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Best Head Hair Trimmer In India 2022 : Expert Reviews and Buying guide

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Trimmers have various uses and one of them is cutting head hair. So, today we have reviewed the best head hair trimmer in India 2022 or the best hair clippers in India.

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There are not only the best trimmers for beard or the best trimmers for eyebrow but also there are trimmers for head hair which come with zero trimming blades to give you a zero trim look.

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So, let’s check out about them.

Best Head Hair Trimmer In India 2022

1. Syska HT4000K AquaTrim

SYSKA Aqua Trim Pro comes with a wide range of products that give you the look of a true gentleman and shapes your beard.

A glance at the accessories package shows that the price is worth it – leaning brush, precision trimmer, body groomer, and nose hair trimmer.

Having an ultra-groom kit from SYSKA has proved beneficial to maintaining hygiene and grooming.

With a precision of 2 mm and stubble comb settings ranging from 1 mm to 16 mm, this syska head hair trimmer offers a wide range. It is possible to set a maximum of nine lengths.

Both corded and cordless modes are available. Battery charging is no longer a concern because of this feature.

The next step is to discuss how long the device’s battery will last. An average charge lasts 60 minutes, which is more than enough time to use the trimmer.

Furthermore, the travel lock mechanism blocks the battery from discharging while you’re on the go.

New Senso-cut edges give the product an exceptionally precise appearance, thereby making it exceptionally groomed.

  • Multiple Accesories
  • 9 Length Settings
  • Easy to Use
  • 2 Years Warranty
  • Low Quality Wheels

2. Surker 5 in 1 Trimmer

Is this the first time you see this brand? My experience was similar.

With its variety of products, Surker 5 in 1 Hair Clipper creates a complete gentleman look by shaping your beard. The perks are fantastic for the given price.

There is a clipper, a nose or ear hair trimmer head, a body trimmer head, a precision trimmer head, as well as a dual shaver head in the package.

There are four different size guide combs: 3mm, 6mm, 9mm, and 12mm booklets.

The precision of the measurement is about 1 mm, although it is not exact.

You can adjust the length of your hair by securing the setting that matches your desired length with the four combs.

Storage and charging are combined into one unit with a rechargeable base. To make it easier to access, keep it wherever you want.

The head can be detached and washed in water for cleaning purposes in this best head hair trimmer.

Water should not be splashed on the whole body, as that could damage the product.

The package includes a hair clipper, hair trimmer, nose, and ear trimmer, dual shaver, and body trimmer, all in one package.

  • Multifunctional
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Easy to Grip
  • Lightweight
  • Not Waterproof

3. Dealsure KM 809A Hair Machine

Chinese brands like Dealsure Kemei KM 809A, a well-known brand of grooming products, are well-known in this market. Let us go with the experience after using this product for a month.

Let us take a look at how the product works after one month of use. The package comes with a clipper, a shaver, a trimmer, four combs, a cleaning brush, and a case.

With cleaning tools, this combo becomes even better because ultimately, those are most in demand. It is more important to maintain a product than to own one.

With a full charge of 4 hours, the battery gives you around 240 minutes of cordless run time.

In addition to the digital display’s battery level indicator, this best head hair trimmer online helps keep the device from being overcharged or undercharged.

Active hair lifters are included for cleaning it dry. Despite vibrating and removing even flat underlying hair, it helps to remove even the most delicate hair.

KM 809A from Dealsure Kemei features razor-sharp stainless-steel blades, which are adjustable. All in all, it’s a pretty good package.

  • Affordable
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Stainless Steel
  • Full Body Groomer
  • Sometimes heating issue

4. Wahl 9243-4724 Complete Trimmer

Among grooming devices, Wahl is a well-known brand.

We offer you maximum Wahl products because they are good-looking and irresistible.

Among the ten combs, scissors, cleaning oil, and cleaning brush you will find in this Wahl 9243-4724, Home Cut Complete Hair Cutting Clipper package.

Cutting your hair yourself can indeed be beneficial. You can use this wahl head hair trimmer to cut hair up to 22mm in length.

The clipper has an ergonomic design with a thumb adjustment lever that can be adjusted to suit your needs.

Getting a full charge from the device takes 3 hours, but you can better use it while it is plugged in.

This is not comfortable to use for prolonged periods of time because the device vibrates a lot.

The brush and cleaning oil that come with the clipper can be used to clean it.

Some companies prohibit the use of oil for cleaning, but there is an advantage here for you.

Wahl clippers come with a 24-month warranty. Non-rechargeable products will be replaced if they are not satisfied.


