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How to Use an Induction Cooktop in India Kitchen?

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If you are a person who loves to cook with a flame stove, you will be extremely satisfied and delighted to use an induction cooktop for preparing your meals. An induction cooktop works differently than a gas and electric cooking component. An induction cooktop uses electromagnetic field under the glass top to heat only the pan and not its surrounding air. The electromagnetic field transfers heat magnetically to the cookware or pan, thus heating it. In short, when you use an induction cooktop, the cookware is directly heated using a metal coil.

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In this setup, the bottom of the pan entirely gets heated up so there’s no need of fitting the pan to the burner. When using an induction cooktop, cooking becomes 60% more efficient than a gas stovetop. What happens when you use a gas stovetop is that rather than heating the cookware’s base, the flame heats the circumference of the pan, sometimes resulting in undercooked food. Additionally, an induction cooktop is 40% more efficient than an electric cooking utensil. Induction cooktops get heated up quickly, thus saving much of your electricity and time. Not only that, induction cooktops respond to temperature adjustments quickly. Now that you know how it works, we would look into some of the pros of using an induction cooktop.

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Why Buy an Induction Cooktop?

Using an induction cooktop is a safe, super-efficient, quick, and smart way of preparing delicious meals. It lets you enjoy a safe cooking experience. All that you need to do is press the right buttons and leave it up to the induction for the rest of the process. An induction cooktop prepares food faster than is cooked by traditional gas or electric cooktops. Also, an induction cooktop lets you adjust the temperature and power supply. It distributes heat evenly all over the cookware. So there’s no way the food gets overcooked or undercooked. For its functioning, it only needs a working socket and can be put on an off as per the user’s convenience. The heat is only transferred to the cookware and the burner below while the rest of the cooktop maintains a low temperature. Also, because there’s no flame involved, the kitchen doesn’t feel too humid. The induction cooktop is easily maintainable. Most importantly, you can refresh and relax, leaving the induction cooktop to take care of the food being cooked.

Nowadays, even hotels and top-class restaurants have started to use induction cooktops to quickly prepare the orders for their customers. The food is cooked in a jiffy, allowing chefs to deliver the orders on time. The freshness of the food which the induction cooktop provides is unmatchable. This brings more profits to the owner of restaurants or hotels. Instead of serving pre-cooked food, induction cooktops have enabled chefs to cook delicious meals instantly and serve their customers with high quality, hot and fresh food. This also results in less spoiling of food as there’s no need to prepare food in huge quantities beforehand.

Now that you have why is an induction cooktop so popularly used, let’s move ahead to see how can you use an induction cooktop? The installation process is extremely easy and can be fixed at any height, according to the needs of the users. The induction cooktop is a portable device that anyone can carry around anytime. With a little bit of knowledge, everyone can use this tool in their day to day work.

How Can You Use an Induction Cooktop?

Let’s see the steps involved in using an induction cooktop to cook food:

Step 1: Get the installation done

Once you buy the device, you need to unpack it and then install it. If it’s a fixed type, the company sends engineers to do the installation correctly. However, you can direct them about the height and place of installation. If the store doesn’t send an engineer, you can contact a skilled technician. While installing, you must go through the manual book provided by the company to find out its voltage requirements and other specifications.

After the induction cooktop is installed, examine the ceramic glass surface. Make sure there’s no crack or defect. If some discrepancies exist, immediately address the store from where you have bought it. Demand for replacement of the model. Mostly, the product comes with warranty coverage of a year. So you can choose the make necessary repairs for free.

Step 2: Choose an induction compatible cookware

If you are buying cookware for your induction cooktop, make sure it’s induction compatible. Also, the cookware must be smooth, flat, and magnetic. It must be made up of ferromagnetic items so that the induction process can work on it. Choose cookware made up of magnetic grade of iron, steel, cast iron. For an even cooking surface, choose a flat-based cooking vessel. Another reason for choosing flat-based cookware is because it’s flat bottom will have maximum contact with the cooktop surface.

Step 3: Place the cookware and the cooktop properly

Keep the cooktop in a stable, flat, non-metallic surface. However, carefully maintain a gap of about 3 to 5 inches all around the induction to prevent air vents blockages.

Now, clean the base of the cookware. Put the food to be prepared in the cooking vessel and place it on the heating area properly. To avoid spillages, put a lid on top of the cooking vessel. Depending on the model of the induction you have bought, cooktops can have four to five heating zones. However, induction cooktops having four heating zones are rarely found. The cooking zones have specifications as to the size of the cookware suitable to be placed on it. When looking for induction cookware, choose one having a flexible, extra large and small heating zone. Such cooking zones are suitable for a lot of cookware sizes.

When you place the cookware on the heating zone, inclined to with the centre of the cooking zone using a ring drawn on top of the cooktop’s surface. To prevent the glass surface from being scratched, lift carefully and place. Again, lift the cookware to remove it from the heating zone. Never drag the utensils over the glass surface.

After you have properly placed the cookware in the heating zone, plug the electric cord into the electric socket. While using the gadget, remember to keep all the objects which can probably be affected by a strong magnetic field like TV, credit card, radio, and other such objects away. Also, if there is anybody in the house who use cardiac pacemakers must stay away. It’s even better to consult a physician before using an induction cooktop where such patients live.

One of the most efficient, energy-saving mode of cooking is using an induction cooktop. It works faster and efficiently than an electric stove or gas cooktop. Also, it cooks food using a different procedure, preparing foods faster. At present, induction cooktops are the most updated and advanced cooking gadget available. Its ease of installation and portability have further made it convenient and the most preferred gadget. It allows the user to cook food anywhere. On top of that, an induction cooktop doesn’t consume much space.

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