Best Nose & Ear Hair Trimmer In India 2022

The best trimmers for men in India are not only used for beards but for it is also used to trim nose & war hairs as well. Today we will see, the best nose & hair trimmer in India 2022 on Amazon. People nowadays have developed a hobby of taking care of their bodies. This … Read more

How to Use Trimmer for Men’s Bread

Men love to groom their beard – and that’s a fact. After all, a well-groomed beard gives off good vibes about the person itself. While most opt for a free-flowing beard look, some love a clean, sharp, and suave style beard. Using a trimmer for a good look is not just swiping the trimmer across … Read more

Types of Trimmers – How To Pick The Right One?

There is no doubt that trimmers have become a must-have item for everyone these days. Its importance is mainly due to its usefulness in cutting the hair precisely. While a shaver may seem to do the same thing, a trimmer is a much better option. With a good trimmer, you can save money and time … Read more

How to take care of my trimmer

Cleaning a trimmer seems like no big deal, right? After all, everything looks harmless, which is why many reuse their trimmer over and over again. If you repeatedly use a shaving razor or a toothbrush, you can see immediately why it’s a bad idea. But an unclean trimmer is different. Left unchecked for a long … Read more

Cordless Vs Corded Trimmer: Which one is best?

In recent times, the trimmer has become so popular that almost everyone uses it for their grooming regime. While shaving can give a clean look, it can harm the skin in the long run. That’s why trimmers have become a big deal right now. One of the biggest dilemmas people face when deciding to buy … Read more