days from the manufacturer
  • Round toe style


  • Limited color options for these ballet flats.

#3. Power Women’s Codex Ballet Flats

The next item from our list is from Power. These ballet flats have tough structure and are very well suited for long walks and match with any dress. They will definitely be an upgrade to your footwear collection. They are available in rare combination of grey and blue colors and look subtle. It is deserved to be added in this coveted list of best ballet flats.

Power Womens Codex Ballet Flats

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They kind of have the sporty look to them and people who like this look will definitely go with this pair immediately. It is an easy slip on wear which can be used on the go and for long distances. The shoe width is regular which is desirable for wide feet people. The outer material is made of textile. These are made of round toe design. This style allows you to wear them for long duration.

A few pros and cons that we came across while reviewing the Power Women’s Codex Ballet Flats are:


  • These are easily wearable with no much hassle
  • They are regular width and round toe style
  • The material is made of Textile
  • The brand offers 90 days warranty on these ballet flats.


  • Some people may not like the sporty look of these ballet flats.

#4. Crocs Women’s Ballet Flats

The 4th item from our list is from a famous brand crocs. They always come up with new designs and styles not compromising on customers comfort. The recent trend of ballet flats or any type of shoes is the graphic or floral design. They are suitable for all occasions. The design is quite bright and unique and matches with any wardrobe that you have. The material that these flats are made of is the synthetic material which is durable. 

crocs Womens Ballet Flats

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The flats have a closed-toe design with easy-going comfort which makes them very easy and comfortable to use. They have a very comfortable design with single-mold construction. The graphical or floral designs are placed on black croslite foam construction which look elegant. This type of construction also makes the crocs light weight. These flats are flexible with 360-degree comfort. The colors used on these best ballet flats are unique and attractive yet beautiful. 

Go ahead and click the link to check the multicolor ballet flats from crocs and who knows you might like it instantly. If you do like it select the proper size from the list and check out.


  • The ballet flats are available from UK size 2 and you and your kid might buy the same ballet flats.
  • They are made of soft synthetic material giving comfort
  • 360-degree comfort
  • The brand offers a warranty of 90 days on these shoes.


  • These ballet flats are slightly costly.

#5. Footshez Suede Crossover Flat Bellie Sandals for Women & Girls

The next ballet flats from our list can be worn as casual as well as party wear. The design of these flats is unique and stylish and has the modern tinge to it.

Footshez Suede Crossover Flat Bellie Sandals

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These ballet flats assure you comfort in summer too. The design is made ergonomically making your feet stress free. The material used is soft synthetic material which are very comfortable to wear. These ballet flats come in affordable price and can even match with your party wear which is an added advantage.

In addition to the comfort and style that these best ballet flats offer, there are different color options that you can choose from. Click on the link that we provided to look at various bright colors that this brand offers. There are also all comfortable sizes available which makes it easy for you to choose.


  • The ballet flats are made of synthetic material
  • Multiple color options are available for these flats and you can have a choice both in size and color.
  • Ergonomically designed


  • There is no warranty offered for these ballet flats.

#6. BATA Women’s Elstic Softy Ballet Flats

The last one from our list is again from the popular brand BATA. These affordable pair of ballet flats look trendy and are very comfortable to wear too. They are made of synthetic material. The classic buckle closure type gives you the look and comfort. Round toe style allows your toes to stay comfortable for long period of time. 

BATA Womens Elstic Softy Ballet Flats

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These powerful shoes are available in 2 cute colors. And they have combination of colors too in Grey and blue. The front of the shoe has a kind of lacy look. This looks very elegant on frocks or long gowns. In addition to that, the lacy design look allows enough air to pass through the show to your feet and you do not feel as though you are wearing a show at all. Bata gives you 90 days warranty on these shoes.


  • The ballet flats are made of synthetic material
  • These shoes have lacy design allowing enough air to pass to feet and give the elegant look.
  • The brand offers 90 days warranty on these shoes.


  • The shoes might not be available for few sizes.

Best Ballet Flats in India 2022 Buying Guide

There are some factors you need to consider while selecting the perfect ballet flats for yourself. In this way, you will get the perfect flats and will surely buy more in future. Lets dive in to see the buying guide for the best ballet flats.


The most important factor to consider is that the ballet flats, even though they look cute should protect your sole from ground. Otherwise you will hurt your sole badly eventually throwing your ballet flats away. If you really liked flats that have thin sole, you need to buy insoles so that you can comfortably move in your thin ballet flats.


We are sure that if you are a person who follows trends and fashion, you wont get comfort in your mind first. Do not get attracted to ballet flats which are uncomfortable for your feet. Every foot is different. Go with your style that is comfortable for your feet. Luckily, most of the ballet flats are comfortable and you have so many options to go with.


The next key factor to consider is the material. Based on the material, you will be able to fit your feet in the best ballet flats. The softer the material, the more comfortable you will feel the ballet flats. The material can be cotton, leather or satin. For instance, if you select patent leather flats, they are harder and might pinch your feet.


When buying ballet flats, consider the fact that your feet gets swollen as the day gets progressed. So, it is always better to always leave a little room for them while buying. If you have wide feet, more dramatic shapes might not be comfortable and it is better to avoid them. For instance, pointed-toe ballet flats might be hard on the outer and inner mounds of feet. Choose a pair which accommodates your toes comfortable with enough width and length.


Ballet flats are available in different price ranges from very low to expensive flats. Based on your usage, choose the pair that goes well with your wardrobe and are quite comfortable. Cheaper flats might not last longer but you can choose based on your usage.


The classic ballet flats always look cute and adorable. But, there are so many models that are being released each year. You can update your wardrobe with these new styles. Punk-rock strap styles and lace-up styles are trending now. These ballet flats are comfortable too, so go ahead and try different styles.


This article helped you with best ballet flats available in India. Go through the details and we have provided the link for you to check more details about the product. If you like it, you can select the color and perfect size required for you. Be sure to select a pair which have exact size as you seek.

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