How to take care of my trimmer

Cleaning a trimmer seems like no big deal, right? After all, everything looks harmless, which is why many reuse their trimmer over and over again. If you repeatedly use a shaving razor or a toothbrush, you can see immediately why it’s a bad idea. But an unclean trimmer is different. Left unchecked for a long time, it can become a good place for bacteria to thrive. That’s why regular cleaning of your trimmer is necessary to avoid the painful aftermath.

Cleaning doesn’t mean rinsing the trimmer in hot water to keep it in perfect condition. Of course, hot water can kill the bacteria and flush the debris out of the trimmer’s teeth. But this alone isn’t enough. Any grooming appliance to last long without losing its efficiency needs proper deep cleaning and maintenance. Otherwise, the hidden bacteria in the trimmer may come in contact with your face.

If you don’t know how to take care of your trimmer, don’t worry. That’s the reason why this article is here to help you. Just follow the below tips to make sure that your trimmer remains in pristine condition for a long time.

Make sure of the trimmer’s wet/dry feature

Before you start the cleaning process, you need to make sure of something first. Yes, whether the trimmer is a wet/dry model or not. Not all trimmers have this feature. Some are strictly for dry use only. If you have any doubts about it, then you can check online about your model’s features. Even if yours isn’t one, try to get this type of model next time. With this type, you can quickly rinse it in hot water after every use.

Don’t throw away the small brush that comes along with the trimmer

Many people believe that the tiny brush they get with the trimmer is no big help. And the worst part is that they end up throwing it away. A few months later, when they search for how to clean a trimmer, they will understand the importance of that tiny brush. So, don’t think that is just an accessory – it’s important for the trimmer. Even with good rising, there will be some stubborn debris that will not leave the blades. That’s when this brush comes to the rescue. You can use this brush to clean the trimmer both before and after the rinse.

Brush the trimmer’s teeth using a toothbrush

Cleaning the trimmer with the little brush alone will not suffice. Use a spare toothbrush to clean the trimmer’s blades. Remember, don’t go for used toothbrushes to clean your trimmer. for effective cleaning, the bristles of the brush need to be firm. Take some soap and brush the teeth of the trimmer every 1-2 weeks. Rather than cleaning, you can say that this step is for disinfecting the trimmer’s teeth. Once you have brushed it, you can rinse everything using hot water.

Dry before storing it away

Once you have completely brushed and rinsed the trimmer’s teeth, it is important to let it dry. You can dry it in a cool and dry place. But make sure that the trimmer is completely dry before you store it away. Otherwise, bacteria and rust make a start to accumulate. This makes the whole process of cleaning a waste of time.

After it dried, store it away from dust and moisture. You can even zip it for extra protection from outside elements. Either way, the process of drying should be complete before moving on to the storing process.


Another thing that you will get along with the trimmer is an oil vial. It is for lubricating the blades. With this, your trimmer’s blades can cut effectively and will not become dull. Suppose you have already lost that little vial of oil, then don’t worry. You can use baby oil, regular olive oil, or vegetable oil as a substitute. Apply 1 to 2 drops every month on the trimmer’s blades. Before you apply it, make sure that the blades are clean and dry. You can even use a dry toothbrush to distribute the oil evenly on the trimer’s teeth. After that, run the trimmer for 30 seconds for further even distribution.

Once you turn the trimmer off, wipe any extra oil using your fingers. Then, store it away in a clean, dry place. Don’t use tissue or toilet paper because small fibres from the papers can stick to the trimmer’s teeth. A good alternative to tissues is a soft cloth which you can use to wipe the extra oil.

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The bottom line

As you can see, taking care of your trimmer is no big deal – provided you do it regularly. Follow the above steps and your trimmer will function without any hassles for a long time.

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