Best Hair Crimpers in India 2023: Top Products Reviewed

best hair crimpers

Best Hair Crimpers in India: If you have been or known about 90’s fashion, you would definitely know that crimped hair ruled fashion. It was everyone’s favourite hairstyle and most of the celebrities were spotted in this hairstyle. It has the zigzagged style of hair and when it pairs with a party dress and designer shoes, looks gorgeous. It also gives the voluminous look to the hair. Some of the fashion items like high rise jeans, ballet flats, oversized jackets have come into fashion now. Similarly, crimped hair has been in full swing now all thanks the best hair crimpers that anyone can buy with ease.

Hairstyle definitely amplifies your overall look. There are many hairstyles that suit particular attire and face shape. Crimped hairstyle almost suits any face and looks elegant. The hair straighteners and hair curlers are popular and known to most of the women as at least once in your lifetime you might have used it for styling your hair. For getting the crimped hairstyle, you need best hair crimpers 2023. It is similar to hair straightener or curler as it looks the same but the outcome is the zigzagged hairstyle.

Today, we are going to list out some of the best hair crimpers 2023 that you can find in the market. Are you a person who wants to buy a crimper for the first time? Do not worry! We are here to provide you with a buying guide. Go ahead and read through the guide to get an idea on what things to look at and then go through the list to select the best one that is suitable for you. Let us get started.

Best Hair Crimpers in India 2023

In this section, let us look at the top 5 best hair crimpers from our research. You can see the details about each product, their pros and cons. With this, you can compare the products at last easily to select the one which is best for you. We have also provided the link for you order it right away and to see the images and reviews before finalizing. Below are the best hair crimpers.

#1. Ikonic S9 Plus Hair Crimper

This is a perfect hair crimper if you have long or thick hair. It has the wider Plates helping to crimp your long hair. As the plates are made of both tourmaline and ceramic your hair is safe from any damage. They are the best materials ever for the hair crimper.

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In addition to the tourmaline there is a negative ion technology which further reduces the frizz and static problems. With the ergonomic design, this hair crimper is easier to hold and tend your hair. The main advantage of this hair crimper is that it gets heated up really quickly, we can say in 30 seconds. So, whenever you are in a hurry, you do not need to worry about being late. The cord is lengthy helping you to handle it comfortably and has a 360 degree swivel motion. The wide plates measure about 9 cm by length and 4.5 cm by width. A 110 volts power and 60 watts power is consumed not increasing your electric bills. There is a temperature setting available which starts at 150 Celsius and can be increased up to 230 degree Celsius.


  • The crimper has an anti-slip grip and comfortable handles
  • Quickly heats up once connected to power
  • Digital screen for temperature
  • Temperature indicator for overheat and an adjustment for temperature can be made.
  • The plates are made of high quality material with wide texture.


  • This is the expensive product from our list of best hair crimpers in India

#2. Professional Feel Hair Crimper cum Hair Straightener

This professional feel hair crimper is another good option for great crimps for your hair. With the ceramic material, you will never lose the texture of your hair and at the same time you will have some proper crimps.

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It has a decent wideness which means long and thick hairs also work with this crimper perfectly. And the best part is that you will have these crimps stay until your next wash. The next important aspect is the temperature control that you can have on. This crimper have good temperature control so that you can adjust it according to your hair texture. The total heating time that takes for this plates initially is about 2 minutes. The cord length of this hair crimper is pretty long and can turn into any direction you desire. There are some great reviews that the hair feels bouncier with good textured crimps and that it all takes just 15 minutes to complete your crimping process. Considering all these good factors, this product deserves to be added in this unbiased list of best hair crimpers in India of 2023.


  • Heats within 2 minutes
  • Temperature control for better usage and reduce damage
  • Made of ceramic material which doesn’t damage your hair


  • Some people felt that the material is not that great.

