Different Types of Running Shoes Explained (Free Guide)

In life, we all know it is very difficult to find your soul mate but you know what is more difficult? It’s to find your sole-mate. Yes, shoes which perfectly match to your requirements are not that easy to get. You need to be precise about your shoe size, your purpose, comfort and the terrain you’re going to use that pair of running shoes on.

Most of the shoes feel more comfortable when you’re standing in the store but the real test comes several miles into your run. That’s when you get to know that the style of running and cushioning in the shoe is more important than the logo on that shoe.

3 Different Types of Running Shoes (Get to Know them Better)

There are different types of running shoes in the market, and each category has different purposes. In this section we will try to explain these types in a better way, so that you can understand them before making your buying decision. So, there are mainly three categories in which running shoes are divided:

Types of Running Shoes
Types of Running Shoes (Explained)

#1 Road Running Shoes

The first type of running shoes is the most popular Road Running Shoes. It is one of the best selling shoes in the market, and shoe-loving people prefer it over other types because of its usefulness. Road running shoes can be divided into three more sub categories.

Everyday Shoes

If you’re a beginner, this is the kind of shoe you must be looking for. Everyday shoes are manufactured by keeping in mind the comfort and luxury for your feet.

Lightweight Shoes

These kind of road running shoes are used mainly by experienced runners. As the name lightweight explains it have less cushioning than the everyday shoe. These shoes cannot be used for daily running, it’s better if you use them once of twice a week.

Racing Flats

When you want to take your racing to the next level that is running a race or a marathon; that’s when you should look for racing shoes. These shoes have less cushioning under the foot and hence help in faster running.

#2 Trail Running Shoes

Trail shoes are the shoes designed especially for off road running. If you decide to go for off road running, you should use a trail shoe. There are different types of trail running shoes :

Modified Road Shoes

You can guess it by the name, the shoe which has been modified to make them suitable for off road running. These shoes contain all the comfort of a road shoe and hence they are most suitable for long off road running.

Specific Trail Shoes

These shoes are made only for off road running. They are more stable for any tough situation as they’re tested vigorously and also have special features like lace pouches, toe bumpers, ripstop uppers and de-clogging soles.

Lightweight Trail Shoes

These shoes are made specifically for muddy surfaces. They have the greatest grip to serve the purpose. And also remember that lightweight means much less cushioning and support.

#3 Cross Training Shoes

Cross training shoes are manufactured to play various roles in our lives. You can use them for gyming, weight lifting, yoga classes, and sports or even for zumba workouts. Cross trainer shoe’s sole is wider and more stable; it also expands beyond the width of the upper post of the shoe. They certainly feel heavier than the running shoes.

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Before going to buy any shoe, first find out your purpose, foot type and pronation then go for the best suitable shoe type for your feet. You need to be sure about your requirements before stepping your foot in a shoe. We hope this article is able to make you understand about different types of running shoes in the simplest way possible. Happy Shoe Shopping!

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