How To Check Zerodha BO ID, DP ID, and Demat ID Online

If you want to see the details of your Demat such as Depository Participant, depositary participant name, beneficiary owner ID, and more, you need to visit the link

What is the BO ID in Zerodha?

The BOI ID in Zerodha is the customer’s Demat account number. It is an owner identification number which is the 16-digit number provided by the cdsl to the depositary at the time of Demat account opening at Zerodha.

For instance, the BOID Zerodha number is 1208 1600 24 20841. It is worth noting that the first digit of the DP ID of Zerodha is the same for all the customers.

In addition, the last 8 numbers are a distinct client ID provided by the cdsl.

How can you get a BO ID in Zerodha?

  • You want to log in to the mobile app or Zerodha kite number.
  • You want to click on the client ID in the top right portion.

  • You want to click on my profile link.
  • You will find that your DP at Zerodha starts with 12081600.

  • You will find your cdsl BO ID on the way.

What are your Zerodha DP charges?

Zerodha will charge The Definite fee levied by the government taxes, fees, and cdsl depository. You can click on the link to find a list of DP charges at Zerodha.

What is your DP name?

The name of your depository Participant is Zerodha broking limited. It is worth noting that DP is a member of the Zerodha depositary. If you want to store your securities, you do so with the Demat account. It gets opened with the Zerodha depository through the DP.

What is your DP ID of Zerodha?

Note that your DP ID is 1208 1600. it is the number with which you can identify your depositary participant of Zerodha. Zerodha membership at cdsl gets indicated using the DP ID which is the same for all the customers of Zerodha.

When can you open a Demat account with Zerodha?

You can open an online Demat account with Zerodha in a couple of minutes of successful KYC verification on any weekdays. If you want to open an account offline with Zerodha, the job will take two working days once the documents get recent and by the representatives.

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