Top 10 Best Induction Cooktop Brands in India 2022

The induction cooktop has become one of the most important kitchen appliances in today’s date. No matter how many multiple burner gas stoves and microwave ovens of latest trend gets released in the market, the demand for the induction cooktop always remains the same. The main reason behind the craze of the induction cooktop brand is one can carry it wherever they feel like and use it how many ever times they wish to. There are a lot of brands producing induction cooktop stoves in the market. Some of the top 10 Indian brands whose induction cooktop brands are to be preferred are provided below.

Philips Viva

Philips is a company based out of the Netherlands that is into manufacturing electronic appliances for the past many years. The reason behind the success of the products from Philips is the people associated with the company hold degree in engineering and sales as well. They know to create innovative products as well as know-how to sell them right.

Why Philips Viva?

Philips is known to manufacture some of the best induction cooktops at present. Some of the reasons to buy Philips Viva are listed below.

  • Effortless cooking

Philips viva works on the principle of electromagnetic induction. Even those who are new to induction cooking can use the induction cooktop with much ease. The heating efficiency of the induction cooktop is too good that you can cook effortlessly in these cooktops. One can cook more swiftly in the induction cooktop when compared to the gas stove. Also, cooking using the Philips induction cooktop heals seal the nutrients.

  • Programmed for Indian cooking

Despite being an induction cooktop product from a company based out of the Netherlands, one can cook all the Indian foods in a much easy manner with the kind of setting provided to it.

  • User Manual and Warranty

The induction cooktop stove comes with a user manual and warranty. One can make use of the user manual for easy installation purposes. One doesn’t require the help of any personnel for installation purposes. Also, within one year of the warranty period, if the product encounters any kind of issue, then one can get it repaired free of cost.

  • Environmental standards

The induction cooktop is designed according to the standards set by the environment governing bodies in countries across the world.

  • Adapts with any type of vessels 

Few induction cooktops work well only with certain material types of induction cooktops. The diameter of the vessels used in the induction cooktop can vary from 12 cm to about 20 cm in size. One can use vessels that don’t weigh more than 8 kgs.

  • Auto OFF 

One needs to use the ON button to cook on the induction cooktop. If the cook button is not pressed within a few minutes of switching on the induction cooktop, then the cooktop would get turned off automatically.


Pigeon is known to be a company that is into manufacturing some of the best kitchen appliances. These appliances are doing very well in the market for their top-notch quality. All of the Pigeon appliances have struck a chord with the Indian consumer market.

Why Pigeon induction cooktop?

There are umpteen reasons to buy an induction cooktop from this excellent brand. Some of the topmost reasons are listed below.

  • High-grade material

The induction cooktop is manufactured using some of the best grade materials in the market. These high-grade materials protect short circuits and other kinds of issues faced by these appliances due to changes in the electricity parameters. These materials can withstand very high-temperature levels.

  • Best LED Display

The LED Display of the Induction cooktop is divided into seven segments. This provides some of the best views of the induction cooktop appliance. One can choose the time setting and the mode of cooking very easily and use the cooktop effectively. Unlike, the other induction cooktop from various brands, Pigeon Induction Cooktop doesn’t confuse you with too many choices. One can adjust the temperature of the induction cooktop using the soft-touch buttons.

  • Temperature Control and Auto OFF

One can control the temperature of the Induction cooktop manually. There is an advantage associated with manual temperature control. The automatic temperature control sometimes can make the dish taste very burnt in smell. It is always best to go for manual temperature settings. When the induction cooktop is not in use for a very long time, then the induction cooktop would get turned OFF in a few minutes.

The automatic TURN OFF comes very handily during times when the dish goes unattended. One can save the ingredients as well as the electric charge due to this feature.

  • Energy-saving technology

With several features like AUTO Turn off, temperature control, and other such parameters being incorporated, one can save a lot of energy. This leads to lots of reductions in electricity bills.

  • Reliable

One can expect some of the best performance from the Pigeon Induction Cooktop. One can contact the customer services personnel if they aren’t really happy with the performance of the induction cooktop. The length of the power chord is too long so that you can move it all across without having to remove the induction cooktop off the power connection.


Prestige is one of the first brands in India to sell induction cooktops. The brand is known for producing some of the finest quality range of products in the kitchen appliances category. It is one of the best and popular companies in India.

Why Prestige?

One can find several reasons as to why Prestige induction cooktops are preferred over the rest. Some of the most common reasons are provided below.

  • High Performance

The Prestige induction cooktop has one of the best performances. It not only looks good but in terms of operationality also, it is equally good. Despite the long working hours, the induction cooktop doesn’t get heated up. The induction cooktop has almost all the required features needed for good operation.

