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Best Trimmer Under 1500 In India 2022

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There used to be days when men went to the salon for trimming their hairs. But now with the advent of technology, men are using the best trimmer under 1500 in India for shaving in their home itself.

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The growth of technology has been so great and at a good pace in the last few years. Especially after the invention of the internet.

But now this has also created some problems such as job erosion because now the machines have replaced humans.

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The same thing has happened in the stuff related to our hair. Previously we used to go to a barber but now trimmers have taken their place.

Which has led to fewer customers at salons. But we can’t do anything about it, as we must keep our pace with technology.

Trimmers can now be found in most of the houses. They are very easy to use and are efficient as well. They provide a good smooth experience to the user.

But recently, there have been so many different kinds of trimmers available in the market which sometimes confuses a buyer.

It is important to buy a good quality trimmer otherwise your money will go in vain.

That’s why today we have come to help you out from this confusion by writing this article on the best trimmer under 1500 rs in India.

If you have a little low budget then you can also check out the best trimmer under 1000.

Best Trimmer Under 1500 Rs in India

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Let us check out which is the best trimmer under 1500 in India.

1. Phillips QT 4011/15

Phillips QT 4011/15

Our first trimmer on this list is from Phillips brand. We all must have heard about this brand as it is so much popular.

This trimmer can be used both corded and cordless. You get 90 minutes of cordless use after charging it for 1 hour. It has dura-power technology which makes the battery work efficiently and last longer.

Its equipped with whooping 27 length settings (lock-in) which range from 0.5-10mm with 0.5mm of precision.

It is very easy to use and its blade coated with titanium remains sharp throughout. The blades have rounded tips and combs which prevents unnecessary irritation and gives a very smooth experience to the user.

Light indicator features show the status of the battery, whether it is full, low, empty, or currently undercharge. You get the charger, trimmer, and travel pouch in its box.

Another interesting thing about this trimmer under 1500 is that it is quite durable as it comes with 2 plus a 1-year warranty. This means that once bought it will last very long.

The design is quite elegant and ergonomic which makes the Phillips trimmer very easy to use and hold. It can reach difficult areas of the body very easily.

The removable head and body make it easy to wash. You can wash it by rinsing it in running water.

At last, we can say that if you are looking for a durable and stylish trimmer then Philips qt4011/15 trimmer is the one that you should be looking for.


Q1. Can you cut the head hair with it?
Ans. Yes, of course, you can cut head hair with it.

Q2. Is it rechargeable?
Ans. Yes, it is rechargeable.

Q3. Does it come with a warranty?
Ans. Yes, it comes with 2 plus 1 year of warranty after registration.

Q4. Is it easy to use?
Ans. Yes, its well-designed body makes it easy to use.

Q5. Can I wash it in water?
Ans. Yes, you can wash the removable head in running water.

  • Rechargeable
  • Titanium Self-Sharpening Blades
  • Warranty
  • Light Indicator
  • Affordable
  • Battery Backup Decreases Over Time

2. Mi Corded Trimmer

Mi Corded Beard Trimmer

Our next Trimmer on this list is from MI Brand. We all know about the premium products made by Mi. Now they have also stepped into the trimmer market.

This Trimmer under 1500 rs is cordless and it is waterproof as well. It is fast charging.

This trimmer is best for a beard and mustache. Mi Corded Trimmer also has stainless steel blades and self-sharpening technology.

It has 40-length settings, which is just amazing. You can trim up to 0.5mm with great precision. It comes with two combs.

The ultra-powerful battery gives you whooping 90 minutes of cordless use with just 2 hours of charging. You charge it with a USB cable.

It is waterproof, which makes it very easy to clean. The unique quad edge design helps it in reaching hard areas.

The trimmer blades have lubricant coating but with time it decreases. So, you can use coconut oil to re-lubricate them. The company gives you a full one-year warranty on all manufacturing defects.

So, at last, we can say that it is a complete package.

FAQS about Mi Corded Trimmer

Q1. Does it have a warranty?
Ans. Yes, the company gives you a warranty of one year.

Q2. Is it waterproof?
Ans. Yes, it’s 100% waterproof.

Q3. Is it made in India?
Ans. NO, it is made in China. If you are promoting Atma-nirbhar Bharat then you can buy other trimmers.

