Best Trolley Bags In India 2022: Top Reviews

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Best Trolley Bags in India 2022: Isn’t it too tough to find a decent trolley bag these days? Many of us will understand this because there have been a lot of times when we have been the victims of this situation. There are many options available in the market when it comes to best trolley bags in India, and there is a lot to choose from. However, the trolley bag that you choose might not have everything that you were looking for. Due to these reasons, we have come with a list of our top picks of best trolley bags that you will surely love.

In our list, we have described these bags in extra detail. Additionally, we have also provided you with the pros and cons of the product. It’s true that best rucksacks are being favored by millennials, but still trolley bags are loved by many Indian families. Each specialty and feature of the product has been written down by us here. Moreover, if you are a first-time buyer of the product, our buying guide at the bottom of the list of best trolley bags in India of 2022 will surely help you in many ways. All you have to do is read the description carefully, and we assure you that you will be able to come across a trolley bag that you love. Without wasting time, let us now start our discussion.

1st Place

Skybags Cardiff Polyester 52 cms Black Travel Duffle
By Skybags
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Best Value

American Tourister Sunset Square ABS
By American Tourister
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Carlton Sherwood 56 cm 2w Mobile Office
By Carlton
8.5 View Product

VIP Verve Polycarbonate Teal Blue Suitcase
8 View Product

Skybags Rubik Polyester Softsided Check-in Luggage
By Skybags
7.5 View Product

Top 6 Best Trolley Bags to Buy in India (2022 Edition)

It’s not easy to handpick a single trolley bag from the massive list of products that are available in the open market. So, it’s easily understandable that confusion will come into the picture while choosing best trolley bags. That’s why we have decided to make this list of some 2022’s best trolley bags in India that you can buy and relax. We have compared the bags in different parameters like user reviews, pricing, durability etc before making this list. 

#1. Skybags Trolley Bag:

First, on our list of best trolley bags, we have a very famous brand Skybags. This bag comes in three colors. And these colors are – black, blue, and red. It has a capacity of 39 liters and weighs 2330 grams. The outer material of this trolley bag is made using polyester material. It has butterfly locks on it, which are very sturdy and easy to use. Additionally, there are also two wheels on the bag. These wheels support the bag well and move freely even when the bag is filled to its maximum capacity.

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Buyers of this product are provided with a manufactures warranty of 3 years, which is a very long period. However, this warranty cannot be transferred. Skybags is a well-known brand around the world, and they have been successful in serving many happy customers. This bag by them has triple compartments but comes with extra pockets to help you accurately organize your stuff. The dimensions of this bag are – 53 X 28 X 30 cm, and it is priced at a very cost-effective price. The bag also has a strong base that gives better support at all times. Additionally, this bag is also allowed in the cabins of many different airlines across the globe.


  • The design of the bag is stylish, sleek, and youthful.
  • It is ideal to be used by men as well as women.
  • The zipper closures make the bag easy to open and close.
  • The capacity and material of the product are exceptional.


  • The trolley bag does not have a laptop compartment.
  • If the bag has four instead of two wheels, it would be easier to move around.
  • The weight of the product is high, and it may add to your luggage weight while you are traveling on a flight.

#2. American Tourister Trolley Bag:

When it comes to best trolley bags, we all tend to think about this famous brand American Tourister. Hence, we were bound to include their trolley bags on our list. Here we have given the spot to their sunset square suitcase bag. This bag comes in vibrant red color and is made from hard ABS material. Due to this, the bag has a sleek design and looks incredibly stylish no matter where you carry it. The trolley bag is entirely resistant to water and has a capacity of 90 liters. Additionally, it has the dimensions of – 53 X 29 X 77 cm. However, this suitcase does not have any laptop compatibility.

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There are two compartments in the suitcase which you can use to store many items. These items may include your essentials like – clothes and shoes. Also, there are four wheels in the trolley bag which help you in carrying and moving it around very conveniently. It weighs 4.2 kg, and its casing is very hard. The material used to make the product is of very high quality and can withstand pressure and extreme conditions. You can carry almost 30 kg of luggage in the bag without worrying about it being dilapidated. Moreover, the outer cover made from ABS is also resistant to minor levels of scratching.