#3. ROZIA Corn Hair Styler Crimper

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The next item from our list of the best hair crimpers 2023 has some bright color which looks appealing to customers. This perfect crimper is made by Rozia. It is made with the superior quality material, ceramic which doesn’t damage the texture of the hair. Also, it gives the stylish and shiny look just like salon styling. The cord has a length of 1.6 m and is perfectly flexible in your hand with 360 degree rotation. It has a maximum temperature of 200 degree Celsius which is equivalent to the salon settings and hence you get exactly the same result as of a beauty salon. This reduces your visits to the salons and you can make the style at home itself with this sleek crimper. There is a switch for starting or stopping the crimper. It has the bright led indicator to let you know the status. It can used at worldwide accepted voltage.


  • Gives the salon look of the desired thin crimps yet have the shine in the hair
  • Temperature control until 200 degree Celsius and you can easily turn it on or off with a handy switch
  • 360 degree rotatable convenient cord
  • Made of ceramic material for the shiny and perfect crimps without damage


  • The heating might take some time according to some reviews

#4. VEGA 3 in 1 Hair Styler – Straightener, Curler and Crimper

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The Vega is offering a very good hair styler from their brand. This hair styling device have 3 functions in it. It can straighten, curl or crimp your hair. This is the best advantage. It saves you so much money and can carry it to any place and you can have 3 different hairstyles with a single device. With a single switch you can use the different styles conveniently. The 360 degree swivel movement of the cord helps you to comfortably use your device without any hassle. The plates are made of ceramic which is the best material for hair to not get damaged. The locking of the device is quite easy. With the straightener plates, you can get a equal distribution of heat. The crimper plates have as high as 5 ridges to give you perfect crimps. The curler have 32 mm barrel diameter giving you perfect curls. It is arguably one of the best hair crimpers in India, which you can surely buy in 2023 and beyond.


  • Comes with straightener, curler and crimper.
  • Perfect crimps with 5 ridges
  • 360 degree swivel movement


  • Some people reviewed that the locking knob is quite difficult to use.

#5. Mapani Professional Hair Crimper with temperature control

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One more best crimper from our list. This professional Hair crimper is a mini crimper which means you can have tight crimps rather than the wavy texture. Also, the hair looks in beautiful layers. For the safety of the user, there is an indicator about the power. You can even control the temperature which has the range from 140 degree Celsius to 220 degree Celsius. Based on your hair length, texture and thickness, you can set the temperature appropriately. The power cord is quite flexible and can move at your convenience as it can rotate 360 degrees. As it has the sleek design and is a micro crimper, you can carry it with ease and even carry it to other places with your luggage easily. The plates are easily heated up and heat recovery is also pretty good. People reviewed that it easily gave them the salon look.


  • Easily controllable temperature setting
  • Have an indicator for power for the safety of the users
  • Mini crimper gives textured crimps with the layered look.
  • Can be easily carried to other places.


  • Some people reviewed that crimping takes some time

Best Hair Crimpers in India Buying Guide 2023

That was our list of top 5 products of hair crimpers. Now, in this section, as said, we are providing the important features that you need to look at before going to select a hair crimper. Let us get started.


The first feature that is important to look at is the size. As you have to spend some time to crimp your hair, crimper which is heavy might be difficult to hold for long time. So, opt the one which is not heavy and can fit into your hand perfectly. If you have longer and thicker hair, and if you wish to have light, broad crimps, go with larger and wide crimpers. However, if you wish to have more crimps which are tight and textured, go with mini crimpers. This mini crimper also suits perfectly for short hair.


The setting of temperature on a crimper is important as you will get quicker and perfect crimps with the suitable temperature. A short hair requires low temperatures whereas long hair require higher temperature. The hair type decides the temperature. So, having multiple temperature settings is important on a crimper so that you will have perfect crimps. This allows the crimper to heat up easily and quickly. So always look for it while buying the best hair crimpers online or offline.


