Karunya Lottery Results KR 550 : Kerala Lottery Result Today Live 21/05/2022

Check out today karunya lottery KR 550 results here. we update the karunya lottery result winner list here. we give the only official Kerala lottery results here. Today 21/05/2022 kerala lottery result will announced at 5:00 PM.

If there’s one thing to learn from the Kerala government, then it’s how to launch an organized lottery scheme. Having put the crackdown on the illegal lottery system in the past, Kerala started the first lottery scheme in 1967. Most of the state follow the same lottery system as they see the more benefits of Kerala comes from the lottery issuance.

Kerala Lottery Result Daily Karunya KR 550 Winner Names 21/05/2022

1st Prize – ₹80,00,000/-

Consolation Prize – ₹8,000/-

2nd Prize – ₹5,00,000/-

3rd Prize – ₹1,00,000/-

4th Prize – ₹5,000/-

5th Prize – ₹2,000/-

6th Prize – ₹1,000/-

7th Prize – ₹500/-

8th Prize – ₹100/-

The lottery tickets were offered to people at very minimal cost and created lots of excitement in the public. It’s a chance to win the high profits at a minimal expense. It’s is very future changing opportunity for poor people of our country.

What is Karunya Lottery KR 550?

Karunya lottery is the weekly lottery issued by Kerala government every Saturday. A total of 7 weekly lottery are issued by government of Kerala each costing very low amount which can be purchased by all people from poor to medium to rich. Also, there are 6 different bumper lottery too run by Kerala State Lotteries.

The Karunya Lottery is purchased by people and the result of it is announced on every Saturday. Initially when the lottery was announced not many people knew about it. The government even had to sell the lottery tickets by bicycle and in general store. But now it’s so easy to get the tickets as there are multiple lottery stands and even the online website for it. You can know about Kerala lottery from its own site www.keralalotteries.com.

How to buy Karunya Lottery KR 550

People can buy Karunya lottery with a minimum cost Rs 40 INR and can take benefits as much as their luck favor. Customer can buy lottery from lottery shop and they can also purchase it online. There is no restriction in the number of lottery you can buy as much as you want. It’s not important that you are from Kerala or not you can buy it from anywhere in India which is the favorable part of it.

There are over 108 lakh tickets of Karunya lottery available which you can buy from. If you cannot visit the lottery shop and buy one for yourself, you can get it from online and receive it by courier.

Prize structure of Karunya Lottery KR 550

Prize money depends upon the position you secured. Kerala government provides first prize of Rs 80,00,000. Winner need to surrender lottery ticket and necessary documents to the government of Kerala within 30 days to get the prize from the Kerala State Lotteries. The government of Kerala lottery check all the lottery numbers and provide the money to winner.

  1. 1st prize- Rs 80,00,000
  2. 2nd prize- Rs 10,00,000
  3. 3rd prize- Rs 1,00,000
  4. Consolation prize- Rs 8,000
  5. 4th prize- Rs 5,000
  6. 5th prize- Rs 2,000
  7. 6th prize- Rs 1,000
  8. 7th prize- Rs 500
  9. 8th prize- Rs 100

No. of Winners of Karunya Lottery KR 550

There are 108 lakhs of tickets of Karunya lottery issued every Saturday. Karunya Lottery is one of the oldest lotteries in the Kerala state and it has been around 550 weeks. The recent result was announced few days ago and the next one will be announced coming Saturday. The results pave way to winners who can collect the lottery prize money from the lottery authority.

Prize Prize money No of winners
1st prize Rs 80,00,000 1
2nd prize Rs 10,00,000 1
3rd prize Rs 1, 00,000 12
4th prize Rs 5,000 Up to 9,720
5th prize Rs2,000 Up to 12,960
6th prize Rs 1,000 Up to 34, 560
7th prize Rs 500 Up to 41,040
8th prize Rs 100 Up to 88560

Karunya Lottery Results Date KR 550

Karunya Lottery, a weekly lottery launched by Kerala State Lotteries is announced on every Saturday. The results as like other lottery running under the Kerala State Lotteries is announced at 3 pm. The lottery results are announced after using a lottery machine. The results venue is fixed at an auditorium.

The results are also announced on the gazette and are also updated on the online website of the Directorate of Kerala State Lotteries. The results can be further downloaded in PDF form for viewing too.

How can you get Karunya KR 550 lottery prize money 

After announcement of the lottery results, the winner needs to claim the money from the lottery authority and within a fixed time period. The fixed time period for claiming the reward is 30 days from the date of announcement of lottery results.

Also, to claim the amount the winner needs to submit other documents identifying the identity and address of the winner. Here’s further how you can claim the amount-

  1. If you win the lottery and your lottery is till Rs 1 lakhs, then you can visit the District Lottery office which will help process your lottery amount. You will have to submit documents like ID proof and details of address proof. You will also have to sign on the lottery ticket and submit it.
  2. If you win the lottery greater than Rs 1 lakhs, then there is different procedure to claim it. You need to surrender the ticket to the lottery authority within 30 days and submit the ticket by signing on the both sides. You also need to submit the ID proof, address proof, address receipt form and details.

And that is not all. You need to submit a few specific needful documents like 2 Pass-port size photos, attestation on the lottery ticket, a receipt form where you need to fil up your address. And if you are joint winners then you need to submit a joint declaration form. And for minors, you need to submit the guardianship certificate.

More information regarding Karunya Lottery Kr 550

Any lottery amount in India is liable to taxation. And as such, any lottery winning amount till Rs 10,000 will be taxed at normal income tax rate. For amounts higher than Rs 10,000 then your amount will be taxed at 30% slab. For any further information you can refer to the website of Directorate of Kerala State lotteries as Directorate of Kerala State Lotteries.

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