Q4. Can I charge it with a mobile charger adapter and USB cable?
Ans. Ha, mere Bhai!

Q5. Which accessories will you get in the box?
Ans. You will get Trimmer, a Small comb, a Long comb, a travel pouch, a cleaning brush, and a charging cable.

  • Fast Charging
  • 90 Minutes Cordless Use
  • 40-Length Settings
  • Waterproof
  • Blades gets heated sometimes

3. Kemie Km 809

Kemei Km-809

Our next trimmer in India on the list is from the Kemie brand. It is a rechargeable cum electric hair clipper grooming set available for both men and women.

The trimming range is from 0.5-15mm, which is quite impressive. It works both on the battery and on direct power. It requires a current from 220-240 V.

Kemie Km 809 is one of the best hair shaver epilators. It can be used for multiple purposes. The battery run time is 120min after fully charged.

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The free-floating head of this trimmer gives a smooth experience and reaches even hard areas of the skin. Remember to fully charge it before using it for the first time.

The blade of this trimmer has a rubber finish which saves it from corrosion and rust. You will also get oil, a comb, and a pair of scissors in the product box.

You can use the oil for cleaning the blades. The comb can be useful while setting your hair. This trimmer can be used for men, women, and even pets.

If you are looking for the best trimmer for a salon then you can surely get this stylish trimmer.

FAQS About Kemei Km-809

Q1. Is it Rechargeable?
Ans. Yes, it is rechargeable and runs on a direct current.

Q2. Does it have a warranty?
Ans. Yes

Q3. Is it good for women?
Ans. Yes, it is for both men and women.

Q4. Where is the charging point?
Ans. It is on the backside of the trimmer.

Q5. Is it a Chinese product?
Ans. Yes, it is a Chinese product.

  • Both Rechargeable and Direct use
  • Stylish
  • Both for men and Women
  • Heating issue
  • Chinese Product

4. Syska HT1309

Syska HT1309

The next trimmer under 1500 is from another popular Syska Brand. This trimmer is also rechargeable.

The jog-dial feature with 25 length settings and with 1.0mm of precision makes it quite a good deal. You can also get 0.5mm trim just by removing the comb.

You can use it up to 60 minutes after charging it for 8 hours. It is rechargeable, so you need not fear any short circuits.

This trimmer under 1500 comes with skin-friendly blades. They provide a smooth experience to the user and have a unique self-sharpening technology.

Which sharpens the blades while in use itself. Which means they are effective even after long days of use.

You can get any desired look you want because this syska trimmer comes with an in-built stubble comb. You need not worry about carrying different combs.

Not only you can charge it from direct current but also you can charge it through your mobile or PC using a USB cable.

The LED Indicator installed in it shows whether it is charging or in use. The light turns red if the battery goes under 10%.

The trimmer is specially designed for a stylish look and comfortable grip. It comes with a removable head, which makes it very easy to wash.

You can simply remove the comb and head and wash them under running water. Makes sure to let them dry before using them again.

The clipper switch feature gives salon finish beard and good hairstyles. So, if you are looking for some stylish and rechargeable trimmer then you can check it out.

FAQS About Syska HT1309

Q1. Is it rechargeable?
Ans. Yes, you can charge it.

Q2. Can I use it while plugging?
Ans. No, Plug and Use are not recommended.

Q3. Does it have a warranty?
Ans. You can get a warranty by calling the company’s customer care.

Q4. Can It be charge from USB?
Ans. Yes, you can.

Q5. Can do a clean shave?
Ans. Not clean shave but very small hairs.

  • Rechargeable
  • USB Charging
  • Shelp Sharpening
  • Led Indicator
  • Clipper Switch
  • No Full Shave
  • Less Use Time

5. Havells BT5171C


Our next trimmer on this list is from another popular brand Havelsls.

The USB Charging feature in this best trimmer under 1500 charges in 120 min for 50 minutes of usage.

The high-quality blades of this trimmer give your beard and mustache a very stylish look. The different length setting options make it easy to trim a full-grown beard.

The blades of this trimmer are U shaped helps in sharp and efficient trimming throughout the session. It also has a detachable head, which you can wash easily.

One of its interesting features is that it has comb-lock settings. This feature locks the comb to a length setting you want and for changing it, you will need to unlock this comb-lock first.

