Best Weighing Scales in Indian 2022- Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

If you are trying to reduce weight through diet and exercise or put on some weight, nothing can be better companion for a health enthusiast than a Weighing Scale as a great digital weight management tool.

Long ago were the days when people arrived in railway station, medicine shops, hospitals etc. to measure body weight and ensure a healthy lifestyle. Today, weighing machine is a most-needed, time saving and frequently monitoring, basic home device by which we can check our BMI, percentage of body fat, water weight, cardio rate, body weight, mass of lean muscle and several other metrics that composes body. This cutting-edge machine gives accurate picture of weight and capacity measurements in decimals, almost daily, eying the gradual weight changes, designed to keep a track record of overweight, underweight or fitness status. 

There are bulky, heavy, older weighing scales which measured weight mechanically disappeared from the market and people moved to digitally oriented ones giving accurate results.

Nowadays, best branded weighing scales are integrated with additional smart features, inclusive of accuracy, durability, portability, reliability, readability, affordable, high function, battery operating, and future safety.

Best Weighing Scales in India 2022 Buying Guide

Before jumping to the list of best running shoes in India, we will like to discuss about the points that play an important role in choosing the most reliable and efficient running shoes in your budget. As the market is filled with sports shoes that term themselves as the best running shoes, the users may get confused about which of these shoes will be an ideal choice for them to go with.

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The lightweight slim design automatically enhances the carrying or storage capacity, refining the look, finish and appearance of the machine.


Choose accurate ideal scale models which give the same precise readings on measuring repetitively, providing smaller increments of minimum 0.1 kg. Once the weigh is removed, the scale should resume zero. 


Always look out the weighing limit of the device prior purchasing which in India should have ideally a reading capability of 200-250 kg which should be sufficient for people unless the exceptional cases of more than 250 kg requirement, for which you can select a heavy-duty device.


You can pick a simple standard bathroom measuring device or an advanced technologized attached with smart features that can determine BMR, fat free-weight, body muscle mass, Skeletal muscle, Metabolic age, protein level, percentage of subcutaneous and visceral fat, physique rating etc.

Additional features

Best smart scales consists of Android or iOS application for analysing graphically, multiple user data tracker, mobile application synchronizing, digital database  for tracking movements of health transformations, changing lifestyles for better.


Analogue type of digital scaling device with a large platform for keeping the feet, has interior spring which depresses, indicating the calculated weight on dial. Digital devices provide high- end, accurate readings in number formatting on large screen and are battery aided that last a longer period of time. Bluetooth Enabled are the digital modern version which tracks data and record it in smartphone utilizing Bluetooth technology. In fact, the latest ones are auto-feature equipped, switching on a weighing machine on placing feet.

Size and units of display

Different models have different sizes of platforms and LED backlight display of readings. Mostly, Indians prefer kilograms unit and NRIs prefer other units like pounds.

Skid- proof

Especially for old people in the house, look for a device, which is not slippery and dangerous.


Round and rectangle sizes of durable scales are available.


For high humid or moisture prone places, buy waterproof device, if it is kept in kids’ reach at home, buy a shockproof device.


Pick a device that is affordable depending on functionality.


The standard of warranty ranges from 6 months to 12 months.

Top 5 Best weighing Scales in India 2022 

We have compared the readily available models on numerous technical factors like, size, smart phone features, built material etc., handpicking and rounding up the latest, frontline digital weighing machines for your fitness and health goals, considering your budget, and requirements. After long hours of sever testing, extensive research and critical analysis, our experts team have shortlisted the Top Five Weighing scales in India with a detailed, descriptive of the features of individual device in our BUYING GUIDE.

#1. HealthSense PS 126 Ultra-Lite Digital Weighing Machine

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  1. Ultra-light in weight and not fragile.
  2. G sensor high-end precision.
  3. Technology called Step-On.
  4. Skid-proof with custom built features.
  5. A backlight dark greyish in colour with white digits for enhance readability.
  6. Weigh ranges from 5 to 180 kg with units KG/LB/ST.
  7. Low battery notification.


