Best Pedometers in India 2022: Top Reviews

Presently, we all should be cautious about our health and should live a healthy life. Hence, it is essential to have a daily walking routine along with a proper exercise routine or even a yoga routine. The daily walking routine not only has a positive impact on your life but also enhances your fitness level. The pedometer is considered the most useful tool for walking that accurately can track your every step, kilometers, and calories. If you own any one of the best pedometers in India, then it can count every step or heartbeats by detecting your movement. Instead, it is a great way to measure your daily activity.

 Though initially, best pedometers in India were used to measure footsteps, modern pedometers can do much more. With a pedometer, you can easily calculate aerobic and walking distance, calories, and many more. Moreover, with this gadget, you can set specific goals for walking. Also, you can easily track your goals and adjust them. Hence, you need to have the best pedometer. Here, in this article, we will discuss the best pedometers in India so that you can get the best fitness.

Top 5 Best Pedometers in India (2022 Edition)

Presently, pedometers have been an integral part of many people’s daily routine. But there you will find a lot of famous brands with different specifications. Hence, we will provide a list of top 5 best pedometers in India so that you can pick the best among them.

#1 Omron HJ-321 Pedometer

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If you are feeling lethargic or weak due to health issues caused by a sedentary lifestyle, a proper exercise routine will help you a lot to get back in form. Daily jogging or walking will be very beneficial for you, and the Omron HJ-321 pedometer will help you to count your every step accurately. This pedometer works on a 3D Smart Sensor technology that allows you to keep this pedometer in your pocket while walking or to run. And this device can accurately measure your heartbeat, pulse rate, and footsteps. 

To start this pedometer, you need to program it according to your weight, height, and stride length. This pedometer is able to measure properly and deliver accurate reports. Moreover, the Omron HJ-321 pedometer has a record of steps taken from midnight on the current day. This pedometer comes with a memory of 7 days, so with this pedometer, you can access previous data to review your statistics. This is one of the best pedometers in India, and it is easy to carry as it comes with a sleek design. You either can carry it in a bag or can clip the pedometer with your belt.


  • 7 days of memory.
  • Easy to use.
  • Accurate tracking
  • Tri-Axis technology.


  • Larger in size.


The Omron HJ-321 pedometer can provide accurate counting of your every step, heartbeat, and pulse rate with its excellent features.

#2. Health Sense PD-102 Smart 3D Pedometer Watch (Black)

Health Sense Pedometers

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While looking for the best pedometers in India, you can go for the Health Sense PD-102 Smart 3D pedometer for its excellent features and performance. This pedometer also works on tri-accelerometer technology. It is constructed with the most advanced Tri-Axis 3D sensor technology that helps this device to perform accurately and efficiently. Irrespective of whether the pedometer is placed, it will provide accurate reading every time. With this pedometer, you will get the support of the backlight on display. The cool green backlight helps you to read the measurements in low light conditions. 

With this multi-functional pedometer, you can accelerate your workout. The Health Sense Smart 3D pedometer is very easy to use without any hassle of synchronization to any apps or devices. With this pedometer, you will get the convenience of a durable and comfortable belt that is made with the superior quality medical TPU material. This belt is not only skin-friendly but also ensures a comfortable grip. Here you also will get the support of walk and run mode with this pedometer.


  • Longer battery backup
  • Walk and run mode.
  • A memory of 7 days.
  • Display with backlight


  • It lacks a heart rate sensor.


This pedometer is ideal for walking and keeps an accurate count of your target time and distance.

#3.OVO Talking WalkFit 3D G Sensor Advanced Pedometer, 12/24H (Multicolour)

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If you are concerned about your weight and facing other health issues due to your overweight, a proper exercise routine can solve your issue. Walking 10,000 steps in the best treadmills will be sufficient to keep you fit. And the OVO Talking WalkFit 3D pedometer can help you to measure your footsteps accurately. This is the best pedometers in India, and it is mainly designed for a proper fitness regime. You can wear this pedometer all day long. Moreover, this pedometer is able to count your calories and distance from steps. This fashionable pedometer is designed for everyone. 

This pedometer is able to continuously monitor the number of your every step, distance, and duration of your walking in daily activity. Here, you will get the convenience of the WalkFit 3D gravity sensor activity tracker that works on the 3D tri-axis sensors. So, you can conveniently carry it wherever you want. With the OVO Talking walkFit pedometer, you will get 17 functions that ensure more accuracy of the device. Also, it comes with a memory of 7 days that keep the previous readings for 7 days.


  • LCD display
  • 7-day memory
  • Affordable price
  • Accurate measurements.


  • It is not water-resistant.


If you are looking for the best pedometers in India with excellent features and efficiency, you can go for the OVO Talking WalkFit 3D pedometer.

#4. Muzili Fitness Band Smart Watch for Men Women Boys IPX7 Waterproof Fitness Tracker Pedometer

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The Muzili fitness Band Smart pedometer is one of the best pedometers in India due to its excellent specifications. This pedometer is able to track your all-day activity. It can collect your activity data that include taken steps, activity duration, and traveled distance. This pedometer is your ultimate fitness companion. The super-lightweight of this device makes it super-efficient. Moreover, the slim fitness band ensures a comfortable grip so you can wear it comfortably. With the adjustable band, women and kids also can wear this pedometer easily. 

