Vishu Bumper BR 85 – Kerala Bumper Lottery Results 2022, Draw date, Price Structure and Live Result 25.05.2022

Kerala Vishu BUMPER 2022 (BR-85) Lottery Result Kerala vishu bumper Lottery Results Live ✔️ Daily Kerala Lottery Draw Result കേരള ലോട്ടറി ഫലം Ticket Number Details

Lotteries have always been quite attractive for the people who like to win instant money. If your luck has always favored you then you can surely go ahead and purchase a lottery ticket for yourself. This festive season, you could also be a lucky winner and the glamour of Diwali can double up if you end up winning one.

Kerala Lottery Summer Bumper KR 85 lottery 25/05/2022 Result

1st Prize – ₹10,00,00,000/-
HB 727990
Consolation Prize – ₹1,00,000/-
VB 727990  IB 727990
SB 727990  KB 727990
2nd Prize – ₹50,00,000/-
IB 117539
3rd Prize – ₹5,00,000/-
  • VB 143234
  • IB 520301
  • SB 270896
  • HB 163414
  • UB 205752
  • KB 395285
  • VB 279627
  • IB 601095
  • SB 575608
  • HB 755910
  • UB 282260
  • KB 110895
4th Prize – ₹1,00,000/-
5th Prize – ₹5,000/-
0151  0360  0927  1028  1139  1413  2204  2306  2431  3502  3983  4206  4443  4687  5005  5087  5476  5542  5736  5794  5800  6128  6184  6208  6488  6510  7414  7453  8140  8478  9006  9076  9533  9662  9769  9905
6th Prize – ₹2,000/-
0011  0127  0135  0207  0209  0220  0388  0478  0582  0593  1070  1416  1866  2011  2034  2171  2497  2759  2875  3026  3087  3192  3540  3821  3905  3932  4263  4620  4666  4951  5491  5831  5856  5900  6162  6381  6630  7262  7450  7727  7786  8246  8369  8648  8944  8960  9342  9496  9822  9894
7th Prize – ₹1,000/-
6934  2744  3968  4101  2964  2672  5733  4081  3582  9124  5388  7964  2057  9630  9285  2939  2446  1511 7148  7929  2750  7771  0354  2988  7675  8560  4062  3155  4592  7983  0386  0084  8137  4402  4560  4041…
8th Prize – ₹500

Kerala vishu bumper BR 85 lottery result


The problem that people have can be summed up in trust issues. A lot of people do not really prefer buying lottery because they are not able to trust the vendor but what if we tell you that there is a lottery being organized by The Department of State Lottery in Kerala? That is right, this lottery is organized by the Department of Lottery in Kerala and in Summer Bumper 2022, and you stand a chance to win Rs 4 Crore. The sale has already started for the lottery and below are all the details about Kerala Vishu Bumper BR 85 2022 Lottery are listed below.

Download Printed PDF of Vishu Bumper lottery Result BR 85 on 25.5.2022

You can download the kerala bummer lottery result Br 85 PDF from here which will declare on 25.05.2022. Below is the download link of Vishu bumper Br 85 lottery result here and match your ticket no with winning list. here we also give the detail about how to clime the winning amount of Vishu bumper lottery BR 85 which hold on 22.05.2022.

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How to Buy Vishu Bumper Br 85 Lottery Ticket on 22.05.2022?

To win a lottery, you need to buy the ticket and the ticket for Summer Bumper 2022 is not very expensive. It is priced at Rs 250 only. You do not have to worry about spending too much on purchasing the lottery.

  • Draw No.: BR 85
  • Date of Draw: 22-05-2022
  • Cost of Ticket: ₹250

Also, it should be noted that the lottery tickets are available in five different series. These series are

  • VB
  • IB
  • SB
  • HB
  • KB

You can’t purchase this ticket online and hence you need to visit the agents to purchase the Lottery Ticket for Vishu Bumper BR 85 2022. You can find the contact details on the homepage of Kerala Lotteries and the link to the official site is

You can make the payment in Cash, Demand Draft or even in the form of adjustments to the previous due amount.  You can purchase multiple tickets to increase the probability of winning the ticket. Now that you have planned to purchase the ticket, let us also brief you about the prize money and the draw dates. This will help you in making up your mind if you still haven’t made up your mind about the Lottery Ticket.