  • Adds quality to your kitchen

The addition of a kitchen home appliance like Prestige induction Cooktop adds immense value to your kitchen. The appearance of the induction cooktop is so sleek and stylish that everyone would love to have this as one of the most important kitchen appliances. The black colour of the induction cooktop is very stylish to look at.

  • Portable in nature

The Prestige Induction cooktop has only one burner. One can take it anywhere you want. Be it any function like that of housewarming ceremony, picnic and make use of it. You just need to make sure you have a power chord in the required location. The gas provision is not required to make the induction cooktop work.

  • Consumes very less power

The Prestige Induction Cooktop requires only 1200 wattage of power to operate. The heat produced by this induction cooktop is very consistent and provides equal temperature throughout the cooking process.

  • Power Saving technology

The power-saving technology used in the Prestige cooktop adjusts the temperature of the induction cooktop according to the temperature of the vessel. One need not worry regarding the principle of electromagnetic induction used in it. The heat is generated only at the centre of the vessel and the magnetic radiation doesn’t spread to the surroundings.

  • In-built voltage regulator

The in-built voltage regulator can regulate the levels of voltage. This automatic voltage regulator takes load little by little. This feature enables the durability and longevity of the product.


Usha is one of the best brands in India. It has gained a good customer reputation all over the country due to the excellent quality of products. Usha has been a brand that was synonymous with the manufacture of fans. Ever since it has ventured into the field of kitchen appliances manufacturing, it has garnered much reputation for the innovation and the kind of performance.

Why Usha?

Usha is known for manufacturing some of the top-notch kitchen appliances in India. Some of the best reasons to buy Usha products are provided one by one.

  • Design of the product

The design of the product is super good that it fits in some of the most modern kitchens. The design is excellent that one can use it for any kind of vessel. The top surface of the induction cooktop is made using ceramic so that heat spreads evenly throughout the entire surface of the vessel. The excellent design of the product adds great value to the kitchen.

  • 5 menu

5 different types of menu are provided for cooking different food items. As every item requires a standard temperature to be set, it is very much necessary to use the right temperature setting for the right kind of food. Deep dry, boiling, stir fry are some of the most commonly used modes for cooking.

  • Warranty period

The warranty period of the induction cooktop spans for 1 year. Within 1 year of the warranty period, if the customer encounters any kind of issue with the induction cooktop, one can make use of the warranty card handed over to the customer.

  • Energy saving

When you cook using the induction cooktop from Usha, you can end up saving a lot of money. The energy used in the cooking doesn’t heat the entire cooking unit including the ceramic plate. The energy only heats the cooking utensil. Also, the unit uses 230 V and around 1800 W for cooking purposes.

  • Voltage and temperature setting

The induction cooktop can work based on any kind of temperature set. The equipment is also designed in such a manner to manage any kind of voltage fluctuations. The temperature gets regulated and the induction cooktop gets turned OFF when the induction cooktop is not in use for long hours together.


Bajaj is one of the well-known brands in India for manufacturing kitchen appliances. Name any kind of kitchen appliance, Bajaj holds its place. Be it the mixer grinders, television, microwave ovens, Bajaj always holds its name in the list of best kitchen appliances.

Why Bajaj?

Bajaj is one of the best companies in manufacturing kitchen appliances. Among all of those kitchen appliances, the induction cooktop holds its place. Some of the reasons you need to buy Bajaj induction cooktop is provided below.

  • Crystal glass

The kind of glass used in the Bajaj induction cooktop is made using the Crystal glass type. This crystal glass type aids in the spread of temperature throughout the surface of the cooking pad in a much even manner.

  • Anti-insecticide technology

The kind of technology used in the manufacture of the induction cooktop has anti-insecticide technology. This means that it can keep at bay any kind of insects and other kinds of rodents from the food items being cooked in the induction cooktop.

  • Auto Turn OFF

There is the feature of AUTO Turn OFF in almost all brands of Bajaj kitchen appliances. If the induction stove is not in use for more than one minute, then the induction stove gets switched OFF.

  • 8 preset mode

The induction cooktop from Bajaj has about 8 preset modes. Using these umpteen modes, one can cook different dishes. Right from Indian dishes to Western dishes, one can cook any number and type of dishes.

  • Temperature control

The LED display used in the induction cooktop from Bajaj is used to show the levels of temperature control. The temperature of the induction cooktop can be well monitored from the Bajaj induction cooktop’s LED display. The different levels of temperature can be seen from the display of the screen. Using this excellent temperature display, one can make sure that the food doesn’t get overcooked or burnt. The Warm Mode can be used to keep the food warm enough. One can make use of this mode right before serving food.

