How to Download SBI Account Statement online From YONO APP

SBI is one of the oldest commercial banks in India. It is also one of the banks with the largest networks in India. Since 2017 it has become larger with the merger of the state-owned banks of the princely states like Travancore, Mysore, etc., which was merged with the State Bank of India, The headquarters of SBI is in Mumbai. There are over 15000 branches in India, and you also have 5 associate banks. This means that there is a branch even in the most remote parts of India. You can access excellent financial services from the branches. Despite being the oldest bank, you will be able to access the latest advancements in technology and banking products here. This is because they are committed to customer service and quickly adopt technology at the earliest.

 Accessing Account statements online

When you open a savings or current account in the bank, you would like to keep a tab of the transactions. You will get a passbook for this purpose. But, you might not be able to visit the branch to update the passbook after every transaction. Also, you might require a monthly statement or the statement of accounts for the year for IT purposes. You can now get it too without having to visit the bank. It can be done within minutes. However, there are three ways

to download the statement. It is quite simple, and you need to follow the simple steps. You will also be able to get it in PDF and Excel format. Also, you can check the transaction details on your mobile phone as well.

Steps to Download Account statement through Mobile banking

This is one of the three methods to download the account statement for a year in PDF format. The steps involved include

  • Unlocking the YONO app and logging unto the Mobile banking application. However, if you have not locked the app, you may log in.

  • Click on the My Accounts Tab.
  • Then click on the View/Download statement option.

  • On the next screen, you will have to select the account number. Then select the date range for which you will require the account statement. This could range from a month. However, it cannot be more than 12 months.

  • Now, you will be able to view the account statement. Your account number would be the password. You can download the account statement in PDF form.

Steps to Download Accounts statement through SBI YONO App.

You might be aware that you can carry out all the banking transactions online without visiting the branch unless necessary. For this, you will have to use the SBI YONO Mobile app. To download the statement,

  • Log in to the SBI YONO application if you are using the YONO app’s extra special feature, which is the ability to lock and unlock the app to add an extra layer of protection.

  • Once you log in, tap on the Accounts Section.
  • Select the account number by clicking on the tab that will list the account number. You can choose if you have more than one account in SBI.

  • On the next screen, you will be able to view the account statement. You can now download the statement as a PDF file. You can save the PDF file on your mobile.

Steps to Download SBI Account statement through Internet Banking

Another method to get your accounts statement is through Internet banking. You will have to register with the bank to access the internet banking facility. You can

then download the SBI account statement online by logging in to the internet banking facility. The steps involved include

  • Opening the net banking and logging into your account
  • Click on the My profile and the My Accounts option after that. Then choose the Account Statement.

  • In the screen that follows, add the account number. Select the period for which you require the accounts statement. It includes the date, month, etc. however, you cannot get the statement for a period exceeding 12 months. Now click on the download option. You can access it in excel format or PDF format. Then click on the go button to download the statement.

 You can download the statement using the internet banking facility. This way, you will be able to keep a tab of the transactions and carry out the banking operations you want. However, if you want a mini statement, that is a list of the last five transactions, you may get it by giving an SMS to SBI mini statement facility.

 Frequently Asked Questions

Are there charges to download the Accounts statement?

There are no charges to download the account statements in either of the three ways to download the account statement.

 What is the period for which you can request for accounts statement?

You can choose to download an account statement starting from a month up to 12 months.

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