Ergonomic Design
2 Years Warranty
Stainless Steel
Full Body Groomer


Only Corded

5. SYSKA HB100 Ultraclip

There is no doubt that the SYSKA HB100 Ultra clip Hair Clipper is one of the best products on the market. This clipper looks trendy, so let’s see how it performs.

There is an SYSKA HB100 clipper in the package, along with four combs and a charging dock.

It has a stylish design with a durable, stylish charging dock, making it look fancy and edgy.

It is able to run for 90 to 1.5 hours on a single charge.

This best head hair clipper can stay on the charger dock while you whoop. Charged completely, the best trimmer under 1000 is ready for use.

You don’t have to worry about charging sockets while traveling with this charging set-up.

During travel, you can save the charge using the travel-lock feature.

Furthermore, the cords can be used to charge via USB if you prefer.

Throughout the digital display and on the LED indicator, you can see the charging status.

A ceramic coating on the blades of the HB100 makes it corrosion-resistant. Titanium finish ensures that the edges remain sharp.

In addition to twenty locking length settings, the tool features a cutting range of 0.5 mm-12 mm, as well as 0.5 mm precision.

As a result, the four combs are accurate between 4 mm and 12 mm.

  • USB Charging
  • 20 Lock Settings
  • LED Indicator
  • Digital Display
  • Less Powerful Motor

6. Andis Easy Style Hair Clipper

A cheap and edgy hair clipper from Andis is a great buy. The following article will help you understand how you can benefit from a trimmer for years to come.

A clipper attachment, an Andis Easy style clipper, six combs, a cleaning brush, cleaning oil, and a cleaning oil are included in this package. Different comb sizes are provided.

If you read the specifications, you may have noticed that the cord is 1.8 meters long. Using the cord is easy due to its length.

This hair clipper for men has a sturdy body, but it’s quite substantial for a cordless device.

The performance is long-lasting due to the magnetic motor used. Magnet motors are more durable than rotating motors, even though rotating motors can be used.

It still worked for a reasonable period of time, though we were confused about the absence of a warranty.

With a full charge of three hours,  this best head hair trimmer for men allows for 40 minutes of run-time.

Adjusting the taper and texture is as easy as turning a knob.

In addition, the blade is adjustable for adjusting the cutting length. One mm to three and a half millimeters of precision are allowed.

  • Stainless Steel
  • 7 Combs
  • Many Accessories
  • Easy to Use
  • Weird Look

7. Wahl 08591-1024 Corded & Cordless

By far the best-looking and most durable cordless and corded head hair trimmer are the Wahl 08591-1024 designer clippers.

It is cordless, durable, chrome-plated with precision stainless steel blades that are enhanced self-sharpening.

In addition to the clipper, the package includes four attachment guards, a blade detail cleaning brush, a comb, and blade oil.

There are four attachment guards that help like a pro when cutting hair.

Hair is easily shaved with these rustproof razors. Due to their long lifespan, these clippers are durable.

A high-performance electromagnetic motor, the R5500, is used to make the vibration more powerful and efficient.

It still manages to be lightweight and ergonomic despite having this feature.

The long-lasting performance of this clipper for head hair makes it suitable for long-term use.

Wahl Designer Clipper is specifically designed for busy salons and delivers the performance needed by professionals.

Stainless steel blades with chrome plating are self-sharpening.

It helps you to use the clipper more efficiently and also makes cutting and outlining more precise. It can be adjusted easily with a thumb lever.

Lithium-ion batteries have an extremely long life and are incredibly efficient.

The battery has a run time of 90 minutes and a charging time of 180 minutes.

  • Both corded & cordless
  • Self-sharpening blades
  • Easy to Use
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Poor Battery Backup

8. Wahl Professional 08466-424

It is the best Wahl head hair trimmer on the list. It has an ultra tapered tip and replaceable blades.

Grooming products made by this brand have been a reliable source of satisfaction.

This trimmer under 2000 in India also includes four attachment combs measuring 3 mm, 6 mm, 10 mm, 13 mm as well as a flat top comb, a cleaning fluid, a brush for cleaning, and an instruction booklet.

The ergonomically designed clipper comes with a model that handles all clipper functions.

The American company Wahl provides salon-style trimmers.

6000 rpm is the rpm of the oscillating armature motor driver. Longevity and durability are attributes of the professional motor driver.

This best head hair trimmer for boys is quite heavy and vibrates a lot due to the powerful motor.

In addition to being durable, it comes with a long cord that can be used in multiple ways.

Using this clipper, you can even cut the hair of a friend.

If you work in a salon, however, you should use the product designed for you.

These razors have chrome-plated blades that are extremely sharp.

You can taper and texture with ease by using the easy-to-use thumb lever on the Wahl 08466-424.

Due to its corded nature, you do not need to worry about it charging or running, and it can simply be plugged in and used.

