How to Choose Best Hiking Shoes in India

Hiking Shoes Buying Guide

In this fast paced world, at times we need to get away from all the chaos and have some time with ourselves, nature and an adventure. I prefer to go for trekking or hiking to have some time off from the regular world. But even if a single thing doesn’t fit according to your plan or requirement; you tend to get irritated right? Now imagine you go for hiking and got the wrong pair of shoes, which are so not comfortable and can ruin your get away in seconds. Not fair. So, don’t worry I’m here to help you in choosing the best pair of hiking shoes for your happy feet.

Hiking shoes are supposed to keep your feet supported and comfortable, no matter you’re walking over rough rocks or shingle trails. You’ve a lot of options like lightweight trail runners, low cut hiking shoes and supportive day hiking shoes.

Types of Hiking Shoes in India (Don’t Miss It)

Usually people tend to hike in big leather boots, they come handy, looks stylish and are comfortable, at times. But now we have more options to choose from with various features.

#1 Trail Running Shoes

If you’re planning to go for short hiking trip on a well groomed trail and not looking for ankle support or lots of stability; then these are the shoes you must be looking for.

#2 Day Hiking Shoes

These shoes are more flexible and can offer more support and stability to your feet. These are good for hiking on groomed trails and for hikers with day packs.

#3 Approach Shoes

Approach shoes are the all-rounder in the hiking shoe category. These are designed specifically for hiking to rock walls for climbing or areas which are tricky and steep to get to. They have a stiff mid sole and sticky rubber outsole with laces extending up to toe.

#4 Backpacking Boots

These are specially manufactured for heavy loads and difficult or uneven terrain. If you’re carrying a heavy backpack, you should go with backpacking boots as they stabilize your ankles and are stiff to help prevent foot fatigue.

Best Features to Check for While Buying Hiking Shoes

The sole of a hiking shoe has to be rubber, always but the wraparound part can be of any material and is known as upper. Mainly the material which is used to make the shoes tells how breathable, durable, water resistant and lightweight a hiking shoe will be. Some hiking boots have gusseted tongues; it means the sides of the tongue are connected to the upper part of the shoe to prevent dirt, gravel and water from entering inside.

Know Your Hiking Shoe Size Accurately

You should get your feet measured before going to buy a hiking shoe as it should be comfortable for your feet then only you can enjoy your hike without any hassle. And rather than buying them online, go to a store. Not all the brands have same size chart. Also there’s a difference in foot shapes as well. Some have wider feet and might not fit into the usual shoe size you wear. So it is best that you go to a store to but hiking buddies for your feet.

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Most importantly, listen to your feet. They know better than anybody else, if they tell you it’s not the right pair of shoe for you; it is not! Always take their advice and choose your hiking shoes wisely.

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