This pedometer is able to monitor your sleep quality also. It can automatically track your sleep duration with accurate analysis and also wakes you up with a silent alarm. It also comes with an upgraded lithium battery that offers 7 days standby. The best part of this pedometer is that it is waterproof. So you can also wash your hands while wearing this pedometer and can wear this pedometer in stormy weather as well. This pedometer is perfectly ideal for your active lifestyle, including driving, running, working out, doing gym exercises, etc


  • Upgraded Lithium battery.
  • Waterproof.
  • Monitor sleep quality.
  • Super lightweight.


  • This pedometer does not give hourly alerts.

#5.Fitness Tracker HR, S5 Activity Tracker Watch with Heart Rate Monitor, Pedometer IP68 Waterproof Sleep Monitor Step Counter for Women Men

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While you are looking for the best pedometers in India, you can go to the Fitness Tracker for its excellent performance. With this pedometer, you will get the support of a multifunctional health manager. It is able to record your daily activity, burned calories, traveled distances accurately. It also accurately measures your heart rate with full analysis. It is a powerful 12 in 1 activity tracker that helps to make your exercise routine more efficient and ensures a healthier lifestyle. It also offers a heart rate monitor that monitors your heart rate all day with a graph in the app. Also, it provides the convenience of a sleep tracker that you can use to set the alarm.


  • Heart rate monitor.
  • Accurate measurement.
  • Waterproof.
  • Easy to use.


  • The price is a bit high.


This pedometer ensures accurate reading with its excellent functions.

Best Pedometer in India 2022 Buying Guide

There you will find a lot of brands of pedometers that offer different performance. Hence, it is vital to choose the best pedometers in India of 2022 so that you can have the best fitness experience. There are several aspects that you need to consider to make the best purchase

Type of the pedometer

Usually there you will find several kinds of pedometers that include; 

  • Digital pedometer- These pedometers come with a small metal pendulum that swings according to the user’s activity. Before the smartphone pedometers, digital pedometers were very popular. Even the mechanical pedometers are better than mechanical pedometers.
  • Mechanical pedometer- It was the first invented pedometer that comes with a small pendulum inside the device. The pendulum swings front and back according to the user’s activity on the ground.
  • Smart pedometers- Smart pedometers are usually a smartphone, just without the phone functionality. These pedometers come with an accelerometer that displays the counts according to the user’s activity.
  • Flip case pedometers- Flip case pedometers come with a front flip-down cover that protects the display and the function buttons. These are the best pedometers in India, and they are usually expensive. These pedometers are a bit expensive.
  • Open face pedometers- These pedometers are affordable enough. Here, you will see the readout on the front, and the function buttons are also located on the front. Some of the open face pedometers come with a clip that unit to your wristband. Some others are mainly designed to fit in your pocket easily. But the only problem with this pedometer design is that these pedometers don’t show the accurate measurements
  • Top read pedometers- These pedometers come with a wristband design. The top read pedometers can count steps based on the front and back motion of the user. The display of these pedometers faces upward; hence the user has to read the measurements from the top. Therefore it is called the top faced pedometer.
  • Wrist pedometers- Wrist pedometers come with several designs that include a separate mounted sensor, motion sensing chip, and GPS. If you are looking for a step counter, you should go for a pedometer with a motion-sensing chip design

Ease of use

While you are purchasing a pedometer, you need to choose a pedometer that is easy to use. Some of the pedometers are very clunky to use, while some other models come with specific instructions. You can go through the product reviews to consider whether the pedometer is easy to use or not, that you are purchasing.


 While you are purchasing any one of the best pedometers in India of 2022, you must consider the accuracy of the device. Though most of the pedometers work on the same basic principle, it doesn’t mean that all the devices will display the same readout. To get proper accuracy, you need to program the pedometer according to the manufacture’s instructions. Still, many pedometers are completely accurate. Here also you need to go through the customer reviews to get an idea about a product’s accuracy before making a purchase.


When you are purchasing a pedometer, you need to remember that smaller device ensures more comfort. If you choose a pedometer with a big bulky clip, it won’t feel comfortable at all. Moreover, a huge pedometer will be very uncomfortable while exercising. So, it is recommended to choose a pedometer of small size so that you can get the best comfort while exercising.

Added features

Apart from all of the aspects, there are several more added features that you need to consider before purchasing the best pedometers in India of 2022. These added features include distance estimate, memory, calories burner estimate, clock, stopwatch, alarm, speed estimate, pulse monitor, etc.

Hopefully, after considering all of these aspects, you can purchase the best pedometer in India of 2022.

Frequently Asked questions

What is the best pedometer for walking?

There are several brands of pedometers that are able to count your walking steps correctly. Such pedometer brands include; Omron Alvita optimized pedometer, OZO Fitness SC2 Digital Pedometer, Garmin vivofit 3 activity tracker, Fitbit Flex 2, etc.  

Are phone pedometers accurate?

  Smartphone pedometer applications are able to measure steps accurately, and they are also shown as a precise result as wearable devices.  

Is a pedometer more accurate than a Fitbit?

In comparison with a pedometer, Fitbit is less accurate. Moreover, pedometers are less expensive as well in comparison with Fitbit.


Being healthy is very important for all of us, and here the best pedometers in India of 2022 do their best to give accurate ratings of your burned calories, heart rate, and steps. Hopefully, the above information will be helpful for you to choose the best pedometer for you.

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