How to Unclog a Drain Easily

Oh, God. A clogged drain.  It’s a normal thing for any home plumbing system and your kitchen sink is no exception. That clog won’t go away by itself and you need to immediately stop this standing water from rising. But you don’t need to call a costly plumber or use hazardous chemicals. Using simple kitchen items, you can easily unblock your kitchen sink for free.

  • The Bent Wire Hanger

Very simple, yet very effective. Take a normal coat hanger and try straightening it as much as you can. Next, twist one end to create a small hook. Push it through the drain cover and start fishing. You will be able to clear all kinds of hair and dirty stuff from the drain. Note, you like to pull the sticky out and not push it forward. Pour hot water when it seems you cleared the most part. It will nicely clear things up.

  • The Wet & Dry Vacuum

A wet & dry shop vacuum can be a great tool to clear drains. First, let it vacuum the liquids. Cover the vent up to avoid a mess. Then, create the tightest possible seal over the drain. If your creativity permits, you can instead use an old plunger head for this. With the highest setting of the vacuum, it can pull the clog up the pipe and into the vacuum bag. It may not work always, but it’s worth a try.

  • Salt & Baking Soda

Mix half-cup salt with half-cup baking soda and pour down the clogged drain. After leaving it for 10-20 minutes, pour boiling water. Salt, baking soda and boiling water will start a chemical reaction. This, in turn, will dissolve some of the dirtiest blockages.

  • Boiling Water

This one is the easiest tip. Put the kettle or stove on and boil up water up to its highest capacity. Now pour it gently down the drain in 2-3 steps, so that the hot water gets a few seconds to work in between each pour. This is the simplest and fastest way to unblock the drain. If some water is left, celebrate with a cup of coffee.

  • Caustic Soda

Bring rubber gloves and eye protection. Caustic soda can cause unpleasant chemical irritations. You can get it in your local hardware store, but always handle it with caution. In a bucket, pour 3-4 gallons of cold water, and then mix 3 cups of caustic soda. Take an old wooden spoon and stir it well. It will start fizzing and heating up. Pour it into the blocked drain and leave for about half an hour. Then use boiling water to flush the drain. If required, repeat.

  • The Drain Snake

This handy tool does wonders. It’s a long metal cord used to break clogs. You have to open the drainpipe first. Then push the snake inside the pipe until you feel clog resistance. Now turn the snake against the clog until it moves freely.


So, follow the tips above to avoid your kitchen sink from getting clogged up. Also, perform regular maintenance to keep your sink drains flowing smoothly.

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