  • The shell of the product is resistant to minor scratches.
  • The bag can hold up to 30 kg of weight of your luggage.
  • It is resistant to water and entirely waterproof.
  • The red color of the trolley bag is lovely.


  • This bag cannot qualify for a cabin bag in airlines.
  • Some buyers have reported that the zips of the suitcase get jammed sometimes
  • The wheels of the bag can get jammed if you overstuff the bag.

#3. CARLTON Trolley Bag:

This trolley bag has retained the third position of our list of best trolley bags in India and comes with a worldwide manufacturer warranty of three years. You can get it in the universal black color. The bag has two wheels that never jam while you are on the move. The insides of the bag are lined with quality material of red color. The fabric used in creating the inner linings never gets torn and gives the bag a fantastic finish. There is a provision of one big compartment where you can keep all your stuff, ranging from clothes to small items. Beneath the top cover of the bag are specific organizers with zips that can be used to store relevant documents that you may need while you are traveling.

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You can also safely store money in these pockets. The best part about the product is that it comes with laptop compatibility, and you can store laptops that have the size below 15 inches in this trolley bag. You do not have to worry about any damage as the inner walls are made using soft and quality material. The capacity of this trolley bag is 66.46 liters, which is enormous. The outer material used in making the product is made using fabric, which is why the bag is not waterproof. Additionally, the bag has a dimension of 44 X 29 X 57 cm.


  • The bag has an outer zippered pocket that can be used to access the required items quickly.
  • Its design is sturdy as well as modern.
  • The quality of the material used in making the handle and wheels is excellent.
  • It comes with laptop compatibility for 15 inches of laptops.


  • This trolley bag is not resistant to water.
  • It cannot qualify as a cabin bag in many airlines.
  • There are not many reviews of the product on the internet, which can make the buyer a little skeptical about buying the product.

#4. VIP Trolley Bag:

The fourth position of our list has been occupied by a VIP trolley bag. Buyers of this trolley bag are provided with a warranty of five years in manufacturing defects, which cannot be transferred. It has a number lock system that works exceptionally well and works fine even after years of usage of the bag. The teal blue color of the bag makes it even lovelier and attractive. Additionally, the VIP trolley bag weighs 4.7 kg and has the dimensions of – 57.5 X 33 X 79.5 cm. The capacity of the bag is enormous, i.e., 112 liters. You will be able to fit a lot of things in the bag at all times.

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VIP is a very famous brand in India and has been serving customers with industry’s best trolley bags for the past 40 years. The shell of this trolley bag is made using polycarbonate material. Polycarbonate gives it a shiny finish. Moreover, it also provides the bag with high durability and lifespan. It has two inner compartments that can be filled as per your requirement. The zips of the bag work very smoothly, and there have been no complaints regarding their working. The inner lining of the bag is made using white fabric, which does not get torn easily and adds an extra layer of protection to your belongings.


  • The shiny finish and teal blue color of the product makes it extremely beautiful.
  • The compartments are large and can carry up to 30 kg of weight.
  • There are four wheels in the bag that let you carry it vertically easily.


  • The price of this trolley bag lies in the high end.
  • The product does not have many reviews.

#5. Skybags Polyester Trolley Bag:

Here we have added the second bag by Skybags. This is because of the quality of their products exceptionally well rated. This is one of the best trolley bags, and it is available for purchase in two colors. These colors are – Red and Blue. Additionally, the capacity of this bag is 66 liters, and it can qualify as a cabin bag in flights of many airlines. If we speak about the dimensions, then the dimensions of this product are – 46.5 X 31.5 X 68.5 cm. The handle is a push-button type and is very easy to pull and hold. It is also durable and feels nice to the hands.

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Even though the product does not come with laptop compatibility, and you would need a dedicated laptop backpack along with it, but still it is great when it comes to quality and spacing. The material used in making the bag is polyester, which helps the bag in being lightweight and easy to pull. The bag has one compartment that can be accessed through the well working zippered closures. Like many other trolley bags, this bag also has four wheels in its design. There is also a provision of an external zippered pocket where you can keep easy-to-access stuff.