  • 1 year of warranty 

The induction cooktop stove is provided 1 year of warranty. If you encounter any kind of issue within the 1-year duration, then you can get it repaired within no time.


INALSA is a company from Europe that has been in the business for the past 50 years. It was split up from the European firm Taurus. The kitchen appliances from this particular brand are designed according to European standards. The company is committed to providing quality kitchen appliances to its customers.


INALSA is one of the best brands when it comes to the induction cooktop. There are a lot of reasons you need to prefer the induction cooktop. Some of the most common reasons are listed below.

  • Blocks surplus energy

After the food is cooked, the induction cooktop does not keep letting the heat to pass through the cookware via induction. This leads to a situation where the induction does not let harmful radiation to pass through the food item.

  • Best suited for cooking Indian food 

One can cook food in any type of Indian vessel using the INALSA kitchenware. Pressure Cooker, Soup, Curry, Milk, Dosa, Chapathi, Deep Fry, and water boil are some of the common food items one can cook using this induction cooktop. The induction cooktop is designed in such a way that one can use larger size vessels as well. Usually, large-sized vessels are used prominently in Indian cooking.

  • Anti-Magnetic wall

The usage of the Anti-Magnetic wall plays a very vital role in the saving of energy when it comes to the Induction cooktop. These cooktops work on the mechanism of conversion of electric energy to magnetic energy which in turn gets converted into magnetic energy. When excess magnetic energy is produced by the induction cooktop, it gets locked into the cooktop. This can reduce the impact of magnetic energy on the surroundings.

  • Power Saver Technology

The power saver technology used in the INALSA brand indicates that one can regulate the temperature level and the heating levels of the diameter of the vessel is monitored closely. A link between the temperature control and the heating of the vessel is established. This leads to a lot of savings in power. The Power Saver technology used in the induction cooktop also results in voltage regulation. The voltage can be regulated in small intervals that lead to the addition of loads in short intervals of time. This ensures durability and good performance in the long run.


Havells is a company based out of Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India. The company was inaugurated in the year 1958 and it grew in size immensely. One can spot the name Havells often while they come across fan advertisements on TV. The company is also into manufacturing kitchen appliances and other kinds of home types of equipment.

Why Havells?

Havells is one of the best companies in India. If you wish to support Indian brands, then without any second thought, you need to go for Havells. Some of the common reason to go for Havells induction cooktop is listed below.

  • Variable Wattage of Power

Havells is one of the companies that manufacture some of the best induction cooktops. The wattage of Havells keeps increasing at a steadier stage for different modes of cooking. The lowest level of watts being consumed by Havells induction cooktop remains 120 W and the highest goes up to 1800 W. This type of technology incorporated into the cooking process ensures uniform heat transfer and consistent cooking.

  • Timer usage

One of the top-notch timers has been incorporated into the cooking mechanism. One can finish off all the chores in the time set by the timer for the completion of the cooking process. There is no requirement to stand beside the Induction cooktop and keep monitoring the cooking process for long hours together.

  • 6 cooking modes

6 different modes of cooking are used in the induction cooktop. One can cook any type of Indian food using these 6 modes. Name any Indian dish, one can cook it using one of these 6 modes available.

  • Auto Pan feature

The Auto Pan feature available in the induction cooktop provides the facility to remove the cooking pot if it has gotten heated up beyond a particular limit. This ensures the pan doesn’t get burnt or damaged in the process of cooking.

  • Water-resistant

The Water Resistant feature of the induction cooktop ensures that the water doesn’t enter all the delicate region of the induction cooktop. This feature makes sure that the entry of water doesn’t damage the equipment.

  • Single touch

The buttons used in the induction cooktop are mostly feather touch. One single touch is designated for the completion of the cooking process for each step. One can go ahead with the process and make it work well.


iBell is one of the upcoming brands in India. It is creating waves in the Indian consumer goods section. Despite being one of the newest brands in the market, it works well as per the standard set by the other products from the European market. The company is into manufacturing some of the best electronics.

Why iBell?

If you wish to encourage Indian brands, then you need to buy from iBell. The Induction cooktop from iBell is doing well in the market. Some of the common reasons you need to consider while buying the iBell induction cooktop are provided below.

  • Sophisticated cooking

If you wish to cook some of the exotic dishes in the best manner possible, then you need to go for the Induction cooktop from iBell. This provides you with some of the most sophisticated experiences when it comes to cooking.

  • Design and material

The design of the induction cooktop is according to the size of an average Indian kitchen. The design suits anyone’s needs and requirements. The material used in the manufacture of the Induction cooktop results in even coverage of heat throughout the surface. The usage of ceramic material serves as an added advantage to the device.

