Best Yoga Mats in India 2022: Top Products Reviewed

Best Yoga Mats in India: The life of modern man is gradually changing in the present world. They are very cautious about their health. In order to stay fit and fine, people buy running shoes or best treadmills. But there are a few people who love doing yoga than anything else.  As they believe that Yoga is the best medicine to treat human health. To be very specific if Yoga is carried out on a regular basis one can get good results. There are various yoga schools that organize yoga classes for their students. They can be availed for getting the best results. Most of these classes are taken by experienced teachers who have good experience in this field. It can be good to get proper training from them.

However, in all these classes the important thing that is required by the people is a good yoga at. It is the best yoga mats that helps people to sit comfortably on it and perform various types of yoga’s. Most of the Yoga mats are made of high-quality materials so that they can provide complete relaxation during this period. They also run for a long time without any problem. There are yoga mats that are available in various prices and ranges. One can choose the one that is suitable for them. Just choose a good –quality yoga mat that can help you to perform yoga’s confidently.

Here in this article we will mainly be talking about best yoga mats in India, which you can buy right now. Yoga is becoming quite a popular thing to do in India due to various reasons especially among the youths of this nation. However, if you don’t invest in the best-in-quality yoga mats, then it won’t fetch the result that you wish for. So if you’re thinking about getting serious with daily yoga activities, then check this list of 6 best yoga mats 2022 in India before buying one.

Best Yoga Mats in India Buying Guide

There are certain things that must be always considered while buying the best yoga mats for your home. There are many in the market but people should consider some relevant things before buying the same.


The entire yoga mat should come with a thick cushioning on the surface. This will help the user to sit comfortably on the mat and perform various types of yoga. The thick cushioning should also provide good grip or control on the hip, joints and spine areas of the body. This is a very important that must be kept in the mind just at the time of purchasing a mat.


At the same time, special attention should be given on the texture or material of the mat. There are various qualities of mat that is found in the market but one should go with the one that is anti-slippery in nature. This will prevent the user from various types of accidents that may take place in case the mat is not anti-slippery in nature.

Length and Size

The user should also check the exact size and length of the mat just at the time of purchasing best yoga mats in India. They are found in various sizes but the user should choose the one with which they are comfortable with. It should exactly match with the length of the body.


Most of the people give special preference on the look or appearance of the mat. However, you can choose the one that match with the color or the design of the room. That will be much better and wise in this case. The user will get various options in case of choosing the exact design of the mat.


Regarding the maintenance part it is seen, that most of the mats require less maintenance or attention in all aspects. It would be better if the mat is washed simply with water after every one or two month. Soon after washing the same can be wiped off with a clean cloth and that is enough. If anyone wants they can put it under the sun so that it gets dried easily.


The mats should have a specific warranty period for the same during which it can be replaced or exchanged in case of any disputes. It will be better not to buy the product if there is no mention of any warranty period.


On the other side, the user should go through the reviews of the mat before buying the product. It will give a good idea and information about the product. One will also get a clear picture about the exact price of the product from the review section.

Top 6 Best Yoga Mats to Buy in India (2022 Edition)

In the following lines we will come across some of the best types of yoga mats 2022 that are found in India. A small discussion on this subject will help the user to choose the best one from the list of best yoga mats in India. Thus without wasting any more time let us proceed deep into the subject. It will be a great experience to gather good information on the subject.

#1. AmazonBasics 13mm Extra Thick Yoga and Exercise Mat

It will be a wonderful experience to perform your daily yoga on this mat. It is perfect for both home and yoga classes. There are many advantages of using this mat. Firstly, it is not only of high-quality material but also provides perfect cushioning between the floor and the mat. 

Best Yoga Mats

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The user can get complete relaxation from this mat. It can help them to carry out the yoga in a best way. This mat is not only ideal for performing yoga but it can be also used for meditation and stretching at the same time. The extra thickness level of the mat also provides the user with the facility of stretching by standing.  It is also a light weighted product and made of foam.


  • Nice exercise mat for yoga, meditation and stretching.
  • Made of high-quality foam.
  • Light-weighted material.
  • Consists of carrying strap.


  • The size of the yoga mat should have been increased to some extent.

#2. Narains Packaging Yoga Mat with Carrying Strap

It is another wonderful yoga mat that is perfect for every home. There are ample features of this mat and so it has won the heart of million people all across the world. This mat is found in padded form and so it gives good comfort to the body and the feet. It will never damage the knees no matter what is the posture of yoga. 