  • This bag can be taken as a cabin bag in airplanes.
  • The external pocket is easily accessible and is very useful.
  • The bag does not lose its color even after years of usage.
  • The product is light in weight.


  • Some buyers did not like the lock in this trolley bag.
  • The inner fabric gets dirty very easily and needs improvement in the stitching

#6. Mi Trolley Bag:

We have given the sixth position in this unbiased list of best trolley bags in India of 2022 to the Mi trolley bag. It comes in grey color and with a warranty for one entire year. The best quality of the bag is its TSA locking system, which provides the buyers with extra safety. It is created using Makrolon material. This material is extremely sturdy and gives the bag a lovely finish. Additionally, the manufacturers have also used polyester material in the design of the inner lining to make the overall structure of the bag more durable. There are four wheels in this bag that are made using TPE material. TPE is extremely elastic and helps the bag in carrying extra weight.

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The wheels are so nice that they can be moved around even in carpet and gravel surfaces with much ease. The handle of this trolley bag is made using aluminum alloy to make it even sturdier. Moreover, the handle is anodized and gives a metallic look to the bag. There are also vertical strips on this bag that reduce any amount of stress in impacts. The resilient structure of the bag is triple-layered and helps in reducing wear and tear. It weighs only 3.1 kg and has the dimensions of – 37.5 X 22.3 X 55 cm. It comes with two compartments, and its handle can be adjusted to four levels of height.


  • The bag looks extremely stylish and is very light in weight.
  • This cabin trolley bag has an amazing and easy to use handle.
  • The wheels can move easily on any surface.
  • Buyers get a warranty of one year from the date of purchase.


  • The capacity of the bag is just 36 liters.
  • The bag cannot withstand extreme scratching.

Best Trolley Bags in India 2022 Buying Guide

The following aspects of the below-given list of best trolley bags 2022 will help buyers in purchasing the best trolley bag in India. Before you go on a spree, consider these aspects as they can save you a lot of time and money. These aspects are –


A general trolley bag comes with telescope handle and wheels. These features let you move your bag around quickly. Hence always check the functionality and reliability of such features before you make any purchase of best trolley bags in India. If you come through any defects, however little in the handle and wheels, return the bag immediately. We suggest you do so because it will create more significant problems in the longer run.


When it comes to the size of a trolley bag, we recommend you only consider the dimensions that will perfectly fit your requirement. Additionally, buying two medium-sized bags instead of a large one will be better. It will distribute the weight of your luggage and help you in quickly moving and taking the best trolley bags with you conveniently


To check the quality of the bag, consider checking it zippers, locks, and material. Check how sturdy the material is before you finally make it your own. If any of these things do not feel right, we recommend you to replace the trolley bag. A qualitative trolley bag is the one that can withstand massive amounts of weight and has smoothly running zippers and locks. That’s why we should pick the best trolley bags in India.


The weight of the bag is essential because it adds to your luggage and makes it difficult to move from one place to another. Additionally, since there are many restrictions on airlines, you might have to reject your things. However, if you buy a lightweight trolley bag, it will save you a little from such problems. You can also check the restrictions of airlines in the weight of the luggage if you are someone who travels in airplanes a lot.


We would also like to shed some light on this aspect because many best trolley bags in the market are costly. However, their lifespan is very less. In such a case, you feel like you have completely wasted your money. Hence try buying a durable trolley bag that fits well in your budget. Don’t compromise with the quality, though.

Verified Buyer Reviews

Many people have posted numerous reviews on the above-listed products. Even after reading our description, if you are still skeptical, you may consider reading these reviews that are available on many e-com platforms. Such reviews will also help you understand the best trolley bags 2022 in India in a better sense.


It is very challenging to choose the best trolley bags in India these days. There are also manufacturers who have to start selling duplicate products. This makes the job even tougher. All of these reasons inspired us to come up with this list of best trolley bags. Make sure you read all the product descriptions carefully before you add a trolley bag to your wish list. Our enhanced list has been prepared after hours of extensive research and experience. We hope that we were able to end your search and help you in coming across a trolley bag that you had been looking for all this while.

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