Best DJ Controllers In India 2022: Top Reviews

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Best DJ Controllers in India: Are you searching for a DJ controller? Are you unable to find it because of the limited options in the market? Well, we have to tell you that you have landed at the right place. As you may know already, a DJ controller is a device that helps you to mix tracks of music through software. These devices send signals to your laptop and/or computer enabling the software to mix audio well. These best dj controllers in India are cheaper than buying assorted DJ equipment and have great functionality.

However, unlike best guitars there are not many options available when it comes to DJ controllers. Due to this reason, we came up with this enhanced list of our top picks of DJ controllers. The below-given list will provide you with all the knowledge about the specifications and features of the product. To make this list even better, we have also included the pros and cons of each product that we came through. Moreover, we have included a buying guide at the bottom of our list that is here to help first-time buyers of best DJ controllers.

1st Place

Pioneer DJ Controller
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Hercules DJ Controller
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Denon DJ Controller
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Pioneer DJ Controller (for Rekordbox)
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Numark DJ Controller
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Best DJ Controllers in India Buying Guide

Consider the functionality:

Mixing tracks at a party or an event is all about having control over tempo, gain, and pitch. A controller that is high in functionality will provide you with all these controls at the same time. So before you buy a DJ controller, look for what its dedicated keys are supposed to do. This will help you to choose the best DJ controller with exceptional functionality.

Consider if the product has a warranty:

Investing in DJ controllers becomes best when it comes to a period of warranty. This will allow you to replace or return the product quickly if it has defects. Companies that provide warranty also have excellent customer service and can help you understand your DJ controller if you are unable to operate it.

Consider the type:

DJ controllers are generally of two types, which are – modular rigs type and all in one kind. The former type is well suited for beginners as it will help them to understand essential softwares that are used in DJing while the latter one (all in one type) is for advanced DJs who have a lot of experience with many software that is complex.

Consider the software:

This has to be the most crucial aspect while buying a DJ controller. Before you invest in a controller, know which software it is compatible with. Softwares help you in storing music on your computer as well as mixing songs easily. Many controllers come with software that is included with the product, while some do not do so. Therefore, always check this before making a purchase.

Consider the connectivity:

Many DJ controllers can be connected to external devices such as laptops. However, you should always check whether it will be compatible with the model of the laptop you use. Some DJ controllers can be connected to tablets and phones as well. These days DJ controllers can even be connected to microphones and come with Bluetooth connectivity. Consider all these features as per your liking.

Consider the style:

The style of the DJ controller includes its overall look, dimensions as well as weight. When you are getting many gigs, it is essential to have a DJ controller that is easy to port and light in weight. DJ controllers with a sturdy look always give a sense of style to the user. If you are someone who goes to many events, consider this aspect very well before you buy a controller for your decks.

Read online reviews:

There is no way of knowing about a product before purchasing it from reading reviews. Reviews by many users on e-commercial platforms also help you get a better understanding of the product. These reviews help you understand the functionality and reliability of the product. We recommend you to read reviews of every DJ controller that you have shortlisted for buying.

Best DJ Controllers to Buy in India (2022 Edition)

Let us now discuss each product in detail –

#1. Pioneer DJ Controller:

This DJ controller is for the Serato DJ. It weighs only 2.1 kg, and its dimensions are – 27.2 X 48.2 X 5.8 cm. It has two channels that have a couple of turntables. Its performance is very high and smooth. You can give music a great high with this controller. Additionally, the DJ controller is very suitable when it comes to matching as well as mixing tracks very conveniently at a party or an event. Its design is very sleek and compact. The controller is black has a screen size 3.

best dj controllers in India

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This controller will unlock Serato Lite software and provides you with a paid upgrade to the pro version of Serato Lite. With this product, you will get a USB cable and operating instructions of the controller. However, the product warranty is made available to customers from a limited number of regions only. The frequency range of the controller is between 20 to 20000 Hz, and its signal to noise ratio is 103 dB. You can control up to four decks with this DJ controller.


  • The controller is great for matching and mixing music.
  • The design is compact, sleek, and stylish.
  • Many shortcut keys make the operation even more straightforward.


  • The product does not come with a pro license; therefore, you need to pay extra money to get one.
  • You cannot insert a pen drive in it.
  • Some buyers received the product late.

#2. Hercules DJ Controller:

You can control it from many devices such as – iOS, PC, android, and even Macbook. It comes with two applications, one controller, one program, and three modes. It also has in-build Bluetooth connectivity. The best feature of the product is the availability of a ‘panic’ button, which lets you put the best track automatically if you are in a situation of emergency. To control the product from any other device, you just have to download the official application called DJUCED. This application lets you move mix songs from devices even when you are away from the controller. Buy this affordable controller now to add spice to the parties.

best dj controllers

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You can control two decks with this controller. There are 16 performance pads in the controller, and it comes with the included software. Moreover, the controller has a streamlined and modern design. The jog wheels of the controller are covered with a metal surface of very high quality. Additionally, the surface of the central mixer has a matte finish. The four modes in the controller include – Sample, hot cue, Fx, and loop. The multicolor lighting in the pads has light colors like – purple, blue, and red. You will also not need to update the software frequently if you operate it with a laptop that has a 2 GHz processor or faster than that.