  • Nicely stylized.
  • Display is elegant.
  • Weight is light.
  • Consistency in results.
  • Smooth contours.


  • There are no negative reviews given in the ratings.

The digital weighing device from HealthSense is a cost-friendly solution integrated with Step-on technology, a display size of 3.5 inch, alighted by cool black backlight with digits in white, easy-to-view in dim environment. It has been rated 4.3 out of 5 by customer reviews in Amazon and 4.2 rating in Flipkart and Snapdeal. It is appraised for its G sensor, technological sense, scale range between 5 and 180 kg with large LCD backlight display, skid proof and error indicator.


#2. Omron HN-286 Digital Weighing Machine

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  1. An ultra-sleek-and-slim design.
  2. A technology of four accurate sensor detectors.
  3. Automated execution of switching on/off.
  4. Tempered glass for precaution.
  5. Accurate body scale management tool.
  6. Display accuracy closest to 100g.


  • Attractive slim appearance.
  • Very precise.
  • Light in weight
  • Smooth functionality of automated on/off switching


  • No Negative reviews

Slim, light, portable, a perfect device for health conscious regular checkers, tracking and motivating the workouts with silvery coated tough glass and ultra-four-sensored technology equipped accuracy. It has been rated 3.8 out of 5 by customer reviews in Amazon and Flipkart. It is appraised for its specifications like, aesthetic appearance, flawless and perfect weight measurement, ultra slim look, 4 sensor technology, automated switching on/off mode, weighing till 180 kg and tempered glass.

#3. Hesley HL-1 Weighing Machine with Advanced Step-On Technology

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  1. Immediate readings on stepping up on the tool.
  2. Latest high accuracy technology four sensored precision.
  3. Range of measurement from 11 Lb to 400 Lb, i.e. 5kg to 180 kg.
  4. Multi-functionary weighing device featuring overload and lower battery indication,
  5. Automatic zero and automated switch off technology.
  6. Backlit display in LCD screen for easy reading.


  • High precision tool.
  • Bright LCD display.
  • High- end technological device yet reasonable cost.


  • Need to maintain a consistent posture at the similar location to get an almost consistent weight reading.

Equipped with the latest version of four sensored high accuracy detector, automated zero and power off, notifying overload or low battery, extra tempered glass with LCD backlight for better visibility in dimness. It has been rated 4.6 out of 5 by customer reviews in Amazon but not rated from Flipkart. It is appraised for its blend of quality and fashion, high end digital device designed for both hard and flat platforms with red LCD light and step on large platform, anti-skid padding and 5th generation tech-sensors of German design.


#4. Equinox 9300 Glass Weighing Scale

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  1. Big bright LCD display.
  2. Automated switch on.
  3. Automatic switch off.
  4. Can weigh up to 180 kg.
  5. Four sensored accurate detectors.
  6. Consistency in measurements.
  7. Anti-skid safe platform.


  • Durable, reliable and precise.
  • Slim design and lightweight.
  • Accurate weight capacity till 180 kg.
  • Valuable device and a worthy purchase


  • Deviates sometimes to maximum 1 kg.

This digital Equinox branded device is motivating for a fitness fanatic with its wonderful floral design, elegance of classy sleek design, large-bold LED display, cool black colour and automatic switch off power saving mode on stepping down. It has been rated 3.9 out of 5 by customer reviews in Flipkart but 3 only in Amazon review rating. It is appraised for its user-friendly scale, automated technology of step on with LCD reflections, low battery/overload/error indicator, withstanding up to 150 kg. It battery operated, lightweight, slim-sleek scale of glass top, with a user manual and warranty card of 18 months.

