How to Clean Beard Trimmer with Ease

Your private grooming kit needs the same attention as your clothing and accessories. So, beard trimmers also need regular maintenance. Dead skin, hair, and dirt accumulate on the trimmer with every use. They not only affect the performance but also damage your skin due to all the germs.

Spending a little time cleaning the trimmer after each use will not only enhance the product durability but also protect you.

If you wonder how to do that, then read this article. We will show you how to clean your beard trimmers with ease.

Steps to Clean up Your Trimmer

Like the other electronic devices, your beard trimmers also come with a user manual. The manual contains the details to handle the product properly. If you have thrown the manual out thinking its useless, then follow these common steps.

1.    Clean with a Brush

You get a brash once you buy an electronic trimmer. The brush has the purpose of removing excess hair from the trimmer blades. Use the brush to clean the blades after each use.

If you don’t remove the hair caught in the blade in time, it will enter the trimmer and cause jamming-like problems. Hence, ensure the trimmer is hair-free.

While cleaning, leave the device on for 20 minutes. So any inside hair will loosen up and you can clean it easily.

If there is still hair in the cracks that you can’t remove, use a cotton mop or toothpick. Then, use the brush again and clean the cracks and blades for safety.

2.    Oil the device

A high-quality beard trimmer gets you a tiny bottle of oil. Many people don’t know the importance of this oil to the trimmer. It ensures that the trimmer runs smoothly and lubricates the blades. Beard trimmers also need lubrication like any other device for the proper functioning of its inner parts.

You are good to use vegetable oil or olive oil if your trimmer doesn’t bring its own. However, be careful not to use any extra oily stuff like motor oil. Otherwise, it can damage the trimmer.

After cleaning the trimmer and removing the excess hair, make sure the trimmer is turned off and pour oil on its blades. Here, the less oil you pour, the better it is and not the opposite. So, simply pour 1 or 2 drops on the blades. Too much oil will destroy the blade’s mechanism.

How Often Do I Need to Clean My Beard Trimmer?

Normally that depends on how often you are using your beard trimmer. If your hair grows fast and is thick, perhaps you need to clean it more often than others do. However, it is better to clean after each use.

If you are a regular user of your trimmer, consider doing a comprehensive cleanup each year. Take out the device and do a thorough inner and outer cleanup. This will help extend the trimmer’s life.


If you follow the above-mentioned cleaning tips and techniques, be sure to have a high performing and long-lasting beard trimmer.

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