Best Toddler Toys in India 2022: Top Reviews

best toddler toys in india

Best Toddler Toys in India 2022: Your little toddler is an explorer, and this curiosity helps him in finding out new experiences. During the growth period, best toddler toys play an essential role in the development of cognitive abilities. The toys can also help in the development of motor skills, just like baby walkers. All these things make it essential for you to to choose toys for you, which would help him in growing up. You can even buy toys that can help your toddler in unleashing his creativity. There is a lot of variety of toys available in the market and the good this is that there are many reliable brands that offer toys for the toddler.

You can choose between a variety of toys, and this will also help your baby in killing the boredom. We would recommend you to buy a toy for your baby on a routine basis. We also understand the pain of choosing the right toy for your baby. To help you, we have listed some of the best toddler toys available in the market for your toddler. You can check out the list and you can pick up a few of these, or you can even pick up all of these toys for your baby. If you are worried about the safety of your toddler, then you can be assured that our experts choose these toys after considering the safety of your toddler.

Top 7 Best Toddler Toys to Buy in India (2022 Edition)

In this section, we have listed the top 7 best toddler toys that you can buy for your toddler. This can help you in planning a small surprise for your toddler or this can also help you in buying a gift for a friend’s toddler. Check out the details below, and if you need to see more pictures of a particular listing, simply click on the product link associated with the product. You will get all the required details on the page.

Go through the list below, and you can also explore these best toddler toys in India of 2022 with your toddler before you purchase one.

#1. Little’s Junior Ring for Toddlers

This is one of the most basic toys available for the toddlers in the market and it is enjoyed by the kids. These are stacking rings, and they are also very simple to solve. This way, the toddler acquires new motor skills and cognitive skills as well. The toy is also very colorful, so your child can identify different sizes of rings as well. It is quite a safe toy to play with and it helps them in developing the concepts of shape and size as well. It will teach your kid to use fingers properly, and with such activities, he will surely gain a lot of confidence as well.

best toddler toys in India

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The toy is affordable, and you do not have to worry about losing the toy since you always order a new one. This can be given to the toddler who is 6 months and above. In addition to this, boys and girls can play with the toy without any issues, so it is a common toy that you can purchase for the toddlers. This is the reason why we think it deserves to get a place in this coveted list of best toddler toys in India of 2022 edition. 


  • Quite an affordable toy for your kid, and it is certainly worth the price.
  • It teaches your kid about the concept of size, shape, and color.
  • Safe for kids over the age of 6 months.


  • Nothing that we could notice.

#2. Shumee Wooden Mini Bowling Pins Toy Set

Do you want to teach hand and eye coordination to your child? Are you looking for something that can help your child in becoming more active? How about a set of bowling pins. Do not worry about safety because it is not made of plastic, but they are made of wood, which is very safe to use. The kit includes 7 pins and a single bowl. The advantage of buying this toy is that it can help your kid in acquiring motor skills, spatial skills, and first skills.

best toddler toys

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The material used for manufacturing the toy is ivory wood, and it is painted with non-toxic, eco-friendly bright water-based paints. The pain is safe for children, and it is tested as per ASTM toy standards. The pins are also very sturdy so you will be able to use them for a long time without any issues. It also comes with a bag so you would not have to worry about losing the pins or the balls. It is suitable for children who are over 2 years. It is undoubtedly one of the best toddler toys that are available in the Indian market.


  • Made of ivory wood and has eco-friendly, non-toxic paint on it.
  • It can help the child in developing different kinds of skills, which are important.
  • Tested as per ASTM toy standards


  • Slightly expensive because of the use of wood.

#3.Einstein Box for 4, 5 and 6 Year Old Baby Boys and Girls

Moving on to number 3 of this list of best toddler toys of 2022, we have something from Einstein Box, and if your toddler is over 4 years, then you can buy this gift pack for him. The good part about this gift pack is that it is affordable and it is also having a variety of toys that can help your child in different ways. The pack contains 2 books, 2 games, and 2 different art activities. The books can help him in gaining early interest in reading, and the games can help in the development of cognitive abilities. With the help of the art activity, he can unleash his creativity and be excited about it.

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The books in this pack teach the kid about the animals and their habitats. The second book has a lot of stickers to play with. This prepares your kid for the challenges that he is going to face in the school as well. The colors included in the pack are free of toxicity, which makes them safe to use.


  • It is a gift pack that contains different types of games, books, and activities.
  • Safe to use and also available at an affordable price.
  • You can choose to buy 1 box set, 3 box set or 6 box sets.


  • Nothing as such

#4. Melissa & Doug Reusable Sticker Pad

Is your toddler among the creative ones? Do you think your kid would love something that comes with a lot of stickers so that he can unleash his creativity? We have something that you will love, and these are nothing but the sticker pads. You can give these stickers to anyone older than 2 years. The stickers are removable and reusable. In addition to this, each pack contains 200 stickers so that your child uses it for a long time before getting bored with it.

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You can choose a theme that your toddler likes. There are multiple themes available, which include Adventure Pads, Face It, Fashion, Fairies, My Town, Play House, Habitats and Pre Historic. This also helps your kid in learning about different things. The quality of the stickers is also quite good which makes them suitable for use by kids. It is a great purchase for enhancing the creativity of the kids and keeping them engaged. You do not have to worry even if the kid pastes the sticker of fabric as it is easy to remove. It is surely one of the options if you are looking for best toddler toys in India.


