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Splitsvilla 14:  name of contestants and Audition Starting Date, Cast

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Splitsvilla is a reality-based program that broadcasts on MTV in India. It is a  program that got well-liked by the youths in India.  It is the place where Single men and women for the sake of finding their soul mates. Indeed,  it is one of the most viewed  programs on MTV.

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In Splitsvilla 14, you can find a villa where contestants get shut off from the rest of the world. It seems that the new season of Splitsvilla will get broadcasted on MTV India soon.  The program gat dedicated to you to claim lots of money and fame. The producer of the program will not pay the candidate, but if the candidate gets recognized known for his role, the future will bring him more opportunities.

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 The program is one of the most well-known in India.

 It is why more young men and women got fame from it.  As mentioned earlier, Splitsvilla is one of the youth-based programs and the program has completed  13 seasons that got broadcasted on the official MTV channel.

 There is a predetermined ratio of boys and girls that can participate in the program.  If they get selected, girls and boys should form a connection to survive the battle.

 It is the aim to work as a team to complete the chres.

 After some time, competitions will take place to choose the king and queen in the game.

 Names of celebs that participated in Splitsvilla 14

A virtual audition for  Splitsvilla 13 got conducted in December for the first phase.  The current season of Splitsvilla contains some extraordinary contestants, including guys and girls that get lucky enough to find their soulmates while facing challenges.  It is worth noting that the Villa gets controlled by a queen and king that come with unlimited authority from season 1 through season 8.

If you date back to season 9 of  Splitsvilla,  there was no king. The queen got to eliminate the soldiers of the kingdom and princesses.

Season 10 of Splitsvilla saw ideal couples getting the command of a house and creating a perfect match that cause the removal of a contestant.

Splitsvilla features Oracle which is a creature and studies the impact of science on love. When a girl and a boy share some physiological and emotional bond, they get  termed as an ideal couple.

 None of the guests make find a perfect fit at the match.

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