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At the same time, the yoga at is quite firm enough so that it can take any types of body pressure. Even this mat is available in various sizes so that it can be conveniently used by the users. It will be a comfortable and enjoyable moment to practice yoga on this mat. The material of this mat is of anti-tear quality and is also made of high-quality products. It is also water-proof materials so no need to worry about it. There is also a carrying strap that helps the user to carry the product quite easily. There is less chance of slipping because it comes with extra cushion facility. This is a great thing.

So, if you were looking to buy a highly reliable and lightweight mat that can be used for doing yoga flawlessly, Narains Packaging Yoga Mat with Carrying Strap will be worth considering item to go with. It is undoubtedly one of the best yoga mats in India of 2022.


  • Made of anti-tear quality and runs for a long time without any issues.
  • Quite firm in nature.
  • Can withstand any types of body pressure.
  • Portable and light weight product.


  • There should be more colour variations for the product so that it can be purchased by the user according to their wish.

#3. Strauss Anti-Skid Floral Yoga Mat

Best Yoga Mats in India

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There are many types of best yoga mats that are slippery in nature. It means that the user may slip at the time of performing various types of yoga postures. But with the help of this mat it becomes very simple to carry out any types of yoga postures and that too very easily. The yoga mat also comes in a stylish look. The user can choose it according to their taste and requirement. This mat is also available in various sizes. This enables the user to choose the mat according to their demand. There is an extra cushion layer on the mat and it helps the user to carry out the exercise in a convenient way. The floral designs of the mat are just appropriate for home.


  • Non-slippery in nature.
  • Convenient for home practice.
  • Comes in a beautiful look.
  • Available along with a cushion layer.


  • The weight of the mat could have been reduced so that it can be conveniently used and carried by the user from one place to another.

#4. Fitkit FKYM04-P Yoga Mat

It is said that the best statement for fashion is a fit body. It is very important to see that your body is fit and healthy at the same time. With double-sided non-slippery feature this mat has won a good popularity among the people. 

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It has been admired by maximum number of people. As it is a light weighted product it can be carried and stored in any convenient place as per the wish of the user. There is an extra thick level of thickness and this enables to withstand any types of body pressure. This is the only mat that supports any types of body pressure and that too for a long time. The mat also comes with textured surface and this is a great advantage of using the mat. The mat is also portable in nature. This enables more and more people to carry it easily.


  • Comes with double-sided and non-slippery features.
  • Light weighted material.
  • Available along with double layer thickness.
  • Comes with a textured surface at the same time.


  • The mat should have been available along with a bag or a strap. This would enable it to carry much easily and conveniently.


#5. Bluee™ Classic 6mm Yoga Mat Anti Skid Yogamat

It is said that the secret to a good yoga is a good yoga mat. This is because it is one of the best yoga mats that provides complete fitness and relaxation to the body. You should always have a good yoga mat on which you can spend good time and that for a long duration. 

Best Yoga Mats 2020

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It is designed and engineered in a most comfortable and convenient way so that the product can be used for a long time without any issues. It comes with double surface texture so that people can sit comfortably on it. Both the front and back part is designed in such a manner so that the user can get optimum grip of the palms. Sometimes it is seen there are many yoga’s that are mainly performed by sitting and putting ultimate pressure on the palms. In this case, it is the best one that can serve the whole purpose.


  • Engineered in a special manner.
  • Ideal for all people.
  • Comes in an anti-slippery surface.
  • Basically anti-tear able and durable in nature.


  • The price of the mat should have been lowered to some extent so that it can be availed by maximum number of people.

#6. The True Mat TPE Yoga and Exercise Mat

It is a perfect mat that comes with ultra-high density and this is the reason why it has been loved by maximum number of people. The design of the mat is just too good and so it has gained wide acceptance and popularity among the users.

Best Yoga Mats India

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It also comes with exceptional grip so that the user can maintain perfect balance just at the time of performing yoga’s. On the other side, the extra cushioning feature helps in gaining good relaxation on the hips, joints and spines at the same time. This is a great facility of this mat that is conferred upon the people. It also uses the closed cell technology that prevents sweats and dirt to penetrate into the mat and stop the bad odor. That’s why we think that it deserves to be added in this coveted list of some of the best yoga mats in India. 


  • Available with 6 mm thickness.
  • Available along with anti-slippery features.
  • Comes with extra-cushioning features.
  • Introduces closed cell technology that prevents sweats and dirt to enter into the mat.


  • There should be a specific mention of warranty period so that people can change or replace it in case of any issues or problems.


Thus, it can be well assumed from the whole discussion that a suitable mat can help an individual to carry out yoga in a better way. Only a good quality mat can give the good service and that too for a long period. So, without waiting anymore time, just try to choose the best yoga mats in India from the above-mentioned list.

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