  • It comes with 200+ Stickers in every pad.
  • Available in different themes, which gives a lot of variety to your kids to experiment with
  • Safe for kids, and it is highly recommended for creativity and learning of the kids.


  • Nothing that we could notice.

#5. Fisher-Price Mega Bloks Big Building Bag

Building Blocks have always been the child’s best friend and we have something from fisher price, which is really good for the children. This is a set of 80+ blocks and you bring home hours of play with these toys. They are made of portable material and they come with a PVC free zip bag for you. This will help you in ensuring that you can store them in one place without losing the piece. The good part about these building blocks is that it brings endless home possibilities of different creations. The edges of the blocks are rounded off so that your toddler does not hurt himself.

best toddler toys in India 2020

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Buying this will help your toddler with his creativity and imagination, motor skills, attention, organization, and even with communication. With all such great advantages, you must go ahead and buy these building blocks for your child. If you are looking for such best toddler toys in India that are specifically suitable for kids as young as 1 year, then this should be your number one choice at least for now.


  • The quality of these building blocks is amazing and they are suitable for kids as young as 1 year.
  • Safe to use as the plastic is non-toxic and it is tested for the same.
  • It comes with a high-quality bag so that you can stock up the pieces in one place.


  • We found it slightly expensive.

#6. Melissa & Doug 3D Puzzle Dollhouse

A lot of kids love dollhouses or such 3D models. If your kid is among those who either love a pirate ship or a pretty dollhouse, then you have a toy for him. It has multiple pieces that can be joined together to make a dollhouse. It includes a 100 piece puzzle and an instruction booklet that helps you in compiling the dollhouse. You can give this to your toddler, who is 4 years or older. This not only helps them with creativity, but it also helps them in getting a sense of achievement as wellas confidence.

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You can choose between the two models and the good part here is that it is not expensive, like many other dollhouses that you will find in the market. It is durable, and it is fun to play with. Your toddler would stay engaged with this for weeks to come, and it will double as a decoration in their room.


  • Available in 2 options, dollhouse for girls and pirate ship for boys.
  • An affordable option that can be considered for your toddler.
  • Doubles up as a decoration piece once your toddler assembles this..


  • It can be slightly difficult to assemble.

#7. Fisher-Price Musical Walker Lion

If you are looking for specific type of best toddler toys that can also help your kid in walking, then this is the perfect toy for them. This walker lion from Fisher Price is not only going to help them in walking, but it also has a lot of fun activities. There are many sit and play fun activities in this walker lion that can keep your baby busy. It has a musical feature that also lets the baby play tunes and be creative. There is a small piano to play lively sound, and this keeps him engaged.

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Apart from the features mentioned, this also has many other activities. The quality is quite amazing, and your child will love the way this works. If you are not worried about the cost, then this is the best gift that you can get for your toddler. There is a long handle here that can be used by the parents to move around the walker lion.


  • Quite an amazing gift for the toddler as it also helps them in walking.
  • It contains many activities which teach them the use of the hands.
  • Comes with an electronic tune system so that the child can play music


  • Slightly expensive.

Best Toddler Toys in India 2022 Buying Guide

There are certain things that you might want to keep in mind while you are buying the best toddler toys in India. We have listed all of these points in this section. Check out this buying guide, and we are sure that it will help you in choosing one of the best Toddler Toys 2022 for your baby.

Type of Toy

Even before you start shopping, you need to understand the kind of toy that you want. Are you looking for something that will increase the mobility of the kid or are you looking for something that would help him in unleashing his creativity skills? Are you looking for a toy that will help your toddler in developing cognitive skills? Depending on the purpose of the purchase, you can start looking for the best toddler toys in India.

Electronics vs Simple

The second thing that you can check is if the toy is electronic or not. The electronic toys may have elements of audio and lights, but it might be unsafe if the kid is way too young. Some toys have such elements, and that is also safe for kids. This is more like a personal choice that parents can make while choosing the best toddler toys of 2022.

Safety of the Kids

safety is always the prime concerned for everyone, and we are sure that you are also concerned about the safety of your toddler. In this case, you need to ensure that the toy doesn’t have sharp edges and that it doesn’t have small parts that can be choking hazards. There are certain safety ratings on the best toddler toys, and you can go and check out those ratings before making the final purchase.


This is dependent on the safety concerns that we have already discussed. The toy should be made of safe material and it should not contain anything that could harm the child. If there is a coating of paint on the toy then ensure that the paint is safe. Also, if the toy is made of plastic, then ensure that the toy is made of BPA free material.

Age of the Toddler

You can also refer to the age of toddlers while buying the toy. The best toddler toys in India have age compatibility written on them and ensure that it matches up with the age of the toddler. You do not wish to buy something that the toddler is not able to play with.


The last thing that we want you to consider while purchasing the best toddler toys in 2022, is the cost. The toddler is going to break a lot of the toys, and you don’t want all the money going down the drain. In such a case, our recommendation would be to avoid the expensive toys and opt for the ones that are within a medium budget.


You have been through the list of top 7 best toddler toys in India 2022 that you can presently find in the market. We are sure that you would have found some of the toys which you would love to order for your kids. Go ahead and order them to get a small surprise and a lot of joy to your baby. Get involved with him while he is playing with the toys, and this will also encourage him to play. As per our recommendation, buy the toys that would help your toddler is not just developing the cognitive skills but a toy that would also help him in increasing the activity levels. The same toy might not serve the purpose of both things, so you can also opt for combos or different toys. With this, we would conclude the space and do check out different sections of this website to check the reviews of more such amazing products for the babies.

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