LED Indicator of this trimmer shows the current status it. The warranty period is of 2 years.

We can say that if you are looking for a trimmer mostly for trimming your beard and mustache then you can surely go for it.

FAQS About Havells BT5171C

Q1. Is it Rechargeable?
Ans. Yes

Q2. Does it support USB charging?
Ans. yes, it does

Q3. Does it have a warranty?
Ans. Yes, a warranty of 2 years

Q4.Is it made in China or India?
Ans. India

Q5. Does it cut head hair well?
Ans. No

  • Quick Charging
  • 2 Years Warranty
  • Rechargeable
  • Not good for head hair

6. Havells BT9005

Havells BT9005

Our next trimmer on this list is also from havells brand. It is one of the best trimmers under 1500 in India.

This is one of the few trimmers at this price that has capture trim technology. This technology actually ensures 2 times faster cutting in just 1 stroke.

The micro-USB recharges it in just 90 minutes for 50 minutes of runtime. You can use it both and corded and no corded. But the first time while using it, it’s better to charge it first.

Like other trimmers, it also has an LED indicator that turns green when fully charged. The zoom wheel comb attachment is given to customizing your beard’s length from 0.5 to 10mm.

It also has an auto zoom lock which locks the combat the set length setting. You will need to unlock it before changing the length setting.

At last, we can say that this trimmer is very good if you want only for beard and mustache trimming.

FAQS About Havells BT9005

Q1. Is it made in China?
Ans. Yes

Q2. Is it good for men’s body hair?
Ans. Yes, it is

Q3. Can you use it for pets?
Ans Nahi pata ye toh

Q4. Does it give you a warranty?
Ans. Yes

Q5. Is it corded?
Ans. Both corded and non-corded

  • Good for Beard Trimming
  • Quick Charge
  • Capture Trim Technology
  • Not good for head hair
  • Chinese Product

7. LetsShave Beard, Body & Head Trimmer

LetsShave Beard, Body & Head Trimmer

This amazing trimmer is from the LetsShave company. It is basically a multi-grooming kit that gives you complete control of your trimming experience on your head, face, and body.

The precision dial on its two detachable combs can go as low as 0.5mm. Talking about its length settings, it has a whopping 38- length settings which give you a variety of options.

It is equipped with the latest lithium-ion battery which makes this trimmer a beast in terms of performance and output. After a 120 minutes charge, you can use it for 90 minutes without a cord.

The self-sharpening stainless steel blades help in precision and smooth trimming. It has 100% waterproof blades. The LED Indicator shows whether it is charged or not. You can use it both corded and cordless.

So, at last we can say that this trimmer is a good pick if you are looking for a complete grooming kit.

FAQS About LetsShave Beard, Body & Head Trimmer

Q1. Can this trimmer be used for private parts?
Ans. yes, you can

Q2. Can I use it corded?
Ans. Yes

Q3. Is the battery replaceable?
Ans. No

Q4. Is it Chinese product?
Ans. Yes

Q5. What is the battery capacity?
Ans. 5v dc 600mAh/3w

  • Complete Grooming Kit
  • Both Corded and Cordless use
  • 38 length settings
  • two detachable heads
  • Non-replacable battery
  • Chinese Product

8. Philips BT3203/15 Cordless Beard Trimmer

Our next trimmer on this list is one of the best trimmers under 1500 in India.

You can use it for 45 minutes cordless after 10 hours of charging. It has 10 lock-in settings it can trim 0.5mm-10mm with 1mm of precision.

This Philips Trimmer is very easy to use and can be cleaned easily. It provides 30% faster trimming with a lift and the cut system as well.

The company is giving a warranty of 2 plus 1-year, which adds to its durability.

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The skin-friendly blades of this Philips beard trimmer have rounded tips that prevent any kind of irritation. You must charge the trimmer fully before using it for the first time.

You will be able to hold it easily because of its ergonomic design. It’s specially designed to reach hard areas easily.

It also has a shelf-sharpening technology in which the blades lightly brush against each other when in use which sharpens them more.

In the end, we can say that if you are looking for a reliable trimmer under 1500 then you can surely go for it.

FAQS About Philips BT3203/15

Q1. Does it have a charging cord?
Ans. Yes, it does have

Q2. Can I use it while charging?
Ans. No, you shouldn’t use it while charging

Q3. Can you use it for cutting hair?
Ans. Yes, you can use it for making your hair short

Q4. Does it have any warranty?
Ans. It has a 2 plus 1-year warranty.