The material that the plate is made of is quite important. There are crimpers which are made of ceramic, tourmaline or metallic. The metallic ones are cheaper compared to other materials. However, a crimper made of tourmaline, can be heated to highest temperatures and are quite durable with strong body. They also avoid static in hair which we usually notice. They also provide faster results. The crimpers made of ceramic are safe for hair and doesn’t cause any damage or breakage to hair. But, they heat up evenly and does not completely eliminate friction. So, a crimper made of both tourmaline and ceramic are a best choice.

Auto Option

Most of the people are not aware of when to switch off a crimper when it reaches a particular temperature. This might burn your hair or edges of the hair where it is thinner. This can be saved with an auto shut-off option. The crimpers which have this option automatically switches off the crimper when it reaches the temperature suggested. This will hugely protect your hair from burning. This is one of the important features to consider if you’re looking for best hair crimpers 2023.

Ratings and Reviews

While all the above factors are important to see while buying the crimper, it is extremely helpful to see the ratings and reviews of the crimper before purchasing it. As no one can explain a product better than the ones who use it directly. They can give you the exact pros and cons of the product. With this, you can decide whether that con is important to you or not. So, always check for ratings and reviews and go with the ones which have better reviews.


From all the above listings and buyers guide, it is evident that the crimped hairstyle is coming into fashion world more often. You need to try this hairstyle and when coupled with the best hair crimpers in India 2023, you will get magical outcome. In this article, we have just helped you in providing the best details possible for you to check. Once you get an essence of the listed products, you will definitely get a one that is best for you. If you get the best one, they will stay for a long time and you can never be late for any party due to a crimper failure to work quickly. All the mentioned products work very well and we are sure that you will be satisfied with the results.

FAQs About Best Hair Crimpers in India 2023

  1. What is a hair crimper, and how does it work?

    A hair crimper is a hairstyling tool used to create waves or crimps in the hair. It works by pressing heated plates or barrels onto sections of hair, which temporarily reshapes the hair’s texture.

  2. Are hair crimpers suitable for all hair types?

    Hair crimpers can be used on various hair types, including straight, wavy, or curly hair. However, it’s essential to choose the right temperature and styling technique based on your hair type and condition.

  3. Do hair crimpers damage the hair?

    Hair crimpers, like any heated styling tool, can damage the hair if used excessively or at high temperatures without heat protectant products. It’s important to use them in moderation and follow proper hair care practices.

  4. What features should I consider when buying a hair crimper?

    When buying a hair crimper, consider factors like plate or barrel size, temperature settings, material (ceramic or titanium), heat-up time, and safety features like auto-shutoff.

  5. How do I clean and maintain my hair crimper?

    To clean your hair crimper, ensure it’s unplugged and cool. Use a damp cloth to wipe away any product buildup from the plates or barrels. Regularly inspect the cord for any damage, and store it in a safe, dry place.

  6. Can I use a hair crimper on wet hair?

    Hair crimpers should only be used on dry hair. Using them on wet or damp hair can cause damage and uneven styling results.

  7. What is the ideal temperature for hair crimping?

    The ideal temperature varies depending on your hair type. Generally, fine or damaged hair should be styled at lower temperatures (around 300°F), while coarse or thick hair may require higher temperatures (up to 400°F). Always start at a lower setting and adjust as needed to avoid heat damage.

  8. Can I use a hair crimper every day?

    It’s not recommended to use a hair crimper daily, as excessive heat styling can lead to hair damage and dryness. Limit usage to a few times a week and use heat protectant products to minimize damage.

  9. Are there any safety precautions I should take when using a hair crimper?

    Yes, always follow safety guidelines. Keep the crimper away from water, ensure it’s unplugged when not in use, and never touch the heated plates or barrels with bare hands. Use a heat-resistant mat or surface for placement.

  10. What are some popular hair crimper brands available in India?

    Some popular hair crimper brands in India include Philips, Havells, Remington, Vega, and Nova, among others. It’s essential to choose a reputable brand known for quality and safety.

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