Furthermore, you’ll get a two-year warranty and excellent customer service from Wahl.

  • 2 Years Warranty
  • Chrome-Plated Blades
  • Easy to Clean
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Slightly Heavy

9. Remington HKVAC2000A

Hair clippers from Remington do their job quickly and with ease.

In addition to an oil bottle, five altering combs, a styling brush, three sectioning clips, barber scissors, right and left tapers, and a large storage pouch, Remington grooming kits also come with a blade guard.

With the accessory set offered with the product, you can achieve any style you wish.

As part of the kit, you will also find oil for the blades so they can function optimally.

Hair clippers have blades that remain precise even after several uses. Using Dual Motors for the fan and cutting system, you get the best performance possible.

Immediately after a haircut, the hair is collected in a hair chamber, which can be detached for simple cleaning.

When trimming, high-velocity airflow is created by the integrated fan blades in the trimmer to help obtain maximum suction.

Remington clippers come with eight combs. Additionally, you get a two-year warranty when you purchase the product.

  • 2 Years Warranty
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Easy to Clean
  • Great Colour
  • Expensive

10. Kemei KM-2013 Electric Hair Clipper

A hair clipper trimmer from Kemei is available in three colors: KM-2013, KM-2010, and KM-2011.

After eight hours of charging, the hair clipper can run for 40 minutes.

This best trimmer for head hair can be charged for five minutes if you want to trim quickly.

Trimmers with this precision range from 1 – 8 mm. Stainless steel blades of this trimmer provide long-lasting durability and longer blade life.

  • Affordable
  • Easy to Use
  • Great Design
  • Lightweight
  • Less Expensive

Buying Guide – Best Head Hair Trimmer 2022

Consider these factors before choosing the best head hair trimmer in India 2022.

  • Hair Trimmer Price

You have to burn a hole in your pocket every time you get a decent haircut in a good hair salon.

Hence, why not invest in head hair trimmers that range from 1000 rs to 5000 rs to customize hair-cutting.

You may think this price is high. In this price range, you are, therefore, going to receive many benefits.

  • Average Lifespan

For a price of 4000 rupees, such a clipper would be expected to last a long time.

In most cases, hair clippers last around 7 years when properly cared for.

So, what should you do? Find trimmers on our list that include oil and a cleaning brush so that it is easier to clean after usage.

  • After-Sales Services

Indian buyers consider it to be one of the most important factors when buying the head hair trimmer for men.

All of the enlisted products provide exceptional after-sales service.

If you experience technical difficulty following a purchase, you can contact the host site directly or contact the helpline number.

The nearest service center near you will be able to offer you help if your clippers develop problems after a couple of days of use.

  • Online Availability

Temporary closing of barbershops and hair salons has taken place. To stay on top of your routine and look presentable in our online meetings, you might want to use at-home grooming products.

Our list of clippers includes the most relevant catalogs of clippers available on Amazon.

On Amazon, we found the best items with high ratings for you. Our top pick can be found after you have gone through those.

  • Battery Life

Every best trimmer for head hair needs to have a battery that lasts long.

Therefore, you can plugin and use the best trimmer for men in India, as their battery life is flexible.

Alternatively, you’ll need to carry a good battery when traveling with wireless head hair trimmers.

After a good charging time of 3 to 4 hours, the vast majority of our enlisted products have 40- 60 minutes of battery life.

There is one thing for sure, i.e., if your clipper is charged to its full capacity, it will last for a long time.

Whenever possible, you should try to fully charge the battery after using it.

  • Vibration

Most trimmers are powered by powerful motors that tend to be bulky and vibratory.

These two things can happen simultaneously.

It is quite common to find vibrating clippers. We do, however, have a few best hair trimmer for shaving heads on our list that vibrate less while maintaining a high level of cutting.

How does a Hair Clipper work?

The way an electric hair clipper works is exactly the same as a manual hair clipper. However, electric clippers are powered by motors.

Several companies have begun to replace manual hair clippers with electric models.

In the manufacturing of clippers, three different motor types are used: magnetic, recoil, and inkjet.

It is then brought to a state of relaxation by the alternating current (AC). As a result, torque and speed are created. Clipper-cutters are pushed around shaving blades in this way.

Final Words

The best hair clippers in India are all of good quality. You just have to decide which will suit you the best in your own situation.

The price range can vary from bigger trimmer brands to smaller ones, but if you need the best hair trimmer for head online then you must be ready to invest some money.

Once bought, these head hair clippers with multiple accessories can go on and on for ages. If you maintain it properly and wash it from time to time.

So, this was all about the best head hair trimmer in India 2022. Do comment your feedback or any suggestions.

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