#5. Omron HN-289 Digital Weighing Scale

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  1. High graded extra tough glass panel
  2. Slim ultra-sleek model
  3. Four sensored precision technology.
  4. Automated switching on/off mode.
  5. Display consistent accurate readings of range 5 to 10 kg.


  • Excellent features and functionality.
  • Perfect readings of weight results.
  • Persistent precision in measurements.


  • Readings almost immediately gets disappeared and not even last for ten seconds.

This ultra-tech, stylish, sleek, four-sensored detection  weighing scale, ensure automated on/off mode with latest features are best to buy for fitness conscious consumers. It has been rated 4.2 out of 5 by customer reviews in Flipkart but rated 3.9 in Amazon. It is appraised for its precise quality, modern cheek appearance, lightness, precision, regulated movement, sturdiness, trendy design, selectable metrics, automated and 4 sensored high tech, large LCD backlit with tempered glass.

Frequently Asked Questions on Weighing Machine

1. How to know if the weighing machine is accurate?

Mostly, weighing machines are precise as they have a capacity to calculate even One tenth gram. This accuracy can be tested using pennies, which measure 2.5 grams each.

2. What the steps to use a weighing machine?

  • Place the device on floor and not on soft fibres like carpet or any uneven surfaces, to get accurate readings.
  • Limit the usage of the device to augment its longevity.
  • Preferably use the device in the morning pre-meals/drink.

3. I weigh bit more during the time. Is my scale all right?

It’s natural to weigh2 to 4 lbs more during evening and night than morning time, due to food consumption throughout the day.

4. Define BMI.

BMI is Mass ratio of kilograms to height in square meter, measured in unit Kg/meter. High BMI means high ratio of muscle to fat percentage.

5. How should 2 month to 15 year old weigh?

The average weight chart of children is given:

  • 2 month baby: 11.3 pounds (girl) and 12.3 pounds (boy).
  • 3 month baby: 12.9 pounds (girl) and 14.1 unds (boy).
  • 4 month baby: 15.4 pounds (girl) and 14.2 pounds (boy).
  • 3 year baby: 31 pounds (girl) and 31.5 pounds (boy).
  • 5 year baby: 39.5 pounds (girl) and 40.5 pounds (boy).
  • 12 year baby: 130 pounds (girl) and 135 pounds (boy).
  • 13 year baby: 145 pounds (girl) and 148 pounds (boy).
  • 15 year baby: 145 pounds (girl) and 148 pounds (boy).

6. How to reset the digital scale?

  • Pick an object to weigh on the scale
  • Look for calibration or even the reset button.
  • Keep pressing the button till it shows 0.
  • Weigh the object, check the screen reading and reset the device.
  • In case it’s not an automated reset digital scale, you can also understand the process in the manual.

7. How can you know of a broken scale?

Experimentally, after placing a 10 kg dumbbell on the scale, if you get a different reading due to low battery etc., you can understand that your device is defective and needs repair or change.


Ultra-tech with smart features and futuristic designed, stylish and handy models of weighing scales are an amazing product for monitoring and tracking the fitness status of millions of people, keeping the dreadful distressing monster of overweight and related diseases like, diabetes, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, etc., away. Such digital accuracy motivates the fitness goals for the entire family.

To end your weight guessing games on BMI, Body Scores etc., and backing up your purchasing priority, in terms of best-selling and pocket friendly scaling machines, we have designed a well-researched and readily-available comprehensive Buying Guide with detailed review, keeping in mind your health and one-time investment plans.

Weighing and analysing all the popular branded models, we’ve put our veto to HealthSense Ultra-Lite PS 126 Weighing Scale as the priority labelled product for its wonderful finish in execution and functionality, quality and accuracy, weighing capacity range 5-180kgs, flexible in giving readings in stones and pound too, light and durable, skid-proof and backlight display, informing low battery, multiple database utilization, syncing with smartphone applications coupled with inspiring feedbacks, positive reviews and top ratings.

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