  • AUTO Turn off

In case the food in the cooking pot gets heated more than the required levels, then the induction cooktop gets switched OFF very much easily. This is done to keep the person safe and to also ensure that the food in the cooking pot doesn’t get burnt.

  • 7 cooking modes

There is another induction cooktop that provides 5/6 cooking modes. The induction cooktop from iBell provides about 7 cooking modes. These cooking modes encourage one to cook any type of dishes and in any amount without even thinking twice. Every cooking mode is assigned a particular temperature level such that one can cook any kinds of dishes without any second thought.

  • LED Display

A LED display is used to display the temperature levels of the induction cooktop. One can take note of the temperature levels and alter it to suit your cooking needs. The screen is very bright and one can see the displayed digits on the screen without any trouble.


V-Guard is a name synonymous with a voltage stabilizer. There are other kinds of kitchen appliances manufactured by V-guard that have garnered many names for itself amongst the customers.

Why V-Guard?

There are umpteen reasons why you need to prefer V Guard for your kitchen appliance. Some of the common reasons are listed below.

  • 4 Hours of timer

For instance, you are cooking an item that takes about 4 hours to complete, then you need to buy this induction cooktop stove for sure. If you are put in a situation where you need to cook for 4 hours together, then you need to make use of the timer facility provided by the induction cooktop stove.

  • 4 digit LED Display

The LED display used in the V Guard induction cooktop stove can display 4 digits at a time without any hindrance. This is one of the special features as not too many products in the market come with such an elaborate number display.

  • Indian cooking

One can cook Indian dishes without having to face any kind of trouble. The Indian dishes taste really fine when it is cooked using this kind of temperature control mechanism. One can hardly find any trace of burnt smell in the dish when cooked using this method.

  • Voltage Cut off

When the voltage of the induction cooktop stove goes beyond a certain limit, then the voltage level beyond the threshold limit is cut off. By doing this, one can save a lot in the electricity bills and save the equipment from any kind of damage as well.

  • Crystalline glass

The incorporation of crystalline glass in the induction cooktop stove facilitates easier coverage of heat. The escape of heat from the surface of the induction cooktop can be avoided to a great extent.

  • Less cost

When compared to the other brands in the market, one can see that the V guard Induction cooktop is priced way too less. For the kind of features, it provides to the customers, the price charged is way too less. It is indeed worth the money you get to pay.

  • Efficiency

The efficiency of the induction cooktop is excellent such that one need not worry regarding the long term performance. The induction cooktop stove is very much efficient such that no or very little power is wasted.


Sunflame began its business in the field of gas burners only. The company has a lot of experience in the manufacture of gas burners and the sales and marketing of those products. There are a lot of kitchen appliances manufactured under the brand name of Sunflame and is one of the best moving brands in the country. It is an Indian brand and one needs to encourage Indian firms like Sunflame.

Why Sunflame?

Sunflame is into the manufacture of different types of products under the kitchen appliances category. There are several reasons as to why you need to buy Sunflame induction cooktop. Some of the best reasons are listed below.

  • Aerodynamic cooling

A lot of people complain regarding the heating of the induction cooktop. Some complaints regarding the loud noise of fans used in the induction cooktop. Whereas, in the case of an induction cooktop from Sunflame, the aerodynamic cooling mechanism has been incorporated. In this method, proper cooling is possible.

  • Power Efficiency

The power efficiency of Sunflame products is way too good. One can say that the products are very well in the market owing to the less consumption of power.

  • Crystal glass plate

The kind of glass plate used in the manufacture of the Induction cooktop is of the crystalline glass top. This is one of the most effective glass tops due to the good coverage of the heat it provides.

  • Heat sensors

The incorporation of heat sensors in the induction cooktop ensures whether the food is cooked properly or not. The heat sensors take note of the heat is passed through the induction cooktop and works alongside with the aerodynamic cooling mechanism.

  • Works well with induction compatible materials

There is a requirement to make use of materials whose diameter varies from 12 to 12 cm at least. Also, there are certain types of materials that can only work well in the induction cooktop.

One can see the list of 10 best induction cooktop stoves in the market. There are cooktop stoves from several brands ranging from Indian to countries in the western realm. One needs to keep in mind their requirement before they pick the induction cooktop. High prices need not necessarily denote high quality. Also, there is very little to no use when you use the product whose specifications you won’t be using at all in the longer run. It is always suggested to be a smart buyer when you buy these kinds of kitchen appliances. Make use of the user manual provided to you every well upon purchase of the product.

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