5 Common Mistakes We Make While Buying Running Shoes

Common Mistakes Buying Running Shoes

When you’re a pro at anything; you seem to have a strong opinion about everything related to it. Be it styling, writing or running. The most important thing about running other than breathing is running shoes. Most amateurs tend to ignore the fact that your running shoes have a huge impact on your pace and make you less prone to injuries. And if you don’t choose your shoes wisely, it can harm you in a long run.

Mistakes to Avoid While Buying Running Shoes

Few common mistakes we all make while buying the running shoes:

Trend Over Comfort

We all know there’s a lot of peer pressure to stay updated with the styles in trend. And because of that; at times you choose the wrong shoes for your ‘right’ feet. Instead of comfortably cushioned and perfect sized running shoes, you go for flashy, trendy, minimalistic shoes which all your peers are sporting without showing any discomfort on their faces. Trends come and go but if you want to stay for the long run; better choose comfort over trend.

Don’t Be “I Know It All”

Most of us think that we know our shoe size pretty well and accurate. But, truth to be told; due to increasing technology as new foams, new features the shoe sizes tends to change too. And not all the brands follow the same size chart. So it’ll be wiser if you measure your feet size every time you’re going to buy new running shoes.

Say No to Morning Shopping

As weird as it sounds, but out feet tend to swell as the day progresses. So if you go for buying the running shoes in morning, you might have a difficult time adjusting in them by the evening. This happens because as we start our day in the morning; our feet are still adjusting to the blood flow which was horizontally. But as we begin with our daily activities it gets a bit difficult for blood to go all the way up to our heart because of the vertical position.

Do not Get Excited by that Cool Trend

A lot of people, including me get fascinated by the unique treads various running shoes have; ignoring the fact that the treads exist for a reason. Well you need to know the surface you’ll be running on. That way you can decide which tread is good for you and your comfort and also your shoe will last longer than you expected.

Relying ‘too much or not at all’ on Reviews

Nowadays buying things has become more feasible than ever. You can read about everything online before actually going to buy it. And with increasing options it gets really difficult to decide which one is the best and which should stay at rest. So before going to buy running shoes it’s better to read professional reviews by the past buyers. But do not believe on them blindly as one pair of shoe uncomfortable for other is the most comfortable for another.

These all are the most common mistakes we commit while buying our new running shoes but our aim is to own the best pair of running shoes which are comfortable, supportive and will protect our feet from any injuries. And you can achieve that by refraining from committing these mistakes.

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