Cross Trainer Vs Treadmill: What’s the Best for Weight Loss

Treadmills and cross trainers don’t allow bad weather to spoil your exercise. Both are user-friendly and cater health benefits to you irrespective of fitness levels. Both have their merits and demerits that rely mostly on your physic and workout goals.

When a Treadmill Is Best

With treadmills, you can practice both high and low impact workout as per your fitness goals. You can walk slow and in a controlled way. Also, you can run with full potential.

Best Treadmills can boost your bone density by burning more calories. And they do it better than cross-trainers.

Treadmill records any distance you cover to support your cardio routine. And that too with accuracy.

Treadmill can increase your running intensity by raising the incline option.

Connecting tissues of your legs can feel stress if you run on a rough surface. So, the soft surface of treadmill belts can significantly reduce the risk of injury.

Treadmills score better than cross trainers for weight loss.

Cross Trainer Advantages

Cross trainers exert lower stress on your knees, hips, and back than treadmills.

There are certain types of cross trainers that come with handles. They let you exercise both your hands and legs simultaneously.

Normally treadmills burn more calories than their counterpart. But cross trainers with handles burn more calories than the ones without handles.

Cross trainers let you pedal back and forth, strengthening your various muscle groups.

Also, raise your workout intensity. This way you can add strength to your cross trainer routine.

Where the Treadmill Falls Down

Wind resistance helps lift your workout intensity while you walk or run outdoors. Treadmills negate this resistance.

You can easily return to your path once derailed while walking or running outside. But stepping off the moving belt of your treadmill needs some practice.

Bone & Joint Issues

Workout with Cross trainers is more comfortable than treadmills. But you are sure to lose the advantage of an increased bone density if you avoid treadmills.

Cross trainers offer an effective cardio workout with less strain. So, people with painful joints can also do their workout on cross trainers

If you don’t have such issues and losing weight is your goal, try to add treadmill to your routine.

The Importance of Posture and Safety

Consult your doctor about your best workout routine before you start one.

Whether you use cross trainer or treadmill, make sure your head is upright and abs tight.

As a safety measure, treadmills have clips attached to your cloth to stop the moving belt in case you fall.

If you feel dizzy, tired, or nauseated, immediately stop the workout.

The Final Verdict

Both treadmill and cross trainer are equally good for weight loss and calorie burn. Both are awesome workout tools offering awesome benefits.  And with solid nutrition, both can burn your fat.

Decide which one is your best fit based on your specific workout needs and ability. But try to use both alternatively by changing your routine.

Rest assured, both machines are capable of improving your overall health.

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