Q5. Can I do shape using this?
Ans. Yes, you can do that

  • 2 Plus 1 Year warranty
  • Shelp Sharpening Blades
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Only For Beard
  • Less Cordless Use Time
  • No Quick Charge

9 SYSKA HT3333K Corded & Cordless


The next trimmer we have on this list is from a very popular Syska brand. This is a syska grooming trimmer and can be used both corded and cordless.

After charging for 2 hours, you get 60 minutes of cordless use. It has 10 lock-in length settings and 3 changeable attachments. It also comes with self-sharpening stainless steel blades.

This is a travel-friendly trimmer because of its light and sleek design. The built-in charging indicator shows whether the best grooming kit under 1500 is charging.

If you face any problem while using this trimmer then you can call their toll-free customer care.

At last, we can say that if you are looking for a reliable complete grooming kit, then you can surely check it out.


Q1. Will you get a charging cord?
Ans. Yes, you will get both cord and adaptor

Q2. Can I use it while charging?
Ans. Yes, you can

Q3. Can I trim the hair with it?
Ans. Yes

Q4. Does it have any warranty?
Ans. Yes, it has 2 years of warranty

Q5. Is it Chinese product?
Ans. Yes

  • Complete Grooming Kit
  • Can Use While Charging
  • Quick Charge
  • 2 Years Warranty
  • Less Length Settings
  • Chinese Product

10. Kubra KB-5300

Kubra KB-5300

The last trimmer under 1500 in India is from kubra brand. It is a multifunctional grooming kit. Best for Body Grooming, Beard & Moustache, Nose, Ear & Eyebrow.

It has a quick charge feature. you can use it for 90 minutes after charging for just 1.5 hours.

Its trimming range is from 1-10mm. It comes with 19 length settings. You also get 1 year of warranty on this product.

If you are looking for a multifunctional complete grooming kit then you can go for it.

FAQS About Kubra KB-5300

Q1. Can I use it while charging?
Ans. Yes, you can

Q2. Is it waterproof?
Ans. It comes with detachable heads, which are waterproof

Q3. Is it rechargeable?
Ans. Yes, it is

Q4. Does it have a warranty?
Ans. Yes, 1 year of warranty

Q5. Is it made in India?
Ans. No

  • 5 in 1 Multifunctional
  • Rechargeable
  • Quick Charge
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Not Good For Hair

Buying Guide – Best Trimmer Under 1500 in India

Having a clear understanding of the characteristics that motivate you to choose one body shaver over another is great.


Shower time is when many of us shave. Using hot water and steam, we can minimize irritations and pull.

The simplest and most convenient way to shave is in the shower by shaving your body rather than shaving your beard.

Furthermore, getting shaved on the body can be quite sensitive in certain places that need extra attention.


Our segment is dominated by wireless products. The logic makes sense.

Think of how uncomfortable it would be to shave certain parts of your body with a cable that is half irritating.

What should you look out for?

While charging, you should pay attention to whether or not you can use the razor. In the long run, the batteries in electric shavers lose capacity and may become less autonomous by as much as 80%.

Therefore, if the product can be used while charging, at least it will last longer since you won’t need to wait to recharge it again.


A close connection to the previous point is how much importance you have to place on autonomy, especially if you are not able to use the shaver while it’s charging.

The criterion for determining autonomy is obvious: the more, the better.

It may take even an hour to shave your entire body in one go. Therefore, autonomy is a vital component to consider.


Body shaver heads for sensitive areas are not found on all ingenious products.

To avoid irritation or small wounds when shaving your armpits or genitals, choose a razor that incorporates a special head for your genitals.


Finally, if you have long hair in certain areas, you might only want to cut it. The shaver must either have an adjustable comb or a variety of interchangeable combs in these cases.

Commonly, a single head is used for the smallest sizes, while a specific comb is needed for the largest sizes. Sizes should be considered carefully.

The smallest sizes will need to be used if you are only going to trim body hair, not head hair, ranging between 1 mm and 10 mm.

Final Words

So, finally, we are warping this huge article on the best trimmer under 1500 in India. I hope that you have got the perfect trimmer which you have been looking for.

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