Electric Treadmill Vs Manual Treadmill: Comparison

Do you want to optimize your workout benefits? Then take time to learn the features of manual and motorized treadmills. They have some differences. That includes cost, features, size, and maintenance. Once your research is over, have a workout on both types to decide which one is the best fit for your fitness goal.

Manual Treadmill

On a manual treadmill, your feet action moves the belt. The belt moves only when if you push it. Runners and walkers need more effort on a manual treadmill than a motorized one. It has fitness benefits as you can get higher heart rates at a lower speed.

Manual Treadmill Pros

  • Muscle power

You exert your power to exercise your lower part. It helps to burn more calories a mile. You put more effort to control the speed and not follow the moving belt.

  • No electricity needed

 You can take your manual treadmill anywhere as it doesn’t depend on power outlets.

  • Safety

 A manual treadmill stops if you stop. You don’t need a safety cord to stop in case you slip and fall as you should with an electric treadmill. This also makes it a bit safer for kids around.

The Drawbacks

  • Joint strain

A flat-belt model is hard to move at first. Forcing on the belt will stress your joints. This can be a problem if you have hip or knee arthritis.

  • Lack of features

You won’t have any built-in apps. You don’t have access to workout details or plans.

  • Less durable

 Flat-belt manual treadmills are less durable. They have more defects like noise and belt slippage.

  • Only Walk

Due to less toughness, manual treadmills are the best fit for walking rather than running.

Electric Treadmills

In a motorized treadmill, a motor moves the belt, which helps you to walk or run. Motor’s HP decides the machine quality. Search for at least 1.5 CHP.

Electric Treadmill Pros

  • No straining

The motor moves the belt. You don’t need to strain to power it.

  • Adjust Speed and incline during workout

Most electric treadmills will allow you to adjust speed and decline during workout.

  • Extra workout features

More workout features are available in the Motorized treadmills even at a lower price. You often get to work with interesting apps and get valuable training programs.

  • Best for longer training sessions

Electric treadmills are best for longer sessions while manual treadmills for shorter ones.

  • Walking and Running

Some models allow both walkers and runners to use a single machine.

The demerits

  • Electricity needed

You have to place it near a power outlet. A commercial one needs even higher voltage.

  • Safety

An electric treadmill may pose a safety risk. You may fall on it if distracted.

Final words

A treadmill can provide you an awesome cardio workout. But make sure you have the right machine. Try different treadmills at the gym and learn which one you like. You may switch back and forth between a manual treadmill and a motorized one to get a range of workouts.

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