  • The backlit buttons allow you to operate the controller even in the dark.
  • The controller is light in weight and easy to carry.
  • You can control your track mixes from your devices like phones and laptops.


  • You cannot directly insert a pen drive in the system.
  • You can also not connect a microphone to the controller.

#3. Denon DJ Controller:

On number three of our list, we have the DJ controller by Denon. This is a controller for professional DJs and comes with USB connections. This will enable you to play music seamlessly and without any interruption. The robust and compact design of the product gives it great portability. In this controller, there are dedicated keys for changing the controls, which will let you sync music instantly. Additionally, the controller has a couple of microphone inputs and four RCA inputs. The product dimensions are – 37.8 X 66.4 X 6.8 cm, while its power consumption is only 15 Watts

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This controller will give you excellent command over the genre and your audience. It has 16 performance pads, which are velocity-sensitive. The platters in the controller are 6 inches and have a tracking LED screen. There are many dedicated controls in the controller, along with a couple of microphone inputs. Moreover, you can connect two computers at the same time with this controller. This controller comes with included Serato Pro and three packs that allow you to expand the Serato. The matching and mixing keys in the controller are there to give a great experience to the user.


  • The power consumption of the product is quite low.
  • The functionality of the product is excellent, and it comes with a warranty of one year.


  • The price of the product lies in the high-end.
  • Serato is not very user-friendly.

#4. Pioneer DJ Controller (for Rekordbox):

This 2-channel controller is for rekordbox DJ. The product is excellent for buyers who are beginners in DJing and never had a DJ controller before. It comes with an instruction manual that will prove to be extremely beneficial as it is effortless to understand. It comes with dedicated keys for loop controls, beat fx, and much more. It will work with everything like – day, day iPad but not with Serato. The cost of the rekordbox license is included with the product, which makes it much more worthy. Buy this controller now and know that it will not disappoint you.

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The software system requirements include – macOS Mojave, macOS High Sierra, or Windows 7/8.1/10. The frequency range is between 20 to 20000 Hz, whereas the signal to noise ratio is 101 dB. You can control two decks with the two channels. Additionally, you can also enable a manual loop and beat jump through this controller. There is also a provision of fader start and crossfader adjust. These features help in the smooth fading of the tracks. There are one USB port and one microphone input in this DJ controller. With this product, you are going to get – a USB cable, an instruction manual, and a rekordbox license key card.


  • There are many keys dedicated to many features, which makes the controller easy to operate.
  • The instruction manual is easy to read and very helpful.
  • This controller is best for beginners.


  • You won’t like the product so much if you are a professional Disk Jockey.
  • The jacks in the product start facing out after some time.

#5. Numark DJ Controller:

This all in one DJ controller is compatible with four decks. It has in-built LCD screens that make the operation very convenient. It can work with all software and has 4-channels for easy mixing. The jog wheels of the product have dynamic displays, and the metal platters have touch-response features. With the screens, you can monitor key lock, time remaining, platter position, and much more. You can mix songs in the loop and a seamless manner with this controller. The backlit pads and filter knobs make the track and search operation very easy.

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There are also transport controls in the device which are independent. It has 24-bit output and comes with an included Serato Intro. There is also a provision of a remix tool kit that lets you mix tracks in loops very well. Additionally, there are track browsing features that let you search for records from your library quickly. The controller works well with Windows 7/8.1/10, as well as macOS 10.8/10.13. The minimum RAM requirement is 4 GB, and the RCA outputs include outputs for headphones as well as microphone input.


  • The jog wheels have a 1.75-inch display on them, which gives you extra functionality.
  • The size of the product is just – 2 X 9.5 X 21.6 cm.
  • This controller can be operated with any DJ software.


  • You cannot connect your phones with the controller.
  • The product creates a buzzing sound when it is connected to a device.

#6. Roland DJ Controller:

The sixth position of our list has been secured by the very famous Roland DJ controller. This controller has sturdy platters that provide great functionality and reliability. If you use this controller with the pro software, it will become much more compatible and smooth in working. For mixing software, you can opt from either Traktor or Serato. However, it works best with Serato. The controller looks fantastic and will provide excellent sound quality.

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It is very easy to use and is well suited for beginners. The platters are large and have low latency. These platters are also optimized for scratching. In this controller, there is also a volume control for the independent sampler. The eight pads are enabled with looping and sequencing features. Moreover, the RCA outputs in the controller allow you to easily connect the device to amplifiers or speakers. The Serato Lite version comes included with the product while the pro version upgrades ready.


  • The plastic in the product does not lose its quality.
  • The jog wheels are smooth, and the pressure points in the pads are incredible.
  • The price of the product is also affordable by many.


  • There is a little delay in switching between decks
  • Some users were not able to install a driver.


In our experience, we have seen many buyers being unable to choose the best DJ controllers in India. However, our list will solve such problems. Make sure you read the product description as well as the pro and cons very well before you make any purchase. Investing in a suitable DJ controller will help enhance your work as a DJ. Moreover, we also recommend you consider the aspects that we have listed in our buying guide. It will surely help you refine your search and create a wishlist. After this, you may choose the DJ controller that suits your requirements the best. We hope that our article helped you in every way possible.

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