How Air Pollution Affects Pregnant Woman & Foetus?

By this time, there is hardly anyone in the world who is unknown about air pollution and the concerns related to it. Air pollution is a phenomenon which includes the amalgamation of various gases and solid particles in the air. Some suspended particles can consist of harmful gases emitted from vehicles, chemicals released from factories, dust, mold spores, and pollen.

 A very crucial part of air pollution in the environment is the Ozone gas. The process of ozone transforming into air pollution is known as smog. The substances which cause air pollution are very hazardous to the health of the people if they are breathed in. Generally, people suffering from lung or heart disease, infants, and pregnant women can face severe consequences due to air pollution. In this post, we are going to have a detailed description of the effects of air pollution that can cause pregnant women as well as their foetus.

How harmful is air pollution?

In the present day, air pollution is a very heated topic of discussion worldwide. Earlier, people were not so concerned about this environmental danger and the issues related to it. But, the growing impact of air pollution in the environment has started making people aware of how serious this issue is. A large number of people have started paying attention to this concern now and many campaigns are also being carried on to reduce this lethal environmental hazard. In that context, many environmental activists have been playing important roles and asking other people to do their bit to reduce air pollution.

There are uncountable harmful effects of air pollution. It can cause harm to the environment, as well as the health of animals, human beings, birds, etc. Sometimes the hazards are so high that they can even lead to the death of a person. Some effects caused by air pollution, in the long run, can be respiratory diseases, lung diseases, heart diseases. It can also affect the brain, kidneys, and other body parts of any living organism. However, while talking about the effects of air pollution on air pollution, things become even more serious.

Effects of air pollution on pregnant women

 So, let us see the effects of air pollution on pregnant women as stated below:

  • Increases the risk of miscarriage

A lot of researches has been conducted to discover if in any way air pollution can be a reason for miscarriages in women. And it has been found out that if a pregnant woman is out in an air polluted area for a longer period, there can be high probable chances of her to have a miscarriage because air pollution is capable of decreasing the fertility in both men and women because of which the woman may not be able to secrete an adequate amount of hormone to keep up with her pregnancy.

  • Can cause Asthma

Air pollution is very well known as a cause of Asthma in people of all age groups. But, if a woman catches Asthma during her pregnancy, her condition can become very severe and can be named preeclampsia, which can further result in high blood pressure and can also lower the functioning of kidneys and liver. If you leave Asthma undiagnosed, it can even lead to your baby suffering a deficiency of oxygen. Because of oxygen deficiency, a baby may not undergo proper physical and mental development and may take birth prematurely with a poor weight

  • Can lead to premature birth

Many studies have proven that women who are more exposed to air pollution likely have higher chances of giving birth to a premature baby. This can have adverse effects on both the mother and the baby. It can even cause lots of never dysfunction and other disabilities in the newborn baby.

  • Breathing problems

Exposure to air pollution can cause pregnant women to have breathing troubles which can be very dangerous for the foetus and may even lead to miscarriage. Not getting enough oxygen to breathe can be very hazardous to pregnant women. The breathing problem can be so severe that it can become acute which can never get cured. Also, there are high chances that the same problem can get transmitted to the baby too.

Effects of air pollution on the foetus:

Along with pregnant women, air pollution can be equally harmful to the foetus as well. So, now we are going to see what are the effects caused by air pollution on the foetus:

  • Risk of autism

There are a lot of studies that have shown that the maximum number of autistic kids were delivered by a woman who was more exposed to high levels of air pollution, particularly during the third trimester.

  • Low birth

Foetus of women who are exposed to air pollution is more likely to develop into babies who are born underweight. The precise reason behind this not known, but it can be said that this can be due to the deficiency of a particular nutrient delivery with the help of the placenta.

  • Improper growth

The pregnant women who inhale more of polluted air have more probable chances of giving birth to a premature baby with improper growth. Such babies have a weaker mental and physical growth process.

  • Respiratory diseases

Babies born from the womb of women who are more prone to air pollution are likely to get stricken by various respiratory diseases. Alongside, air pollution can even affect the heart, lungs, kidney, and several other parts of the body of a newborn.

So, now you know about the effects of air pollution on pregnant women as well as their foetus. Next, we need to know the ways which can be fruitful in the protection of pregnant women and their foetus against deadly air pollution.

Ways to try for protection against air pollution

Here are some of the productive tips which can be very productive in protection against air pollution:

  • Invest in an air purifier

The air pollution prevailing outdoors is not the only concern you should have. You need to ensure that the air inside your house is pure and filtered since it is proved that the air indoors is sometimes way more polluted than the air outside. So, the only way to resolve this problem is by investing in a good air purifier for your home. These appliances eradicate each and everything, including smoke and allergens as well as germs and mold from to make the air inside your home as pure as possible. This way it can be assured that both the woman and her baby can grow in a safer environment.

  • Stay indoors

Skin is the most significant part of your body which can absorb nearly 60% to 100% of anything with which it comes in contact. Everything in a pregnant woman including whatever she eats, drinks, breathes, or touches gets shared and has an impact on the foetus inside. Even when you are covering your mouth with a gas mask, your skin can get affected by the air pollution outside such as particulate substance. Hence, it is better to try going out as little as possible.

  • Buy air purifying plants

Plants have the capability of filtering the air inside your house organically. Thus, they can help the mother and the growing foetus in breathing in toxic-free air. There are some ranges of snake plants and spider plants that eradicate active natural components from the air and add carbon dioxide along with clean and fresh oxygen. If you want to maintain healthier air inside your home, you must buy one air-purifying plant for each area of 100 sq. Feet.

  • Air protection

Whenever you use a hair spray, do cooking, painting, or occurrence of fire takes place, there are numerous contaminants added to the air inside your house. You must work upon creating a healthier environment in your home with the help of organic house cleaners. Never forget to make use of the vent hood in your kitchen while cooking. Also, maintain a regular home cleaning routine for removing mold and dust and also apply detectors for checking carbon monoxide release.

As you know, pregnancy is a very delicate phenomenon and a pregnant woman needs utmost care in whichever way possible. Along with satisfying all the needs of the mother and her baby, it is equally important to safeguard both of them against any environmental hazard such as air pollution because every other thing irrespective of being wrong or right is capable of creating an influence on the pregnant woman as well as the foetus inside. Thus, you should try your best, you follow the tips which can make sure that you stay away from the health hazards caused due to air pollution. Remember, if you putting yourself at risk, the foetus inside you is getting risked at well. Thus, by keeping both the things in mind, try as many ways you to avoid air pollution from harming you and the life growing within you.

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