As per a recent notification, the total number of tickets that will be sold for Summer Bumper 2022 is capped at 45 Lakh Tickets. A huge percentage of the tickets are already sold and there are only a few left. If you are really interested in making the purchase then you should hurry up and purchase the tickets before they are over. Remember the higher the number of tickets you purchase, the higher the priority is to win the game

What is the Prize Money for Vishu Bumper BR 85  Lottery?

  • First prize: ₹10 Crore
  • Second Prize: ₹1.25 Crore (25 lakhs x 5 winners)
  • Third Prize: ₹50 Lakhs (5 lakhs x 10 winners)
  • Fourth Prize: Upto ₹45 Lakhs ( 1 lakhs x upto 45 winners )
  • Fifth Prize: ₹5000 (for the last four-digit)

This had always been one of the most important consideration while buying the lottery ticket. Most of the lottery tickets offer a prize money of few millions and that surely attracts a lot of people. What do you think would be the prize money for Summer Bumper Lottery Scheme? There would be 9 different prizes for Summer Bumper and this would not just stop at First, Second and Third Prize. Below are the details of all the Prize that you can possibly win if you purchase the lottery.

  • First Prize is worth Rs 6 Crore
  • Second Prize is worth Rs 25 Lakh
  • Third Prize is worth Rs 5 Lakh
  • Fourth Prize is worth Rs 1 Lakh
  • Fifth Prize is worth Rs 5 thousand
  • Sixth Prize is worth Rs 3 Thousand
  • Seventh Prize is worth Rs 1 Thousand
  • Eighth Prize is worth Rs 5 Hundred
  • Ninth Prize is worth Rs 2 Hundred
  • Consolation Prize is worth Rs 1 Lakh

How many winners would be announced in Summer Bumper 2022 BR 85 Lottery?

We have already talked about the prize money and you would have surely found it attractive. The top four prizes are quite attractive to bet Rs 200 on the prize. Let us now talk about the number of Prize Winners each category would have. To make it easy for you, we have listed this in form of the table below.

Prize Prize Money Number of Winners
First Prize Rs 10 Crore 1
Second Prize Rs 1.25 Crore 6
Third Prize Rs 5 Lakh 12
Fourth Prize Rs 1 Lakh 54
Fifth Prize Rs 5 Thousand 19,940
Sixth Prize Rs 3 Thousand 27,000
Seventh Prize Rs 1 Thousand 38,800
Eighth Prize Rs 5 Hundred 68,440
Ninth Prize Rs 2 Hundred 45,000
Consolation Prize Rs 1 Lakh Not Known

Now you know about the potential the lottery and you can end up winning something that could really change the course of your life. Go ahead and make the purchase to test your luck. Remember that there aren’t many tickets left so you need to hurry up and make the purchase of your ticket.

When will results be announced for Vishu Bumper BR 85 2022 Lottery?

Total Number of Tickets: 54 Lakhs Tickets

Cost of Ticket: Rs. 250/- (face value 195.32 + 28% GST)

Total Number of Prizes: 153433

Total Prize Amount: Rs. 31,10,00,000/-

Total Agent’s Commission: Rs. 4,09,20,000/-

Talking about the announcement of Kerala summer bumper BR 85 results, it is known that the results will be announced on 25 May 2022. As per the information available, the draw will be the help of 22 May 2022 and it will be held near Gorky Bhavan near the Bakery Junction in Thiruvananthapuram.

The department also confirmed that the results of the lottery are published live at 3:00 PM. Until then you need to hold your excitement but once the results have started flowing out, you need not worry and you just need to keep checking the ticket number.

The results will also be published in the newspaper so if you do not get a chance to check the results on 26 May, you can check the newspaper the next day or the best way is to check the results online.

You can visit the site and click on Lottery Results to check the results of the lottery. If you are among one of the lucky winners then you can click on Lottery Claim on the same page and you will get all the information about the prize claim and the process to make the claim.

So, before we say goodbye, we would like to wish you Luck for the upcoming Vishu Bumper lottery 2022.

Here we update the vishu bumper lottery result here which draw will be done today 22.05.2022 and result will be announced om 25.05.22. do not forget to bookmark this vishu bumper lottery result page for all the updates on timely manner. wish you best of luck to win vishu kerala lottery 2022 this time

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